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All people want to help others, but not everyone knows how to do it. Meanwhile, human kindness profiting whole army of beggars of all kinds – from fake requests for assistance in social networks to professional begging in the transitions. From this post you will learn how to distinguish offenders from those who really need help.I did not want to write this article because I think immodest to talk about any charity “successes”. I sincerely believe that if you do something good, then it should be done not for the sake of PR or better, but for the sake of the internal sense of happiness that you feel when you help.

But over time I started to seek more and more people with questions about how to recognize scams in the charity and what it takes to start a charitable way.

So I decided to write an article and send all further thereto. Although for me is still a mystery why many people, including strangers, trust me your money and ask my advice in such intimate matters as charity.

Just want to say that I am not a millionaire and very often for charitable endeavors spend only 20-50 dollars a month. Sometimes more. Sometimes I can do something good at the expense of their time and their knowledge, without spending any money at all.

After all, it is important not sum – important action and motivation. I believe that you can help others, even if you have a very modest income. To some extent it is even better to do when income is modest, because then the assistance is more weight. But the workings of the universe, you already know what you sow, so shall you reap.

I understand that those sums and questions that I will cover in this article, for someone may seem insignificant, but it is my experience, and I hope that it will be valuable for at least part of the readers.

I believe that in order to start someone to help, do not expect perfect conditions or the presence of a lot of money, because this point may never come. While habits, including charities, it is necessary to impart to the youth.

I never planned to systematically engage in charity, not planned charity events. Most often this occurs somehow emotional, impulsive, and in many cases the realization act occurred much later than the very act.

Therefore, there were mistakes and obvious stupidity. I want to share them with you so that you can avoid them. Because I firmly believe that we must help those in need, rather than line the pockets of fraudsters.

So I’ll share my first negative experience, and then talk about what worked for me.
Different types of scams
1. Collecting money in the box (boxed shares)

“Save the Children”

Now it is very often at traffic lights young people collect money from motorists to charity. Most often it is the treatment of children from serious illnesses.

I gave money to a few times, but then I began to appear questions. Where the money goes and whether they go to the stated objectives? Why young people engaged in fundraising? After all, at the age of 16-22 years priorities often not aimed at helping others.

Began to learn. Make it was not difficult, as most of the guys on the capes are written the names of the funds. And emerged not very pleasant information.

Firstly, the guys who collect money, often receive a percentage of the funds. Sometimes the rewards can reach 20-30%. It’s a bit embarrassing moment. After I gave the money for the treatment of the child, rather than buying a new iPhone or an evening “pivasik” for unemployed student.

But this is not the saddest thing. The sad thing is that sometimes the funds announced for T-shirts, did not exist or they do not have those shares, under which collect the money. Even worse was when detects that the money went to buy new cars, apartments and other rubbish to the creators of “Fund” and their relatives.

Similar boxed stock you can see not only at intersections. Very often, fundraising is conducted in retail outlets: stores, pharmacies.

And, of course, among the initiators of such actions there are many honest funds that really does what stated. But as they uniquely identify 30 seconds, standing at a traffic light or in front of the cashier, I did not understand, so in such actions, I stopped to take part. There are other alternatives, so I’m not worried that something is lost.

By the way, I think you all know, went from such actions: each church is a box for donations. But in the temples one much to help others does not collect – all the money going mainly for the construction of temples.

But where they go really, you have to understand on the road “Mercedes” “holy” fathers and their endangered expensive watches. I do not understand how can you give money to those who did not should to the teachings of others, but that’s another story.
2. Shares in social networks
Fraudsters copy the actual petition with your number

Fraudsters copy the actual petition with your number

I think that each of you had seen the posts on the social networks that “urgently needs help … the details for the transfer of funds … thanks for the repost.”

Yes, if such a position does your friend and you are sure you can help, and your friend confirms that the money really go to a good cause, it is a great option!

But very often comes a flurry of similar posts from strangers with a very touching story, all of which repost without even checking the information.

Have you ever tried to call the phone numbers that are listed in these posts? Think before you repost or send money, we must not be lazy at least do it.

Very often on the other side of the phone start to tell that something is very distinct in response to your “in-depth” issues. And sometimes it happens that at all from your phone to withdraw money, as it turns out that the phone on which you call, paid.

