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We are so used to straight lines and angles, it’s hard to imagine something different for his summer cottage. We have square or rectangular house and the same greenhouse. Meanwhile, there are also more favorable forms of buildings, for example, one of the oldest forms used by nomadic peoples – domed structure. Such structures excellent aerodynamic qualities, they retain heat better and construct greenhouses and even at home quite easily.

Tents can be called one of the first self-made dwellings erected by man. Wigwams and yurts were easy, simple and mobile shelters for nomadic peoples. But this design is not obsolete – modern architects and designers use these structures for the construction of a huge stadium and observatories. It turns abruptly and with a minimum of cost.
Domed building in the park of La Villette, Paris

Domed building in the park of La Villette, Paris
90-foot dome in Europe

90-foot dome in Europe
Materials for framing and sheathing

Dome structure assembled from straight parts are called geodesics. They’re going into triangles, and the more triangles you make, the more smooth the shape of the structure will have. Material for the frame can be wooden slats, metal pipes D20 or PVC pipe.
Creating a framework of pipes

Creating a framework of pipes

There are several sites and forums devoted to the buildings of the dome shape. For example, is quite old, but functional site
Domed building

Geodesic shape

There is a special calculator that calculates the length of parts for tents at a different frequency.

For example, you choose the dome with a radius of 10 feet (about three meters) and the frequency of 2 triangles calculator calculates for you the length and the number of parts and fasteners.
Calculation Online

Calculation of the length of the parts of the carcass

Using the material of metal pipes, you can easily squeeze the ends and drill holes in them for mounting with hand tools. Of course, with a vice and drilling machine everything goes faster and easier, but, in principle, it is possible to do it with a hammer and drill.
Pipe with drilled hole

The hole in the frame portion

The more precise holes in the frame parts, the easier it will then connect them by means of bolts.
Frame dome structure

Ready frame made of pipes

If you use wood for the frame, you can put the pieces of metal fasteners and screws.
Winter garden with wooden frame

DIY-site greenhouse

When the frame is ready, it’s time to cover the greenhouse. You can use a polyethylene film, it is the cheapest, but will serve no more than a season. You can also use a more durable reinforced film or PVC film that can hold up to three years.

Another option – to cover the greenhouse wall polycarbonate sheets from 4 to 10 mm. The sheets can be cut with a knife simply and mounted on a frame.
Dome greenhouse

Greenhouse, covered with sheets of cellular polycarbonate
Form provides strength

The aerodynamic shape of the dome construction provides durability even in high winds. In addition, this form allows you to maintain the temperature inside and evenly distribute heat.

For example, in a sunny day at -15 ° C in the air outside the greenhouse may be heated to +26 ° C. And for a particularly cold winter, you can make an additional greenhouse inside a tent made of wire and plastic film.
Additional insulation

Additional greenhouse inside the dome
Dome house for two months

So, with minimal cost, you can do on your site a strong geodesic greenhouse. But that’s not all, for what you can use the dome shape. For example, you can even build a holiday home, and, moreover, to deal with just a few months.
Dome House

Dome House

Of course, the house needs a foundation. For example, some builders in the Tyumen region used pile-screw, with the installation of which it is possible to manage without the help of experts. Of course, for heavier structures need a solid foundation.
построить дом дешево и быстро

Dome house in winter

Frame house is built of wood with metal fastenings above and sheathed with sheets of waterproof plywood. Use different materials for insulation and exterior trim of the house.
Dome house with a roof and a veranda

Dome house with a roof and a veranda

Even sold kits for self-assembly of the dome home.

As a result, make beautiful round houses, which, along with the low cost and speed of construction are robust and well keep the temperature and, therefore, allow you to save on heating costs.


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