How to become an amphibian man?




How to become an amphibian man

We get a lot of useful information from the ocean. This is a great place to stay and an invaluable source of many resources.

However, in order to breathe underwater, a person must provide a supply of oxygen and learn how to deal with a rather complex system of scuba. But if we learn to breathe underwater and can stay there for a long time, no matter how much all new we would be able to learn about the underwater world.

Mask, called Triton, works like fish gills to extract oxygen from the water so the swimmer can really breathe underwater without having a bulky equipment and oxygen supply.

While this is not as convenient as the rebreather (part of the respiratory equipment), but designer Jon Dzhebyun (Jeabyun Yeon), a student of the Korean Institute of Design (Samsung Art & Design Institute), believes that his invention will fundamentally change the relationship between people with an aqueous medium.

Wearing an oxygen mask TRITON, as claimed by the designer, you will be able to breathe under water like a fish. Mask shape is organic and ergonomic so that provides a person to breathe underwater without having a bulky equipment. TRITON also does not require any special skill which is required when using the classic breathing scuba – biting the mouthpiece during inhalation and exhalation. It is a portable device that allows you to breathe underwater as if you were outdoors.

Regulating valve comprises a plastic mouthpiece that you simply put in your mouth. Plug him two tubular outlet, which expand to both sides of the mask, perform the basic function and work as gills of marine creatures. Scale tap structure contains small holes in the material, through which water is sucked in TRITON. Internal chamber separated liquid and display that enables safe to breathe oxygen dissolved in water. Just like fish.

According to official information:

«TRITON uses a new technology that simulates the gills. It extracts oxygen by water through a filter having a great number of channels with the smallest hole with a diameter smaller than the diameter of water molecules. Using a very small but powerful micro compressor compresses the oxygen mask and stores it in a special tank. The compressor is powered by a micro-battery. Micro-battery is the technology of the future generation, and having a size of 30 times less than modern batteries it can be charged 1000 times faster. ”

Thinking ahead, in addition to the use of this technology for research purposes, she could find a place on ships social and public values ​​as a safety device and rescue, as well as in aircraft on intercontinental flights, during which there is a danger of falling into the ocean. With slight modification, the technology could be used on land, in the course of rescue operations, such as fire or extremely smoky areas. Extremely light weight is critical and gives a great advantage in the case of emergency services – the weight savings will help to move more quickly and efficiently, without having behind bulky oxygen tanks.

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