How Google decelerates smartphone market: Two authors perspectives




How Google decelerates the smartphone market: Two authors and two perspectives

A smartphone, many opinions: Google, Motorola or “Moto X”. Some speak of the game changers, some of a big flop. It would probably have no cock crowed for the device, this smartphone would not be Google. If two authors of this blog for an opinion about the device, or on the possible strategy of Google? In any case!


The last six years have been a pure race between the manufacturers, both in software, and in the hardware area. The iPhone from Apple Mixed 2007 on the market, Google pushed Android afterwards and provided with an armada of manufacturers in the back that the mobile operating system embarked on a triumphant march.

Simultaneously, a spec race began between manufacturers. Throw dual-core, 3D, quad-core, ever larger displays, octa-core, 41-megapixel cameras and a device after the other on the market. Samsung expects this race out as the big winner, the other manufacturers have to see how they make ends meet.

Google says the Moto X now “stop”, so obviously, because it actually the other manufacturers have already done. Samsung introduced the Galaxy S4 software features mainly as a novelty, HTC focuses on the sound experience, Nokia wants to build the best camera.

And Google? Google wants to build the Moto X best Android smartphone. It does not come on technical details, so in a sense yes, but not just in the GHz-tail comparison. It depends on the user, he will get the perfect device for yourself.

What Google does with the Moto X, Apple’s pretty style, even if it is initially limited to the United States. Assembled in the USA, an American product for the American patriots, developed by a company tradition that still enjoys a very high reputation.

At the same time, Google uses a signal to the other manufacturers. It’s like that time with the Nexus 7 . All Android tablet manufacturers were based on the iPad, relatively unsuccessful. Then came Google and said, you have to define the price and put the magic price limit of $ 200 for 7-inch tablets. Today, many 7-inch move in this price range.

Google is once again a sign. This time it’s not about the price, it comes to features. A smartphone for the masses do not need a quad-core processor, it does not need a display with a higher resolution than the computer monitor on which you look every day. It should be a personal assistant, it answers to know if I have any questions, it should not make limp in front of me when the day comes to an end.

The Moto X will initially be offered only with the agreement in the United States. You do not have to choose between black and white, the device can be put together so visually, as you like. Countless combinations are possible. You can incorporate your own style. Then you pay for it as much as a flagship device of another manufacturer.

A poorly chosen price, or he is justified? In my opinion, Google has chosen exactly the right price. A smartphone for the masses, the premium price you are willing to pay. The customer gets more than just a smartphone with mediocre specifications. He gets a seemingly individualized product that does exactly what the customer expects.

One can compare the Moto X a certain extent with the iPhone. This lagging in terms of processing power and RAM also behind most Android flagships. Even the much-discussed screen size of 4 inches we already in the “mini” segment exceeded for Android smartphones. However, there buy the customers.

But, and this is a big difference, while Apple is trying to convince the customer is a must-have feature, it is called the Moto X instead. “We know what you need as a customer, here you have it” serves as a good example Here the battery life. To obstruct a 2,200 mAh battery in a current device is dared. All screaming for more battery and Motorola just installed standard. But, and here the mediocre components come into play again, the battery is sufficient “to bring about the day” the smartphone, according to Motorola’s statement.

The wants of the customer. It it does not really matter what kind of performance the battery is when the smartphone is available all day and you do not constantly have to be looking for an outlet. For this, the customer is willing to pay. Since he also takes a 720p screen in buying, because he would not notice the difference at 1080p on that size anyway.

The Moto X is in many respects a premium smartphone, why should it then be sold off at a low price? Of course, only the sales figures will show whether the strategy of Google / Motorola will rise. I can well imagine that the Moto X could be a great success to me.

It will also be interesting to see how the other manufacturers respond. Specs future back further into the background and it is rather screwed to the functionality? Motorola shows that this mad race for the slimmest, fastest, largest and highest resolution smartphone does not have to be played to position itself in the premium sector.


I would not want to play anything here a second time, what Sasha has already rightly mentioned above. That the Moto X not a high end smartphone would be, that was a long time before known. Still ran, not bad controlled by Google, the hype machine. Talk about it, it carries the message further. Here comes the U.S. mobile phone. Of us – for you. A statement that will go down well with many patriotic U.S. citizens. $ 199 is too much? Depends on the perspective, almost 200 dollars is not really that much money is used especially in the U.S. for contract rather than paying the full smartphone, as it is often the case here in Germany.

Motorola has launched a guaranteed valent smartphone on the market, which is well built and has a great feel. One can namely at Motorola. Customize the rail is quite important. People like to customize things, not in vain have successes shops that offer customizable merchandise, be it cereal, chocolate, shirt or even a mobile phone.

The disappointed freak who dubbed the device as a waste because no removable battery and without quad-core? This seemingly loud voices are a gentle breeze in contrast to many customers from the crowd. The Motorola Moto X will be the folk-phone for the masses in the United States. Made in USA. Quad-core, octa-core and Co. Nice to have – but who really needs it? Importance of a coherent unit which handles the announced features fast and clean. Consider, once on the iOS platform. Since there are few users who need to worry about that match A or B is not running. It simply runs on most iOS devices. I buy a device and must make me a head for anything else.

Google needs a smartphone or times at least find a common denominator. Whether Android or iOS, it is no matter now many. You decide because of a app or accessory ecosystem for a platform. Buy an iPhone and you know that you really get any clutter as accessories. Android? A pair of headphones, and more or less good docking stations.

Google pulls in fact sent the ripcord in the madness of the arms race, moving back to the user in the foreground. This may seem sympathetic, should also strengthen its own brand in the end. Sales through the channel store? Since Google earned – whether Samsung or Motorola. Google has meanwhile succeeded sent to weigh the competition to safety. Hey – we only offer a smartphone for the masses, with normal equipment. Have no fear – we can coexist peacefully! So at least the emitted opinion. No special treatment, no great special features, although this would of course be possible without problems. But no one wants to bring unrest in the Android Market, which is still a tender plant, despite its market power.

What will follow everything that is naturally in stars and is not foreseeable. Few are likely to know Google’s plans and fears. Plans like growth year after year should be known, but this one will still only be realized if you do not alienate the partner level on Android. Imagine that Samsung decides to implement your own system. Samsung is the only company capable of handling such a project, Samsung is now in my eyes the most powerful company in the world – they simply have a finger in it. Cameras, dishwashers, refrigerators, TV units, entertainment, even warships. The Galaxy brand, Samsung has become so strong that the masses would take its own Android fork with Samsung store without problems, because when it gets tough.

The Motorola Moto X – basically Google’s first own smartphone. Whether hit or not – I do not able to judge. Personally, I think it succeeded, with the price of course is still an announcement. Understandable that Google wants to enter only once on home turf, the U.S., the risk. Where Motorola still has a good name. And if everything goes down the drain, then there is still the Nexus -rail with partners and a decent swing patents. To a Game Changer (which each new device as the best titulieren) as it is seen by some experts, like, I do not think. The Moto X may be a piece of the puzzle for Google. Time will show.



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