How to be happy always?




How to be happy always?

Forget about always, then you are happy. In wanting to be comfortable always, one becomes lazy. In wanting perfection always, one become angry. In wanting to be rich always, one becomes greedy. When we do not realise that only life is for always, then fear comes. This projection of the nature of self which is “always”, on the temporal which can never be “always”, is called Maya.

All ways do not lead you, only one way leads you. If you remove always from your dictionary then everything is alright. Drop “always” and all will be right – that is intelligence.

Guruji was the chief guest at a Muslim gathering where He spoke on “Human Values and Prophet Mohammed”. Guruji, initiated a revolutionary move amongst 24 prominent saints of India to welcome His Holiness Pope John Paul II to India

The biggest reason for crime in society is alcohol. If we stop alcohol, a lot of crime in the country will be stopped.
Q: Gurudev, how can one remain sensitive to anything, knowing that everything is unreal?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

You cannot exercise sensitivity, either it is there or not. This is because sensitivity is beyond thought, it is at the level of a feeling, you cannot create sensitivity in you. When you are free from stress and are content, you automatically are sensitive. When you are miserable, you are insensitive.

Usually people think a miserable person is very sensitive. When you are miserable, you block yourself out. You may feel sensitive to others comments, but you are not sensitive to others feelings, it’s a one-way sort of sensitivity. Because your perception is totally colored, you are not sensitive to others, you feel vulnerable. But when you are centered, you are sensitive to others feelings.

Do you understand the two types of sensitivity? One is vulnerability, you feel very vulnerable when you are hurt and upset. When you are on your own trip of self-pity, you are ready to accept anything someone says. It does not mean that you are sensitive to others feelings. It is only when you are centered, content and calm that you become sensitive to others needs and requirements — that is a different kind of sensitivity.


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