How to Be Peaceful




How to Be Peaceful
From time to time, observe three things within:
Desires. Desires come one after another; one gets fulfilled and another comes. Some desires don’t get fulfilled yet more desires come. Let them come, don’t fight with them; just observe that the desires are coming.
Intellect. Likes, dislikes and judgements arise from your intellect, just recognize them.
Ego – I am happy, I am unhappy, I am miserable, I am too good, I am not so good. All that ‘me’, to which you attach many other adjectives, that ‘me’ is the ego.
Sometimes you should say, “For some time, let me freeze all three things”. When you do this, then something happens. That magical moment when something happens, you say, “Wow, this is the deep rest that I have always desired. I did all that I could do, all my life, for this joy that is deep inside me!”

This awareness dawns from within you. So from time to time you have to sit freeze your desires, intellect and ego. Just freeze it for a few minutes, and then the depth of silence, the vastness of peace suddenly becomes yours.


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