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The history of video games has more than a dozen years. Actually, that video games are a great stimulus to the development of computer hardware – they are beautiful, introducing new technologies to realize what a decade ago, nobody would have thought, and in general every day we are seeing progress in this area. In short, games are played, and played by many – from small to large. Do not believe those who say that video games are for children, it is very boring people. Video Games for everyone, and age does not play absolutely no role.

To the origins

Nintendo Game And Watch

At one time the company Nintendo, recognized the “monster” the gaming industry, is actively engaged in the development of handheld consoles, which would allow the player to take the game with them. With a history of Nintendo consoles you can find detailed information here , and I’m sure that most readers who are now over 25, anyway faced NES – Nintendo Entertaiment System, or, as is more likely, with its domestic clone bore the proud name Dendy and which had a logo with a positive elephant. But to call these solutions handheld gaming will be completely wrong, but on the other hand in the arsenal of Nintendo c early 80-ies of the last century was the perfect solution for those who want to play anytime and anywhere. Wolf catches the egg. Cheerful cook. “Electronics”. Remember? Actually no it’s not “Electronics” and the Japanese handheld console Game & Watch, skillfully adapted to the reality of the Soviet domestic engineers and sold in the manner Dendy – illegally and without the knowledge of Nintendo. In short, the Soviet Union took place what we now occasional scold China – banal “kopipasta” successful products of other states with some adaptation for their country.

Many saw the original pocket consoles clamshell with two screens. The idea is very Japanese, agree. These consoles are named DS or 3DS. Will tell you more, they currently sell crazy amounts worldwide – by 2013 had sold over 40 million Nintendo 3DS, while sales of the previous generation hendhelda reached 154 million copies. On the handheld console Sony Playstation Portable also worth mentioning separately – say that it met all expectations, then do not say anything. Of course, the number of sold handheld consoles Sony is unlikely to compete with Nintendo, although more than 80 million PSP sold very well say that the console was, and to this day remains a popular device, despite the entry into the market in the face of the next generation Playstation Vita. PSP handheld console was the first commercially successful portable product Sony. In the late 90s the Japanese presented PocketStation, but absolutely no attention to the device itself is not drawn. However, it is not surprising. It is unclear why in general was responsible for promoting the kind of Tamagotchi on steroids having questionable functionality and a limited number of supported games. Outside Japan PocketStation exit failed, so many egg-shaped device with 5 buttons Sony has remained a mystery with a Japanese flavor.
Cell? Mobile?

Later, at a time when the world of portable gaming (notice I deliberately do not use the word “mobile”) reigned supreme Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable, and in the living rooms of gamers under the “pot-bellied” TV has always been a place for the Sony Playstation 2, on mobile phones were all very monotonous. Games, of course, there were. I was particularly impressed at the time Prince of Persia on the Siemens C55. It was a real “Prince of Persia” on a monochrome screen with a resolution of 102 by 64 pixels. But time passed, there was a series of Asphalt, the first three-dimensional game, upping the size and resolution of the display. Remember Sony Ericsson K500? Here he had a screen! However, as such a quantum leap in terms of games never happened.

Siemens C55

Besides, you can think of several reasons. First, it is, of course, the productive capacity of phones that time. On some major projects and it was not for the reason that the phone simply could not cope with the tasks assigned to it. Even though any successful projects of that time could hardly count on substantial profits from sales – selling mobile games was nowhere. Then there was no App Store, or Google Play, or even Microsoft Marketplace. Lack of shops to distribute applications – this is the second and most important reason. Third – software platform Java, which itself has become the moment a definite factor restricting the development of games. All together, led to the fact that the most memorable game on “glupofonah” (from the English. Dumbphone) for me was Bluetooth Biplanes, the game allows you to play with a friend over Bluetooth, as it becomes clear from the title.

In turn, Symbian fared much better. That’s where players can play in a really good game. Recall, for Raging Thunder, three-dimensional furious race. However, apart from these races I somehow nothing much I can not remember, although at that time possessed the most extensive arsenal of different smartphones Nokia. Again – there is no central store applications (belated Ovi Store, App Store has become a response from Apple, not take into account) also did not play into the hands of mobile igrodelov, many of whom were so impressed with the accelerometer that nashtampovali couple dozen mazes with a metal ball that you had to drive to the hole.


