Horse is called Ashwa. Shwa means yesterday or tomorrow.




Q: It is said in the Vedas, knowledge came from Hayagriva, the man with a face of a horse. What is the significance of horse in the scriptures?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Horse is called Ashwa. Shwa means yesterday or tomorrow. Ashwa means now. So the word ‘now’ in Sanskrit, is the same as horse. That one word, Ashwa has two meanings:
Now or the present moment
So instead of saying – all the knowledge came in the moment, they said it came through the horse!
In Hayagriva, haya means head. When your head is in the present moment then knowledge just comes up from within. I know all The Art of Living teachers have experienced this. Haven’t you? You don’t know the answer to the questions that your students ask, but you are able to answer them! So where did the knowledge come from? You were in the moment, you were connected to the ocean of knowledge, the tradition of knowledge and so you were able to just download it instantaneously. That’s what it is.


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