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“Hearthstone Wars” line on Kuaishoukuaijiao new chapter “Naxxramas”, so we will hold much more than hand foot spider war.

“Hearthstone Wars” new personal chapter “undead curse: Naxxramas” has finally come, this is adapted from a copy of the same name “World of Warcraft” activities, from the name of each district levels to keep off the leader, authentic this was a copy of a headache so many players moved to “Hearthstone Wars”, the only difference this time we are starting to only card showdown! The opening of the first zone activity “Spider” has been open, this is what we bring rapid introduction and navigation.

blizzard heartstones cruse re 072314 5 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Activities for nearly a month, every week will open a regional “Naxxramas”, in addition to the first area, “Spider”, then there are “plague zone”, “military zone”, “puppet Area”, ” Frost Dragon’s Lair “; Yes! These are the same in a copy of “World of Warcraft” appears, take it for granted that those in the past in the “World of Warcraft” gatekeeper leaders who are running the “Hearthstone Wars” Chuanchang; such as “Spider,” we will run into ” Anu than Ruike Han “,” big widow Feilin Na “and” Meck Sina “the three leaders.

Once in the “World of Warcraft” raging over the hurdle, in the end to how “Hearthstone Wars” into card game presentation, many players will want to come curious.

In addition to “Spider” first free and open to entertain everyone admission; rest areas must be admitted through the purchase of tickets, the following is the official public “undead curse: Naxxramas’ single-game ticket cost cross-cum-information:

Shan District Admission: 700 gold, NT 210 yuan.
Zone 2 ticket: NT 300 yuan.
Zone 3 ticket: NT 450 yuan.
4 zone ticket: NT 590 yuan.
5 zone ticket: NT 750 yuan.

Among them, the gold can be done in the “Hearthstone Wars” mission or win a victory acquisition arena; another regional packages sold, the number of regional price based on open and fixed; Meanwhile, players purchase the package can not “advance” open or enter “not open” area, you must wait until the area open to enter.

Next, let us into full cobwebs “Naxxramas.”

As always the login screen, but in after “undead curse: Naxxramas” after opening, only point into the original “Hearthstone Wars,” the world will know where not the same. blizzard heartstones cruse re 072314 1 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

The first time login, you can see out of the system with a distinctive Tip told: “? New single-player adventure mode is turned on, you can conquer this planktonic To Senna Kisa Masi”
Do not do more to stop, under the force point “unclean” Hagen bulk into the game main menu bar.

blizzard heartstones cruse re 072314 13 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Entered the single-player adventure mode, not accidentally see the “Naxxramas” menu has a column to the right, before the start can also see there is a fear of death out to clamor.

Currently difficulty into “ordinary”, “professional challenge”, three difficulty “Hero” and so on, the player can hold the cards group has now completed the challenge.

blizzard heartstones cruse re 072314 12 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Let us come in beating the road, yeah! Spider how shut up now? Well, presumably to allow players to experience the thrill of open areas, each district has a key, the player will be officially opened after clicking the whole region, of course, is the first area before the end of September will be free and open “Spider” friends !

blizzard heartstones cruse re 072314 11 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

“Spider” keep off the first member, is you! “Anu than Ruike Han (Anub’Rekhan)”, guests please applause ~
Protagonist ability “trappers (2)”, you can summon a 3/1 Chennai quiet Zerg to play.
After the opening period, as the case Anu than瑞克汉will continue to launch capability, Chennai quiet Zerg Although blood is not high, but the attack 3:00 is not be underestimated. If you do not care too much accumulation of cards on the field, it is easy to fall into a large blood loss situation. This point in time with the cards and choose to remember the heroes deal with it.

blizzard heartstones cruse re 072314 10 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Memorable first battle! (After a few minutes lying on the ground lying immediately hit the board so) A ~ This is not the focus of it, to see the venue is more important, the next!

blizzard heartstones cruse re 072314 9 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

One of the characteristics “Hearthstone Wars”, that the development team added a point of interest in the four corners of the table a small mind, as long as the mouse click on the corner of the scene, and the scene will be able to interact; not only fun, but also people While waiting the other hand, thinking tactics, there is a place to relieve mood.

“纳克萨玛丝” First off since it is the headquarters of the spider, spiders naturally concerned with the design table. In order not to burst mine, here on the left to use the mouse to explore what the players themselves.

blizzard heartstones cruse re 072314 8 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Which has a stealth capability with a “shadow Naxxramas,” although looks nothing, but “when we begin each round, get +1 / +1” ability, people completely unable to ignore; if not way to easily resolve, he put a few more rounds will become the scourge.

In short, although we had just been dug Warlock just a little tender feet, but in a positive state of sights and offensive bursts card, even if the other cards on the table, that’s right! Mr. A crossbow than 瑞克汉 finally been resolved.

blizzard heartstones cruse re 072314 4 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Clatter! Anu than Ruike Han has snapped, something to take the card ~

In this round the player can get “ghosts creeping Departed” mana needed only 2:00, the ability to “sound the death: two 1/1 summon ghosts spider.”

