How Facebook has changed the gaming world




How Facebook has changed the gaming world

0 things Facebook gaming has done for us

0 things Facebook gaming has done for us

Facebook has changed the world as we know it. We use the social media platform to stay in touch with friends, relatives, and former coworkers, sharing moments of our lives in words and pictures. Marketers have embraced it as a giant in the new realm of social marketing.

Facebook has also had a big impact on the world of gaming. There have always been hardcore gamers out there playing Call of Duty for hours a day, but Facebook brought a new type of game – casual, social games. All of a sudden, people who never considered themselves “gamers” found themselves caught up in Farmville or Mafia Wars. So what are the secrets to Facebook’s success in gaming?

Facebook made games mainstream
Chances are that almost everyone you know has a Facebook account. It’s a worldwide phenomenon, with 750 million users around the globe. Chances are also good that at least some of your friends are into one or more Facebook games. When you see your friends playing Farm Heroes Saga, you start to view this as normal and acceptable, and you’re more likely to start to play yourself.

Facebook made games social

The majority of Facebook games aren’t single-user games. They want you to invite your friends to play, and they’ve introduced social aspects into the game to get you to do that. You need to ask your friends to help you with fighting an evil boss, or ask them for critical ingredients for cooking your recipe. Facebook facilitates getting your friends involved with your games, and people stay connected when they help each other every day.

Facebook made games manageable

The typical image of a hardcore gamer is a teenage guy who spends hours a day holed up in the dark with the latest addicting game. In real life, most people can’t do that – they have jobs to do and kids to feed. Facebook games let you stop and spend 15 minutes collecting your gold and building your weapons, then do the same again in the evening when you have a break.

Facebook made games addictive

Playing a game in bite-sized chunks also keeps people addicted. Many games have timers for different activities, to keep you logging in frequently during the day. If you plant carrots, they’re ready to harvest in 2 hours.  If you wait too long to pick them, they’ll wither away.  Tactics like this keep people coming back. When they’re planting those carrots, they’re noting the time they need to be back online.

Facebook made games free … ish

Most Facebook games are free to get into, but then offer you numerous opportunities to buy things for real money once you’re hooked. If you want to speed up your game to accomplish more in one sitting, you can pay for that. If you want to get the super duper weapons to vanquish your opponents, you can pay for that. It’s turned into a very lucrative business model for Facebook game designers.

Facebook isn’t the end
Some people have rued the rise of social games, fearing it will lead to the demise of traditional gaming. In fact, Xbox and Playstation gaming are still going strong, and it’s doubtful that the Facebook style of casual gaming will ever take over for hardcore gamers. One thing is for sure, though – the gaming landscape is no longer the same and more changes are about to happen.
We can’t know for sure what Facebook has prepared for us in terms of new gaming experiences, but we do want to be amazed. The social media platform is constantly looking for ways to keep us hooked so we can state out loud that it has done so many things for the gaming industry today.
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