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Wi-Fi at the height of widely available in the U.S., some European aircraft companies and continues to gain momentum in other regions. Contrary to popular tradition, you get access to the Internet while in flight. Transmitters on a plane associated with a ground station using radio waves, such as those using your mobile phone during the call, either through satellite, depending on the supplier. Wi-Fi-point is located in the cockpit, allowing you to connect your laptop to the Net via a wireless 802.11 at an altitude of 9,000 kilometers of land. Not bad?

Many airlines offer Wi-Fi on domestic flights, and Internet access is an option during the flight for a small fee. Clients can connect to a wireless access point from their laptops or smart phones as if they were in the cafe. You sit down – and do not have to miss three or even four hours. Some ISPs and does offer unlimited access.

In satellite communications satellite antenna at the top of the aircraft reported a satellite orbiting the Earth. The satellite is also in communication with the ground station, which has direct access to the Internet. When a passenger makes a request to a laptop connected to the access point flying, electronics aircraft passes the request to the satellite, the satellite – terrestrial station, the ground station – back to the satellite and the satellite then transmits the data to the aircraft. And you updated page on the “Twitter” or loaded letter. Despite the fact that the signal travels a long distance, the speed of up to 11 MB / s.

In the case of the terrestrial antenna, the antenna located in the bottom plane transmits and receives signals from the nearest tower which communicates with the ground station. The ground station processes the data and sends them to the same cellular tower. The plans of vendors to build more towers, thereby extending the coverage area. You also need to equip these phone towers complementary technologies. And the FCC rules impose limitations: do not use the network less than 3 thousand kilometers, it is designed for use in the air.

Although most providers offer unlimited service and do not block access to pornographic sites or resources of a similar nature, there is an exception: Skype and other VoIP-service, designed to make calls. In order not to disturb other passengers, the system automatically intercepts any packets containing voice recordings. Because of the need for communication with the tower, ground stations do not work for international flights or flights over large bodies of water, and the service can be slow if a lot of people on board using the network.

In the future, if Google will turn all the planes of the world will definitely Wi-Fi. And the people on the ground, too. There are other interesting developments .
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