It would be wrong to ignore and another, once very popular, mobile platform. Until that moment, when Microsoft released wallow in its fledgling mobile ocean offspring in the face of Windows Phone, the company was in Redmond and very healthy boy – Windows Mobile. Ugly, crooked, but powerful enough to run the first Age of Empires. Play was often uncomfortable, the devices were not too nimble and stable in operation, but in fact a user gadget for Windows Mobile could boast remarkable capabilities of your handheld assistant.

Resident Evil

However, only Apple with its iPhone managed to bring some order to the advent of App Store – store in which all owners of Apple’s smartphone could squander money by downloading hundreds and thousands of different applications and games. Here the game industry has blossomed. First, of course, because of the weak iron first-generation iPhone and iPhone 3G, a special magic and did not happen, but with the development of mobile processors and increase their productive capacity, the situation began to change rapidly. From elementary “Doodle Jump” to adapt the game engine Unreal Engine and Unity, which today enable developers to create games with the “console-level graphics.” At least the developers themselves wholeheartedly love this phrase and use it very often to the point and no. On players fell ports of great games from consoles – take at least GTA Chinatown Wars or pack Resident Evil, carelessly thrown into the box CAPCOM in the App Store and forgotten in a week. Immediately warning in advance and the company Gameloft, which released in 2009, his vision of blockbuster shooter series Call of Duty, which console and PC players every year worked sweep the shelves called Modern Combat. Immediately appeared and Asphalt 5, in previous games we’ve played on the phones. Began to catch up, and other developers, more than that – they have to earn money, because it turned out that the mobile gamer wants purchased games and spend money. Besides, the money was not too big – unpretentious game cost a dollar more complicated game – to $ 5. Came the end of 2009, we played good new mobile game, each time getting something new with each facing the project. Developers mastered platform to test the waters and conducted reconnaissance.
Meanwhile, on the consoles …

Metal Gear Solid

Games were awesome … and not just good. Now I will not intentionally take into account the console Nintendo, because there all the same game “with its own atmosphere,” which is not always clear and close to European players. PSP is the same at that time had an impressive clip of games because of which we can safely walk to the store for a box with a prefix. The current library for portable gaming projects from Sony has completely disparate projects – ranging from simple casual arkadok with cartoon graphics and finishing pocket implementation Metal Gear Solid, one of the best series of games in the humble opinion of this writer. On the PSP Spinoff found a place of many famous projects with older consoles – was his God of War in several parts, great Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command, ports GTA, exclusive Call of Duty: Roads to Victory, five different Need for Speed ​​and other well-known titles, which invariably give gamers love the “big” platforms. Even on the PSP was a place for Tekken 6, which runs from time to time on my Xbox 360 and which was immediately purchased for the PS Vita, which we also discuss.

3DS and 3DS XL

However, Nintendo DS, and subsequently the 3DS, also suffered from the lack of game projects. Rather, the contrary. Handheld console from Nintendo has some very powerful titles, developed by First party-developers, which invariably sold so that the company has to keep up and only that row money hand over fist while infusing them into the support is not the most successful WiiU, which unlike hendheldov sold not so cheerfully and Nintendo is unprofitable product. Next picture is – by far the most successful handheld hendheldom family is Nintendo 3DS, which includes three devices – classic 3DS, 3DS XL updated and completely new budget “something» 2DS questionable capacity (review here ). Whatever it was, now, once again, on the hands of owners broke up 42 and a half million handheld consoles Nintendo 3DS, which can safely be called a huge number. Of course, not as big as 80 million sold PSP, but everything falls into place, if those 42 million 3DS sold add 155 million Nintendo DS.


