How to charge the mobile phone for 16 minutes




How to charge the mobile phone for 16 minutes

The developers promise that very soon people will be able to charge their cell phones and laptops in minutes. You do not need to change the battery manufacturing technology – the secret lies in a new method of charging.

Everyone knows the situation, when you do not have time to charge your cell phone: in stock only a couple of minutes, which is not enough to recharge the battery even at 10%. In the Potential Difference promise to solve the problem by using its own technology, patented by researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2001.

The essence of the new technology is surprisingly simple: the charger has sensors that monitor temperature, voltage and current of the battery. These data are used to determine how much charge is accumulated battery and the speed with which it can receive it in a given time. This principle is based on the well known phenomenon of charging: dead battery charges faster than charged in half or more. Thus, the charger Potential Difference first charges the battery relatively small current, and then, when the charging rate falls, the current begins to increase, to speed up the process. Of course, in order to avoid overheating must continuously monitor the temperature of the battery, resulting in the charger actually operates in a series of pulses: that the charging current increases, then resets it for cooling the battery.

During prototype testing charge Potential Difference experts found that can fully charge the lithium-ion batteries are typical of electronics and electric vehicles an average of just 16 minutes. Thus during charging to 80% of the battery heated to a maximum of 42 degrees Celsius. A great advantage of the new “charger” in that it can be used on any type of lithium-ion batteries, while the developers noted that the best results can be achieved by setting the charger electronics particular type. The latter does not seem complex – on the background of the special value of the car super-fast “charger is financially justified. advantages of the new technology are obvious Charger: fast charge can partially compensate for the shortcomings of the mass of lithium-ion batteries.

However, some experts have expressed concerns about the fact that the technology is fast-charging Potential Difference can lead to such a rapid failure of the battery system. The fears are natural, because the expansion and contraction of the electrodes during charging lead to cracking and failure of the electrodes which detect the life of the battery. Potential Difference has not conducted tests couples “charger” / battery on the number of charge / discharge cycles, so this issue remains open. However, in some areas the battery life may be neglected, e.g. in the military, where the rate may depend battery lives and to combat the problem.


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