Highlights announced by Google at the opening session of the Conference of I / O 2016




The company began Google today its annual conference for developers Google the I / O 2016 , and carried through the activities of the opening session by announcing several new applications and technologies, where he offered Google ‘s vision centered on the possibility of a means of better and more intelligent to communicate, interact and take advantage of the technology.

Here are the top what Google has to announce it during today’s opening session of the Conference of Google I / O 2016:

Google Assistant Voice aid system
Features the new personal assistant that is based on negotiations and dialogue with the user, thanks to the improvements made by Google voice search service, such as the proposal of the movies that the user is advised in watching the question about the movies that are being displayed.

The focus of new enhancements to the voice search from Google in the first place on the dialogue with the user’s service to provide him with answers customized for each user.

Google Home device
Google Inc. unveiled during the day also happened on the “Google Home” Google Home is a device powered by Google Assistant personal assistance service, which comes to competing Echo device which is produced by Amazon and has proved popular in recent times.

The company explained that the Google Home comes a customizable design, which boasts an array of microphones and loudspeakers, as it can be used like a microphone connected to the Internet allows running music directly via voice commands high quality.

Google ‘s new application Allo talks
Allo application provides smart features to help the user, it is built with acoustic Google Assistant assistance service, and is linked to the application user’s phone number, and provides the user with multiple means of expression such as writing on the images and control the size of emoticons and messages.

The application is characterized by its ability to provide quick responses suggestions to save time and effort on the user’s selection of the proposed answers, and lets replies proposed Smart through his understanding of the content of the images.

And you can Allo Display search results directly into the talks, and supports applications of the bots allowing the user to request the assistance of the company and other applications directly within the application, and features that provide the status of hidden include full encryption and the possibility of self-destruction of messages, and delete all records Once you close the safe position.

Instant visual application Google Duo
Google also unveiled an application Instant visual encrypted “Dow” Duo, which also depends on the user’s phone number, and the company said that the application Duo is characterized by its ability to display live video to the caller to see who is and what to do even before you answer it, was launched this feature name Knock Knock.

Android N
Google Inc. today unveiled more details about the new version of Android Android N operating system, the company said that the Android N offers significant improvements in security through encryption on the file level, and improve the security of multimedia playback library.

The new version also offers performance improvements, especially in the area of ​​graphics, and that will increase the speed of installed applications higher by 75%. As the size of applications has been reduced by 50%.

Google confirmed that the Android mobile operating Android N system will update the last version automatically without any user intervention, and reported that the Android N optimizes the use of multi-tasking, and adds a quick switch feature that allows switching between the last two applications open by double-clicking on the recents button.

The company talked about “screen chapter” feature Split Screen, which allows the user to open two applications at the same time on the screen, and said that the Android N includes 250 new feature, provides a rapid reply to messages directly from the Alerts feature, and supports the latest standards emoticons “Alaamuja” offers a new set of them.

Google Daydream
Google Inc. today unveiled Daydream own virtual reality technology support platform VR smartphone operating running its Android, and pointed out that Daydream platform dedicated to the manufacture of phones compatible with the default support the best possible way reality techniques.

Google said that the new virtual reality platform also sets standards for the industry identical VR goggles, in addition to control, and lets your platform Daydream control to move through the remote control to move the image.

Daydream and provide a platform for the development of the supporting virtual reality applications standards with a virtual reality version of the Google Play store.

Android Wear 2.0
Google Inc. today unveiled the second major release of the removable device drivers to wear Ware Android system Android Wear 2.0, which is considered the most important system update since the launch of the platform.

The current version and have brought a large number of improvements for both users and developers, this version focuses on three objectives, namely the ability to see information of interest to the user faster and cope better with messages of interest to the user and the use of time as a coach to help with fitness and health.

This version offers many of the changes in the user interface has also been improved browser (the Post) applications, has been updated design notifications area, making it easier to respond to the possibility that the screen will not be changed when the failure of the user to respond to new alerts.

Also it announced a stand-alone applications feature, so as to provide the full functionality of Android 2.0-ware applications regardless of where the phone is associated with, and regardless of whether it works or not, which also means that you can work at full applications and functions independently of the phone.

Offers Android Ware 2.0 three ways the new entry is the handwriting and writing through the keyboard and post smart, and relies three input methods on the techniques of machine learning machine learning, also received messages on the new form of alerts and available on all phones, computers, tablets operating Android N. system

Instant Apps
Google Inc. today announced the Android Instant Apps feature, which allows users to use applications that do not require permanently installed on their computers, on a temporary basis.

The Android system enables users to take advantage of the feature applications for a limited period before closing again, where the Google Play installs the desired part of the benefit from the application to use, and then close it naturally, without the need to install the application on an actual device.


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