Sales of Nintendo consoles would not be so high if the platform was not anything interesting for the players. Key titles in the face of Mario, Zelda, and some others were hugely popular in previous generations portable, the same demand and they remain to this day. Mario the same in its different variations is the best game-platformer today in my humble rating. Sometimes it does happen that the games released for handheld consoles, Nintendo, and ported to the older console – Resident Evil Revelations vivid example. In short, the platform, despite its, shall we say, originality, and unlike the others, and not bad smells flowers. Regularly supplied new game projects, the console is updated and everyone is happy.
Formed mobile gaming

The rapid spread of smartphones on iOS and Android and not less rapid growth of their productive capacities only provoke developers who quickly realized that this is it, is the real bonanza, where not too zamorachivayas, you can earn some money. Many potential buyers hendheldov Sony and Nintendo decided to abandon unnecessary spending on additional gaming device in the face of the console, and turned their attention to the App Store and Google Play, which today are filled with games of various genres and price ranges.

However, in my humble opinion, to compare digital distribution stores Sony / Nintendo and Apple / Google is not quite true. Of course, there are games that can be found for a smartphone, and hendhelda, but let’s try to pay attention to what kind of game. Burn the Rope? Angry Birds? Fruit Ninja? Of course, I do not want to say that it’s a bad game, but that those projects that are perfect for phones. Simple and very simple gameplay will help pass the time in line or in a boring lecture, but it is not a choice gamer who wants to plunge into the twists and turns of the plot, feel sharp gameplay and game mechanics. This, if you like, primitive games intended for trivial time-wasters, however, is not for nothing that many of them are called “time-killer.”

PS Store

In the PS Store also has Angry Birds. For wealthy gamers.

And to develop large and complex projects for mobile eager not all. Let’s deal. Most developers want to make money. Someone wants to mount money immediately, someone just wants to discourage development costs and get a little top, one thing unites them – a desire to earn. Specificity of mobile games is a single digit – 33. Thirty-three rubles – this is the price, which has become a kind of psychological barrier for the buyer who is now confident that the game should cost as much and no more. For complex projects in the technical execution buyer reluctantly willing to give 129 rubles, but infrequently. Games for handheld consoles, for a moment, on average will cost 1000 rubles or more, unless you consider arkadki 100-200 rubles, which are also available on hendheldah. Immediately the buyer begins to boil the blood of indignation – why pay ten times more when you can buy the game for 33 rubles for a smartphone? And he buys the game for a smartphone. Simultaneously, the developer does not sell the game console.


But the developer of games for smartphone understands that prices for games hendeldov also taken not from the ceiling. Here, of course, affects the price of developer tools (for some cost information Dev Kit for PSP was 15 thousand euros for PS3 – 20,000 euros), and the volume of work being felt. On the other hand, despite the fact that there have been hundreds of great PSP game projects, such a price tag virgins whale cleaned hacked indie developers the opportunity to come to the platform, they eventually found an outlet in the face of smartphones and tablets a little later. As an example, developers quote masterpiece Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery, created by a team of 5 people:

Total for 5 years App Store could play a very important role in redefining the video game market. During this time, the App Store and iOS ecosystem created countless opportunities for game developers to realize.

Another developer named Andreas Illiger their efforts could create another indie masterpiece for iOS – Tiny Wings, unpretentious arcade about the bird that can not fly. The gameplay is simple, externally everything looks very bright and beautiful, and the soundtrack and scoring birds and all deserve a standing ovation. All this is made by one person. And this “bird” fly on the smartphone, but most likely on handheld consoles, this game would have remained without attention being crushed AAA games. The cost of this creation 33 rubles.

So we went back to this amount. What game developer, if in the case of his project there is no reason to put a low price tag of 33 rubles? The obvious answer – to raise the price to recover the money invested in development, but in this case, you need to be prepared that any increase in prices will certainly affect the final project popularity.

Many of us have heard about the great RPG Oceanhorn? In the game great graphics, interesting enough and “zeldopodobny” gameplay, story and has all the other attributes of note game project. I do not think that all readers boldly raise their hand and answer in the affirmative. Most likely, only a few will say – “It was the case, bought and played.” But the other and hardly met in the tops App Store this game because it costs 300 rubles good, and it, where more than 33 rubles, which became the standard price.