Yes, that is from A crossbow points than Ruike Han who dug skills to use with.

blizzard heartstones cruse re 072314 3 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Soon came the second hurdle “big lady Fei Linna,” although he did not hyperplasia card skills, but “Rain of Fire (2)” We can launch the equivalent number of missiles hand, quite downright , a missile damaged a drop of blood. In other words, if we have five cards court, the missile will come five; tissue formation and the players put to the test cards rhythm.

blizzard heartstones cruse re 0723 14 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Although the “big widow Fei Linna” look a bit glamorous, she is also very good; but in order to be resolved as soon as possible “Spider” fight to the last we call out “Yaiba Assassin ‘end of this round.

blizzard heartstones cruse re 072314 15 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Beat “Big widow Feilin Na”, we do not accidentally see the reward card “Nerubian spider lords Pakistan” needs mana 2, the ability to “have a battle roar of men increased consumption (2) points.”

blizzard heartstones cruse re 0723 15 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

The third round, not engage in “Meck Sina” ability “spider wrap” (make a random enemy men returned opponent’s hand), it is easy to get rid of players countertops battle, once launched, whether it is high attack cards, or ridicule card, there might be replaced great: While launching skills needs mana is 3:00 relatively high, but as long as there is no play their cards steps, a careless likely annihilated.

blizzard heartstones cruse re 0723 16 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Yes, in this moment of crisis, when the “Hellfire” (3 damage to all roles) do not know is which when stuffed in a corner, seeing the other side has been completed army subordinates, if in this last attack opportunity to own that There may not be able to hang on until the arrival of the next round of attacks. Suddenly! Hands actually had a “Yaiba Assassin,” has a “battle cry: the enemy Hero 3 damage” ability of the blood to be cut to only two of Meck Sina are totally fit.

Meck Sina, the first here to tell you Baibai Hello.

blizzard heartstones cruse re 0723 17 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Finally win, even if you then send Meck Sina hiss what your friends are useless!

“Spider” Normal difficulty, in this all resolved!

blizzard heartstones cruse re 0723 18 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Hard work does Ah! Here we finally get “Spider,” a leader of the knockout final reward, “Nye quiet Egg” mana 2:00 demand, the ability to “Sound of Death: Summons a 4/4 Chennai quiet Zerg”; is After being killed difficult to engage in the cards.
blizzard heartstones cruse re 0723 19 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Oh oh oh – there is a light, there is a burst of light coming from inside the box!

blizzard heartstones cruse re 0723 25 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

When Lang ~ Yes! Any mana needs six men, two attack, blood 8, a special ability to “destroy the men to be hurt; This is the first time after the completion of” Spider “, you can get a legendary card” Meck Sina ‘deity “the emphasis is fielding card looks should be considered practical.

blizzard heartstones cruse re 0723 26 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Got the “Spider” break off the legendary card reward “Meck Sina” after, followed by “professional challenge” mode to unlock the message also appears on the screen.

blizzard heartstones cruse re 0723 20 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Back to the main menu, we have seen the completion of the first round “normal difficulty” after just unlocked the “Occupational Challenge” which has been listed in the list of “Hero Mode” be open.

“Naxxramas” content first wave of “Spider” Unlock All this considered complete, the next step is to the players according to their order of capture, time to get more cards.

blizzard heartstones cruse re 0723 21 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Newly opened “professional challenge” Players have to separately use Druid, Rogue, again with the “big widow Feilin Na” and “Meck Sina” call back.

Use Druid win, you can get “poisonous seeds” (destroy all the men and call 2/2 tree people to replace them); thieves win, you can get “A Nuba ambush” (make a random friendly men return to your hand)

blizzard heartstones cruse re 0723 27 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Only more difficult to engage, not easier, “heroic”, the system did not forget to tell you here is not suitable for weak heart people, the safety of the ego.

In addition to the difficulty, the three checks leaders have the ability to reduce demand for mana, simply list the “normal difficulty” / “Heroic” demand comparison:

“Anu than Ruike Han” ability “trappers”: 2 (general) / 2 (Hero)
“Big widow Fei Linna” ability “Rain of Fire”: 2 (general) / a (hero)
“Meck Sina” ability “to wrap spider”: 3 (Normal) / 0 (Hero)

In short, whether you are a veteran or a novice, Heroic Do not be taken lightly.

blizzard heartstones cruse re 0723 23 665×415 《爐石戰記》全新個人章節,《納克薩瑪斯》掃網清蜘蛛的遊玩報告

Finally introduced here, then you change your advance “Spider” and is expected to open in the next few weeks, the other regions.

Calculate finalization time, probably “plague Area” also quick opening, right? (Khan)

As “Naxxramas” First off debut “Spider”, which have continuity monster multi-skills, such as “big lady Fei Linna” vary depending on the number of cards launching our brand face a “flame Rain (2) “or” Anu than Ruike Han “will summon 3/1 d up bursts Chennai secluded Zerg” trappers (2) “and so on.

These skills are like a spider web, seemingly nothing dangerous, but it will be more than a few feet tied hands tied, and even all the way pressing play; in other words, the whole blood can be prepared a few card or attack anti-system, it might be a good benefit, right? As we fight like a spider to a raid on genocide, destroyed nets pull nest, do not keep a few small spider on the side, vertical “spider” normalized “net”, painted raw trouble; so is relatively easy to find cut key, coherent annihilate the enemy.

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