How to become an optimist? 5 ideas to change the position in life




How to become an optimist? 5 ideas to change the position in life

Optimistic people are healthier, happier and more successful than the people whose everyday lives dismal as Monday morning. Optimists often smiling, everyone likes and can easily cope with their problems. Positive emotions help them move forward, did not dwell on their Faile and minor troubles leave no trace of their ever-sunny soul.

Sounds good? Optimism – it’s not a gift from heaven, and you can change your stance to a more positive, and 5 tips tell you how to do it.

Do not tie happiness to success

“I have no car, so I’m not happy,” “I’m not as outgoing and bold as it should” – people will find a thousand reasons that supposedly interfere with their happiness, and think that if you remove these reasons, there will come the eternal high. If you think so, you’re wrong.

Happiness does not come from outside, it comes from within.

Do not place the conditions for their happiness and nothing from themselves is not required. Success will delight you, and defeat – to disappoint, but if you do not bind his happiness to the goal, you will be able to find pleasure in every moment, and do not be unhappy just because you do not have a car or a crowd of friends.
Surround yourself with positive people

The mood is in the air, like bacteria, and a smile from ear to ear infects no less than a grunt and irritability. Optimists try to communicate with their own kind and avoid grouchy and spiteful people.

An optimist feels that life is too short to waste it on people who come with poison on any occasion and spread the dark emanations.
Only what you need

An optimist would not waste my time on something that he is not interested, but the “right” or “prestige” of social concepts. Positive people have the courage to live by their rules, not caring about what others think of them.

It is impossible to be optimistic when all the time to abandon their desires for the sake of public opinion. When tearing the internal contradictions of what is already here optimism?
Do not give up on their goals because of the obstacles

Optimists, like all successful people, creative approach to the problems and did not throw up their hands in case of trouble. They know that they will never be all that is required, and the cost that is at the moment.

Steve Jobs did not panic when he did not have enough money for the foundation of the business he sold his only transport – VW Microbus.

Walt Disney is not got depressed when he was told that Mickey Mouse – a “Huge mouse, which only frighten women.” He promoted his project, and see what attitude to Mickey today.

Donald Trump became bankrupt four times (in 1991, 1992, 2004 and 2009) and each time his ingenuity helped him to rise again. Back in 2011 his fortune was estimated at $ 2.9 billion
Life is not fair. And that’s OK

A lot of people are upset, angry or discouraged because life should be fair in their standards. They resent the kids, “Oh, that! I had been treated unfairly? Then I will not do anything, and let me be bad. ”

Optimists know that life is not fair: someone born in a palace, someone – in the slums, some more beautiful, successful and healthy, while others get nothing.

No matter what resources you have the original – if you want you can achieve anything, and positive people will never complain that they are unfairly deprived.

An optimist thinks so:

Life is unfair and unpredictable. And do not worry.


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