Holidays mobile modes: 8 best games of 2014, which should take place in the remaining days of holidays




2014 is over, and with it – and almost all of the New Year holidays. Those who no longer knows what to do (Olivier eaten all week days ago, the number of recapitulation Soviet comedies exceeded one hundred), there is a win-win situation – to appeal to the best mobile games of 2014. Do not consider him for the top – just a list of different, in our opinion, the games of the past year, which is the time to get acquainted: while still going on holidays.

Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath

Detached story of a bounty hunter, published ten years ago, now considered the most underrated game in the world – say, the publisher (Electronic Arts) missed the great game, for some reason, has released its first exclusively on Xbox and the end, the fairy tale crown. Meanwhile, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath – an amazing adventure with the brilliant fictional world, original characters and special, just a series of Oddworld inherent aura. Excellent combat system with live squirrels, spiders and snakes of different cool diluted – that here – a little frustration to drive in the game.


In 2104 it became possible to run an underrated masterpiece and mobile – preferably those that came out at least two (already) a year ago. Stranger’s Wrath demanding on hardware, has a rare for iOS-gaming slider graphic settings and occasionally scary scary graphics.

If it does not bother – go ahead, remaining holidays just enough to bring the hero-monkey to fame and success.

XCOM: Enemy Within

The past year was marked by a number of ports with large platforms – a trend can be caught even on this list. One of these, of course, XCOM: Enemy Within .


Expanded Edition (bend your fingers) the original XCOM, which, in turn, is based on the old XCOM, which in the late 90s brought to mind the gaming industry.

Port went flawlessly – and graphically and technologically, and, importantly, ideologically – but it was clear: Firaxis wizard adequate, smooth gaming, this is not the firm, which produce 50 GB patches, three days after the release.

What is important: Evil Within – a great strategy. Conventionally, two layers: first you “taxi” special base where soldiers educate, build buildings, typing staff scientists to come up with new developments. Second, in fact, military action. Turn-based war: a few of your good guys are hiding behind walls, beams and barracks, sometimes vystrelivaya from the shelter. More aliens, they are stronger, but on your side – the brain. To them you wrest victory, driving the endless incremental chess between Alien and its own army. Great activity for the Christmas holidays.

Papers, Please

Kafkaesque story about a young man who fulfills a month visa control – and either becomes a full member of the regime of the state, or arises under the banner of the opposition.


Compressed cultural context – State Arstotska, to reopen the border, in 1982, the cold war with another country – the real drama unfolds the name of “The Lives of Others”: the party leadership is pulling the strings, the people honestly obeys. Your task consists of checking papers, documents, stamps and comparisons of dates of birth – employment, in terms of games, questionable, but, sorry, the promise of all redeems.

You are in a permanent hell: the salary of an official of such rank scanty, and behind the scenes the whole family to feed, pay the rent and heating. Winter on the outskirts, and relatives are sick – to get through the calendar month fails, usually with a loss of two or three people. Terrible story, which can hit each when seven in the shops, and you can feed only three. So choose.

Very useful game just for the holidays: Circle (often) false joy, escapist oblivion and wax-happy faces media personalities who flashed on vacation forever burning in your TV. Here more than ever it is important not to forget that a hard life – she’s here, next.

Out There

Ship with a lone astronaut drifting in outer space : a pilot long lost touch with society, no one is responsible, and not to die of loneliness, he makes notes in the travel diary.


Write really have something – a hero every second beat to death. Constantly lacking something: Cabin ship rests at the seams, fuel ends, there are no resources. To restock, you need to go down to the planet – and this race again in a vicious circle: broken trim, running out of fuel … As a result, you are constantly balance the chasms between the three, try not to fall into either.

In parallel, the hero encounters with aliens. Green speaks in a tongue, it is necessary to learn – by letter, character by character, you will learn to understand what is at stake.

All this (plus a blue-black space outside the window) gives some infernal strong sense of loneliness in the lights of a large space – nobody around, all around soothing calm, but she could not resist: just gape and out.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Unexpected outbreak of the First World : old Europe covered the first in the new century mass hysteria. Tear guns thundering explosions, and in the center of this landmark event – the story of four people. Everyone has their own motives in this war, which miraculously intersect – and it turns out that the Doctor, a fighter and a former political prisoner come together.


Amazing story by Ubisoft, which in the past year strongly damped his reputation – but Valiant Hearts is not affected. Unpretentious, but interesting puzzles to solve bored only closer to the finale (who ever played quests know – it’s a great compliment), but look for all sorts of historical calculations – never. Game in general can be safely included in the conditional list of “the best training projects”: the number of such certificates, photographs and letters from the front of this one game no longer issued. It is unlikely, of course, Valiant Hearts can write a thesis on the history of the First World, but get pretty volumetric representation – exactly.

And the New Year holidays – the time when this idea gets: a lot of time, the desire to rest quietly replaced by a desire to do something useful. Valiant Hearts perfectly fit at this time.

Table Tennis Touch

Minute sports presence in our list: Table Tennis Touch can be recommended even for those who have persistent allergic to rackets and balls.


Here is a classic table tennis. In the hands of invisible opponent looms racket, you slugger sports equipment. Manage simple, we just have to dot put at risk; if you play with a live opponent, drive growing community.

For games solo, there are several modes: Championship, arcade competitions and other pleasures that do not let you get bored.

Of course, it is unlikely you will learn at least tolerably play real tennis – but a lot of fun you get guaranteed.


Strictly speaking, notably puzzle FRAMED not to be missed, even if you are neck-deep in work – what else can be said about the holidays. But it is, perhaps, the best on the weekend to see it – if you for some reason did not.


Before you – a field with multiple video elements. Your task – to assemble the pieces so that the protagonist (by the way – small and unlucky thief), no problem moved from point A to point B. Occupation extremely fascinating: rather quickly understood what was going on (requires a basic understanding of NLE) you will own hands to make a movie.

Sometimes it is difficult – especially if you have chronic problems with spatial imagination. But I want to solve any puzzle and go on, and all of the excellent atmosphere nuarny detective 40s.

Crossy Road: Endless Arcade Hooper

Of course, our selection would be incomplete without some cheap taymkillera – the most popular segment in the iOS-gaming.


Crossy Road – amazingly stupid, but at the same time charming damn thing. Do you have a conditional chicken, which should be held across the freeway, water treatment plants, hurricanes and other nastiness cars big city. The more movement you make (on a scale of “one step – one point”), before you fall into the water or are blurred truck on asphalt, the better the end result. This, in fact, all – the game is exhausted and then starts the race for the best result, which then can boast of “facebook”. Well, or dress up your chicken, say, a penguin – the gameplay is not affected in any way, but cute.

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