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November 26 Apple raised prices for its products in Russia – it was 5 days earlier than promised. Now a top smartphone iPhone 6 with 16 GB of internal memory is now worth 39,990 rubles, while another two days ago the price was – 31 990. The publication Aif compare how expensive iPhone residents of different countries.


Prices are listed on the iPhone at the rate of 26 November 2014. Due to the sharp jumps in exchange rates and the volatility of the ruble introduced another currency – a liter of milk. Prices are calculated from the average value is not very fatty, but not non-fat, pasteurized milk in local stores. In the EU milk bottle worth on average in the region of one euro (0.60 – in Germany, 0.75 – in France, 0.80 – in Austria and Spain), and the iPhone in almost all EU countries costs the same – about 700 euros or 39,053 rubles.

UK residents buy milk at 0.9 pounds, and iPhone – for 539 pounds (about 38 thousand rubles). That is, in one phone – 599 bottles.

In Germany, a “six” is worth about as 1,165 bottles of milk (milk cheap here). But the price of the iPhone in Norway is almost equal to 340 bottles of milk. In this 38 214 rubles cheaper than in our country. While in Russia over the price of the phone you can buy as many as 930 liter bottles of milk – according to Rosstat, the price liter bottle of pasteurized milk we have is 43 rubles. More expensive than in Germany, cheaper than in the UK and Norway.

In Asia

Compared to Europe, milk bottles for an iPhone in Asia you can buy less. Milk or expensive, or buy it really is not so burdensome to residents. Compared with Russia, milk is more expensive in Asia – such as China, in recalculation on rubles, one bottle is worth more 66 rubles. And iPhone – 38,602 rubles, which is cheaper than in Russia. 581 bottle of milk for the iPhone 6.

In Singapore, the price of milk – 2.7 Singapore dollars, or 90 cents per liter. A phone costs a little more than 31 thousand rubles. In bottles of milk – about 333.

For an iPhone in Japan, you can buy 637 liter bottles of milk. Price in rubles – about 28,800, is one of the cheapest offerings in the world.

The country with the most expensive compared to the iPhone’s milk also Asian – is Turkey. Here gadget at a price of 2,349 lire, or 47,285 rubles, will cost the same amount, and how many bottles of milk in 1174.

The lowest price tag on the iPhone is expected it from the United States, but in reality the device without a contract with the operator standing there is not much cheaper than in other countries – $ 649, or about 30 thousand rubles. In recalculation on a liter of milk in one iPhone 6 in the United States fits 540 bottles.

But in neighboring Canada one unit worth as much as 277 bottles. However, the price of milk is very high – if a liter of milk in the US is worth less than a dollar, or about 43 rubles, in Canada, in recalculation on rubles, the price is much higher – about 110 rubles. The unit itself here would cost about 30 000 rubles.

But for the people of Brazil iPhone 6 – is palpable waste: one phone worth as much as and 1066 liters of milk. iPhone is one of the most expensive in the world – 56 494 rubles, in recalculation on our currency.
In Africa and Australia

In South Africa, iPhone, too, not cheap, one unit is worth 11,283 rand, or 45,921 rubles. Given the local milk prices, it turns out that one iPhone to South Africans worth as much as 998 liters of milk. In Australia and New Zealand, the iPhone is no longer a significant waste – its value is equal to the value of 575 and 333 bottles of milk, respectively, and if in rubles – about 33.5 thousand in Australia and 36.3 thousand in New Zealand.

After raising prices in Russia to buy an iPhone in some foreign countries, the Russian citizen was cheaper than at home. Especially considering the service Tah free, on which you can return as part of the cost inherent in the VAT, which in different countries up to 20 percent. In addition to the European Union, a tax refund can be obtained in Argentina, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, Iceland, South Africa.

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