Horoscope “Fathers and Sons”




Horoscope “Fathers and Sons”

The conflict between fathers and children is eternal as life itself. So nature intended: the older generation tries to warn the younger of their own mistakes, but the kids think their parents relic of the past and not in a hurry to listen to them. All compounded if from the astrological point of view between the horoscopes of fathers and children are not compatible. In which case, it happens and how to avoid collisions?

Mars Attacks. The most militant and uncompromising parents Aries and Scorpio. All because of – their Ruling Planet Mars. Parent-Aries or Scorpio, especially my father, always ready for an open confrontation, but most of all they have a conflict with the children who were born under the same signs of Aries and Scorpio. Each of them is hard to pull back, because both recognize only victory or defeat. Beliefs older children seem creepy anachronism, and the more children protesting, the more pressure on their parent. And if children are subject to the will of the parent “Martian”, he begins to protest against their weak will and spinelessness. In general, “and the eternal fight, rest us can only dream of.” As a result, the child is left with no choice but to leave his father’s house as soon as possible to get rid of the infinite control and pressure. But if the parents-Aries and Scorpio gets wisdom, they are for their children real friends and helpers. If you’re the type of Martian does not go too far, do not impose their own opinions child, do not make dance to their tune. The reward you will be trusting and warm relationship with a child of their own.

The goddess Venus. Amorous Venus – ruler of Taurus and Libra. These parents are not prepared in the souls of their children. A child falls lots of love and attention, in which he might drown. Beloved offspring allowed everything to be capricious, twiddle, sit at the senior on his head. The reverse side of the coin – lack of independence, extravagance and absurdity of the children. These qualities are only exacerbated if the family grows Leo, Aquarius, Pisces. Son or daughter is so comfortable in the parental nest, leave it that he has no desire. Children Venusians – like jewels with which parents do not want to leave. For this type of relationship is actual conflict of separation. When the kids still come from parental care, the father or mother found them almost as traitors. Conclusion: the need to minimize their interference with the offspring, but it is important to keep the warmth and touch that exist between you.

Mercurians. Under the influence of Mercury get restless so different parents, like Gemini and Virgo. Oddly enough, they both seek to bring their child to perfection, and therefore often require him impossible. Mercurians parents often need to praise their kids, trust and provide more freedom. Yet approval, not dissatisfaction gives strength for new achievements. The ideal type of parent-child relationships: a common passion and the cause that unites and smooths the rough edges in a relationship. Parents often add up the Twin complicated relationship with the children, Capricorn, Scorpio and rams. In Dev – with Aquarius, Libra, Gemini.

Luna Papa. Moon dictates their style of behavior cancers, and that overprotection and excessive concern in all matters relating to the family. But everyone pays their love and affection towards loved ones. Problems arise only when the time comes to parents of children under the cancers produce their own wing. Any applicant for a hand and heart of their child seems to them unworthy. However, with time Cancers calm down, and come in a relationship peace and understanding. Cancers – mark quite flexible, communicative, but of all the zodiac signs often clashes he having Gemini and Capricorn.

Under the rays of the sun. The main drawback of the Lion, which protects the Sun – the desire to grow out of your child’s ideal perfection. Leo finds himself the center of the universe around which the planets and stars. His child, he wants to see if the place is not on its own, or at least close by. But there are no people without flaws! Alas, it is refusing to recognize the parent-lion when it comes to children. So the poor children of constantly having to meet the expectations of the father or the mother. And when these expectations are not met, there are conflicts. However, few people realize that behind the formidable sea lion hides kind and loving heart. To avoid conflicts, parents need to be softer and more tolerant of children, especially those who were born under the most for him vulnerable signs of Pisces, Libra, Gemini.

Jupiter, you are angry, then you are wrong. It’s about the parents-Sagittarius. Authoritarianism – that is their main drawback. Most of all they love to force her children to your own lifestyle. Sagittarians – big restless, can not stay long in one place. Travel, travel, tour and travel – their native element in which they feel like a fish in water. They feel that same passion to change places should experience, and their children. So often the poor babe is worn together with the parent country and continent. Particularly affected in such situations, the children born under the earth signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, who did not especially like to move from place to place. Your job as a parent – to take into account the child’s wishes. In general, it will not hurt often leave children alone. One more thing – do not teach children to defend passionately own opinion, sometimes it is much more useful to keep it to yourself. And finally, most often praise the child, encourage her hobbies, imagine him and for his shoulder. If yupiteriantsy will be in the shower to save a grudge against the children of those in my life many things can go awry.

Saturn dictates. This cold and distant planet of Capricorn gives his players the same coldness. Such parents behave with children as heads of subordinates: ordered – performed. Capricorns require children of iron discipline, self-discipline and responsibility. Often want to see in their children what could not achieve themselves. And when the child wishes to go their own way, the father or the mother is ready to lay down his life, but do not let the fumes do on your own. Stars are awarded Capricorns great force of will and perseverance, they demand the same, and from the children. And woe to the child who was born spineless, calm, agreeable. The confrontation with Capricorns may occur with any sign of the Zodiac, because the strength of will and obstinacy he has no equal. For the edification of such parents advice: be patient and diplomatic, let the offspring to be the way it is, listen to him, but do not go contrary.

Uranus. Uranus – the planet of Aquarius patron – confers broad-minded parents, love of freedom and creative thinking. A father or mother can daze a lot, almost on his head to go, the main thing – that did not stop him grow and become self-important. Since he was a child on a friendly footing, especially with Gemini and Sagittarius, the rest may be a collision. The dream of many parents Aquarius – a child prodigy. However, raising a son or daughter in a spirit of complete freedom, it has given him a disservice. For such a child there is no authority, he does not get on a team, hardly fits in with people who are not able to go to the target. To counteract the bad influence of the planet, to educate children in the greater rigor, keep them in line.

Children of Neptune. Parents-Fish ready to dissolve in children, give them all the time, their energies, and this applies to all children, without exception, no matter under what star sign they were born. Blame Neptune – ruler of Pisces. The motto of these parents: the child is always right. Fish parents always in the know and those of their offspring. On the one hand, this is good: the child always feels close to a strong parental shoulder to lean on in difficult times. On the other hand, when a child comes from parental care, it lacks independence. Adulthood often frightens children raised in such a parent, but because they are often late dart out of the parental nest and give birth to her own family. To avoid errors in the education, parents need to give Pisces children more freedom and be more rigorous and demanding. Excessive softness is harmful, and the word “no” with their lips should go more often.

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