But here’s how it turns out.This standard – the standard for the buyer, who decided that this figure – the most it for the game, no need to pay more for a game for your phone. Of course, the developers themselves to some extent contributed to the fact that the buyer is convinced that universal and absolute figures, but now our task is not to find someone to blame.
33 – the number of the devil

All this razbalovannost mobile gamer low prices led to that game and did become free. Paradox, is not it? Not so.Over the last couple of years, developers of mobile games for Android and iOS, which is quite obkatali model Free-to-Play, the player receives a free game to play for free, and then to quickly get a sword or a pack of grenades, paying 169 rubles for “placer diamonds” or “Chest crystals.” It often happens that the developer, being conscientious, gives you the opportunity to earn diamonds uberzolotye supermonety and gems in the game through the “grind” – repeated and monotonous repetition of the same action in order to get a result something useful. And there are also options from most developers ushlyh when beyond a certain point in the game, the player simply can not pass without paying. As a result, free game gamer reserves amount many times greater than 33 rubles. This happens gradually, so the purse has not so much for the player, but the developer is not principal, when he will receive the next installment – today or within the next week or two.

Purchases within applications

2/3 of the most profitable applications – free

Profitability of such a model has been able to prove itself is not bad. If the console audience is more deliberate approach to the games, the mobile audience is not entirely composed of players who are thorough approach to the choice of games. “Free? Plain “- this is perhaps the slogan for many players on mobile platforms.

Dungeon Keeper

Most recently appeared in the App Store remake zingy Dungeon Keeper, in which I flirting, being still very young. Free games and developer name I immediately alerted and for good reason. A once great and exciting strategy game Electronic Arts has made ​​another “juicer” such and such an expensive free. So do many of the major developers, desperate to sell their games at a decent price.
That now and then what?

On mobile platforms (speaking of them, I mean iOS and Android), there is some stagnation. Shareware model dominates in app stores, successfully robbing players, touch imposes restrictions, and these two factors immobilized development of smart phones as a gaming platform. Apple with the release of the latest version of its operating system for smartphones and tablets has added support for physical controllers, which are designed to solve the problem of awkward controls on the smartphone. Suppose this issue resolved, although manufacturers like gamepads do not actively present their development of this plan – until Logitech distinguished and MOGA, and the first spat on the market controller, which is generally unclear who will be beneficial due to too limited set of controls. In MOGA turned noticeably better, but still not enough to each owner of the iPhone was an accessory. If it helps give a real push mobile gaming and shove into the abyss of portable game consoles? Unlikely.

Of course, smart phones significantly influenced the sales of handheld consoles. Those who needed a five-minute gaming, opted for the iPhone and now enthusiastically throw birds in wooden fortification. Those who want to have in your pocket real console games still remain faithful to the consoles.


Killzone: Mercenary

Not a good start of the second generation Sony portable partly just due to the fact that the console was trying to squeeze into the place on its same market, which was already occupied by smartphones. And if not for financial support Sony, console would have long since withdrawn from the production and forgotten. Should we wait for the sudden rise of Vita and the same popularity as its predecessor? I think not. There was a split audience, and those who wanted a simpler and faster games, went to the smartphones and stopped buying handheld console, satisfied that offers App Store or Google Play. Those who have always been faithful to consoles at all clear where – or they bought a portable from Nintendo, or nothing at all, because the PS Vita sales clearly show that this device does not cause any excitement unlike Playstation 4. Incidentally, the 4th “game station” due to its functionality fueled sales Vita, figures which, though still look shabby, but do not give a twinkle of optimism finally extinguished. Perhaps it was suddenly on the Vita we will see new series Uncharted, God of War, Gran Turismo, or even pocket-sized version Heavy Rain, revealing some side stories?

It would definitely be great, but most importantly – it is quite possible, so I would not hurry to write off prematurely Vita discounted.

A smartphone? There likely will be rampant and Donath, free play and other pleasures. Of course, we can not forget about GTA, Max Payne, XCOM and some other worthy titles, but this, unfortunately, is only a drop in the sea of ​​similar games arcades and extortionists. So you should wish you good health and patience PS Vita samurai from Sony.
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