How to create a chocolate factory in 20 years: an interview with the founder of the confectionery MixVille




The history of 23-year-old Oleg Guskov, three years ago launched a website MixVille, – continuation of the project Toyota brand of young and successful startups. It has already participated founder of coworking “Workstation”, the creators of the art group “VARENYE organisms”, photographers with the project Thephtobooth.

In an interview with Oleg told of spontaneous ideas that can lead you to success. After his initial resource allows users to create their own chocolates with any taste. Today MixVille – confectionery company, whose products are sold in the most popular coffee shops in Moscow, and the turnover number in the millions. How it all began

– Oleg, however, that your business started with an unsuccessful search for the familiar chocolate?

– Yes, I was looking for chocolate as a gift, I realized that the choice is very small: hazelnuts, almonds. And I wanted something unusual. Thus was born the idea of ​​business. We have calculated and realized that money for a big factory we have, so start with the creation of an online designer chocolate.

– Meet people eventually got your chocolate production?

– After about a year, yes.

– You say “we” – who is this?

– We started together with a partner. I clearly understand its pros and cons. And do not try to be what I am not. That is why for bookkeeping and other uninteresting things to me, I immediately called the man and gave him a share in the company, we work together with him to this day.

I believe that if steep ideas are born you do not when you’re sitting in a pose of the sage, and when you go in the car or have fun with friends, do not need to build from a human system, which gently leads daily and always goes to bed at at the same time.

Organized and meticulous people, on the contrary, should not lead racket and read books on the development of creative thinking. In business, equally necessary and those and others.

– Before you create MixVille, you tried to do business on something else?

– Of course, it was necessary to have something. Initially, when I arrived in Moscow, stupidly did not have enough money and had to earn. Engaged in the resale of building materials, fruits.

– How did you come to Moscow?

– From Dnepropetrovsk, but before you enter the tower, disaccustomed year in Ryazan, to attend a training course.

– You entered the tower, began to live in a hostel. Thy young business did not prevent violent student life?

– No, on the contrary, helped. You can discuss ideas with fellow students, not to think about food. Of course, sometimes it went to study, and we came to a pair of huge blocks of chocolate, because at first themselves brought orders for the subway to reinvest the maximum profit.
Running MixVille

– Tell me what you have done in the first place? Where I got chocolate?

– We decided to produce chocolate outsource because we had only 100 thousand rubles, most of them had to go to the site, ingredients and packaging. So we phoned pieces 50 restaurants with the offer to produce in their facilities. Surprisingly agreed to only the most expensive restaurant in Moscow.

– And when you manage to run their production?

– About three months later. First we had a nook outside Moscow size of 20 meters, but still his own.

– You yourself understand the manufacturing process or simply hire people?

– Understand this is easier than it seems. A week is enough to understand the basic principles.


– How many people are now working in MixVille?

– 58 people.
Spirit startup

– At age 23, difficult to manage those older than you?

Now the level of people has changed and they are more adapted to the reality and no longer wonder “What allows himself to this guy?”.

35-year-old educated person will evaluate your level and you will be respected. Harder with young confectioners, who came from afar. They think if the company’s turnover – 1 million rubles, we put it in his pocket, and they injected for 25 thousand rubles.

Naturally, there were management problems that interfere with the lack of experience. We had himself “put.” This is a painful process that lasted the first six months.

– You have three lines of business: corporate orders, customized online b2b and Cafes …

– For four. We are opening a selling point, now working for two – in the “Golden Babylon” and “Prince Plaza.” Development of sales outlets – our main ambition with their appearance we are born again, and again there was the spirit of a startup. For this project (we call it the “islands”) we have attracted investors.

– Are not you afraid that with the release of retail disappear your main feature – the variability? Enough people see chocolate and wants something, something in the window and there.

– We spent a lot of money on research, and found that almost nobody wants to sit for 20 minutes on the site to choose chocolate.

Time is too expensive. The bulk of the main thing that was tasty and cool packaging.

Therefore, the meaning of confectionery is not the duty of choosing, and that you can just come in and buy a nice sweet gift. We are now even remake the site to customers’ attention was devoted to gifts. For example, a kit for those who want to attract a girl or reconcile if nakosyachil. But our designer, of course, also be saved, in case the person does not find anything suitable.

– And where the ingredients for chocolate purchase?

– Now Russia. Some were from abroad. This is reflected in the value of certain ingredients, fortunately, not major.

– So you move quickly?

– Yes, just had to raise some money. If before something worth 25 rubles, now – 35.

– Thought enter other markets?

– When we communicate with investors, we discussed this issue. But when you have, for example, 1 million rubles, and the question arises, to put it in another market or marketing, the second definitely will at times more exhaust. It makes sense to expand, when you have 80% of the market of Moscow. So do not think about it, the more that we have had a bad experience.

We opened a shop in the center of St. Petersburg, but did not get. People are very different, call back several times and refuse an order if the courier is late by 10 minutes. In Moscow, faster and more interesting.

– Have you thought about how you can optimize the delivery process? Create a car park?

– Car park – not once, because it will pay off only after 3-4 years. On the same machine will be purchasing. While we are satisfied that there is, for example minivan Toyota. When you need to take 200000 chocolates, it is impossible to fit them into a passenger car.
On the way to the top

– How do you Toyota GT86 to ride a meeting with investors?

– Very cool sports coupe, suitable for those who are not burdened with family. Such a car passes right attitude to business: passion, rage – what you need to budding entrepreneurs.

– You’re not arrogant, owning such a big business at such a young age?

– At first it was a little, but eventually you realize that pride and arrogance only hinder the path to the top.

– When you travel, you try the chocolate in the other countries?

– Yes of course. In Japan, for example, tried chocolate with wasabi, bacon. Pay attention to the packaging, additives, composition. When doing business, everything is perceived differently.

– Who do you see yourself in 10 years?

– A serial entrepreneur, who has behind him 2-3 large projects. In my opinion, Tin’kov doing the right things from a business perspective. He creates works about 3-4 years, and when he was tired and has a maximum value of the business, he sells it. This is an ideal scheme, I also always need a new one.

– What would you advise budding startups?

– It is necessary to consider themselves the most intelligent.

Not hatched the idea for years, it slows down the process. And do not listen to any advice. You will need them later when you’ll be millions.

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