How to buy things online and not miss




How to buy things online and not miss

If you buy stuff in the online store, you can assemble his collection of cool clothes and not too empty wallet, but there is one problem – you buy things without seeing them and without being able to try on. It is logical that in such a situation the purchased items may not be comfortable, and your money is simply wasted. Here are a few tips to help you not to be in such a deplorable situation.

When you buy things from online stores, no one can guarantee that the clothes will sit perfectly, but you are quite aware of the risk. Also not for the fact that after reading the post, you will always buy clothes only in size, but here it all depends on your care and, to some extent, luck.
Learn your options and keep them handy

The first and most important thing to do – it’s just to know their options. If you have an accurate idea of ​​the size, instead of the “big” or “waist 42”, you’ll know exactly what will suit you.

Remember, size 42 in one company may well be in another 44. Different designers and brands specially confused customers, and even what clothes size is calculated in centimeters on the chest or poluobhvatu length inseam (jeans), you still have different brands it will be different. And that’s not to mention the foreign clothing sizes are very different from Russian.

So the best way to avoid mistakes – do not focus on these dimensions from different companies and make their own measurements.

Almost every famous brand can find a table for size and make sure your settings match them. These tables are not only on the official websites of brands, but also in virtually any more or less large online store.

But in order to choose the right size for them your, you must first correctly measure its parameters.
How to measure its parameters

Best of all – consult an expert. People who are often engaged in measurements, know exactly what and where to measure, and how to count. In addition, during the removal of measures you will stand still and all the measurements are obtained accurate. Where to find these people? In the studio.

You can bring any clothes to fit, and the specialist will charge you measurements, and maybe even write them in a separate file, so that every time is not measured again.

If you have nothing to be attributed to the company, you can ask your home to measure parameters. During the measurements need to stand the most naturally – not to pull the stomach and pulled upward. Remember that the accuracy of the measurement depends on the fact whether you are comfortable in clothes purchased.

Here are some tips from the measurements:

When you measure your own criteria for selection of pants, you need to find growth, waist size and inseam. But other than that, it is worth considering as the size of the hips and pelvis width (especially if you have a more pronounced buttocks).

To select shirts, make sure you know the size of the chest, long sleeves and neck size. Here you can see how the different parameters measured, as well as the size chart for Russia, the U.S. and Europe.
For women

To select any clothing (except pants and skirts), you need to measure the size of the breast in the most convex part and write it down.

Also, you may need to waist size – places in the thinnest part of the torso. Waist is higher than the line on which end jeans, so do not measure her stomach instead.

To select shirts and blouses need to measure the dimensions of the sleeves and neck. Although these parameters are not often specified in terms of size, they are guaranteed to serve you with the size of the breast.

Much more often you will need size thighs or most convex part of the buttocks. Furthermore, trouser pants size you need inseam.

Here you can see the size of the table, and here – how to measure body parts.
Correct shops and table size

When you know your options, table size will be your best friends. Is very easy to find yourself in the dimension table and order a suitable item.

It is particularly important to focus on the size chart on sites where the goods are presented from a variety of brands. See size charts for each brand, the clothes which you decide to order.

However, there are sites that provide the identity of all sizes or there sell clothes only one manufacturer. In this case, you only need to look at once the size chart to determine their own, and without fear to order clothes.

Examples of foreign online stores with constant dimensions: ASOS , Need Supply , StyleBop , JackThreads (Male), Mikkat Market (Female), Piperlime (Female).

Other well-known online retail stores such as Amazon , Zara and others sell clothes, made ​​in different styles, from different brands and designers. This means that the look of the table size is more important, because otherwise you are very surprised when two pairs of pants, some will sit perfectly, and the second – hang loose.
Take notes on their purchases

Teach yourself to leave notes about where you have placed that bought what size and how you approached it. Use your application for taking notes or just rewound a separate file on your home computer. This habit is especially useful for those who like to experiment and often buys clothes from different designers and brands.

After some time you will have a list of features from different online stores and brands, and you do not have to look for size charts and buy clothes blindly, hoping that it will fit you. In addition, each failure will be the last – the next time you will know what size clothing is right for you.
Book tailoring via the Internet

If you prefer online orders, but things should flawlessly fit you in all respects, there is a special Internet services that offer custom tailoring. For example, to measure shirts , Virtual Tailor and others.
Find a good company

How exactly would you go picking size, features pieces can negate all your efforts. Therefore, it is best to find a good company and become a regular client at the tailor.

Knowing your size and features of the figure, the wizard can fit all things so that they sit perfectly. Also, if with some things you can not guess, you will not have to return them and order a new size (especially long and expensive if you buy in foreign online stores).

So, if you accurately measure its parameters, formed a list of online stores that you can trust and to be sure to stock up on the nearest telephone company, every thing will sit perfectly.

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