How did Elon Musk is going to colonize Mars?




You probably already have some familiarity with this man . Such little merit of such exceptional people that they are trying to implement a practical way of completely impractical, at first glance, the idea. For example, high-end electric cars (Tesla Motors) and commercial spacecraft (SpaceX). So once Elon Musk spoke about the colonization of Mars , let’s listen.

Mask offers for the colonization of Mars sound much more reasonable than people offers foil hats. Here, for example, a clipping from a recent interview Mask resource Raw Science:

“I think it is appropriate to our desire to create new organisms that are more adapted to life on Mars.”

Musk compared the biological adaptation, which can be useful to humans or other organisms for life on Mars, with the process of breeding cows, to meet the needs of our society. The problem is that modern cattle is the product of hundreds of generations of breeding of various breeds, but future space explorers can not afford to breed under the Martian dome over the centuries.

Instead, Musk said that “though it is a complicated topic, the sooner we create synthetic organisms.” Complicated subject – it seems to make a perfect clone of our future astronauts? Maybe start with the right breeding sverhstoykih to radiation crabs that will dig their burrows and things go?

Musk does not speak directly about whether SpaceX interested in conducting feasibility studies in the Martian colony, but made it clear that it is studied in detail. According to him, a key step in order to settle on Mars, will be the maximum compression of time it takes to travel from Earth to the neighboring planet.

Musk also explained that the orbits of Earth and Mars is synchronized every two years and six months in this period, the journey would be the most practical. So, excursion to Mars and back must be made within six months. Now more than six months will go only on the way there.

Last month, NASA launched its probe MAVEN to study the atmosphere of Mars – his trip to Mars will take 10 months.

Reducing the time of flight to Mars will also play an important role in the fall in prices, according to the mask, and it is already seriously affect the very possibility of the existence of the colony. And you know why the mask is worth considering? Because he talks about things like opening stores on other planets – a man making a business plan in the depths of his subconscious.

Note issue. If you had a choice: to become one of the first colonists of Mars or to live a quiet peaceful life on Earth, what color would your suit?
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