Although this has become less common since, probably, it creates some strained for operators and service providers, when they begin to receive complaints from losing money.

So try to carefully filter the information from social networks and do not rush to send money on these fasting details.

Feel free to call and clarify the information, ask questions. I’m actually too had suffered from this disease – feel free to ask questions. It seemed to me that it is wrong to ask the person who was in trouble. I was wrong, and now I do not hesitate to do it.

If you start asking questions, you may find that you can help not only money, but also more in any way. For example, consult a good doctor, who once helped you solve similar problems. Or suggest some more cheap solution for the associated problems: transportation, transfer money, food, accommodation and the like.

If as a result of the call, you begin to feel that you are lying, then as a test can offer non-material assistance.

You just say:

I have a good doctor friend to help cope with your problem for less money, and I will help you to pay for his services.

Very often these words conversation ends with the second party hangs up.

If a person is interested in, and begins with you to make an appointment, and you know what he really needs your help, you can just apologize and admit that they had to say about the doctor because they do not trust.

Then you can send money or provide other assistance, as at this stage, you should no longer be any doubt. Of course, this does not guarantee 100% that your money will be used to good purpose, but significantly increases the chances of success.
3. The beggars in the subway, in the transitions, train stations, restaurants
Etienne Curtenaz /

Etienne Curtenaz /

Once, when I was a teenager, I was waiting for his train at the railway station. I was approached by some little boy gypsy appearance, fell at his feet and started to kiss my shoes, begging for alms.

It was unbearable! I gave him the money was not in order to help him, but only for the sake of it just stopped doing it. But as my train was not soon, I had the opportunity to watch this kid.

Similar operation on kissing boots he did a few more times with other people, and every time he got the money. After that, the boy just came to the food stalls (and you know what the price of food at the station) and bought his sneakers, Coca-Cola and even some sweets, ate and went on to kiss his feet.

Besides, every time he got the money. During those 30 minutes, I have been closely watching him, he managed to collect more money than me at that time to give parents a whole month.

Another situation I have had recently, but it was no less significant. In the winter I was riding the subway (I’m not a big fan of digging cars out of the snow, its heating and other “joys” of winter driving in our latitudes, so very often in the winter ride on the subway). And in the subway , I saw my grandmother, who was sitting on a bench in the corner and cried. I went over and asked what happened. My grandmother told me a very moving story that she had health problems and that her without money do not want to take to the hospital.

Issue price was only $ 60, but they are, in fact, depended on this man’s life. I gave her even more than was necessary. Thought it better to let her stay extra for meals and other expenses. I like this woman seemed very unhappy and sick, and I was glad I could help her.

A couple of weeks after that, I happened to see this grandmother, who was somewhere very happy and cheerful. It was not a shadow of the disease, which she told me on the subway, and the fact that they could be cured in the hospital for a short period of time, it was also unrealistic.

I realized that I had been deceived, and began to deeply interested in the question. I learned that very often in the subway system foraged whole group of beggars, grandmothers, and crippled children.

While I know myself that it is necessary to ask more questions, more talk, but in this case with my grandmother I was hooked story, and I lost my rational component, than as a result helped fraudsters.

I also have a negative attitude to the young people who go to restaurants and other food service and ask for money. In this there is a very subtle psychological point that can hit people.

For example, you have just started dating a girl and came to some restaurant or fast food meal with her. And then you fit guy, a little dirty, and asks for money for food. Girl looks at you, and you, of course, want to appear in a positive light (well, the alpha male is) and give money. I have often watched like.

If at beggars ask: “What you will not find a job? You’re young and strong, “that they always have a stock answer like:” I do not have a passport, “” to raise money for a ticket home, “and the like.

But more often it is a lie. I tried to offer a job to these guys without a passport and other documents – they immediately cease to pray and go.

And a special class of beggars – those who ask for tickets at railway stations and bus stations. Of course, there really are people who need help, and I was able to find such.

But very often, even if you buy individual tickets, and deliver them into the hands of, you will be able to meet him asylum in the same place after the date of dispatch of the train …

The conclusion is simple: do not give money to the subway, transitions and other public places, as there are often working professionals. If you do not believe it is best to talk to the person asking the questions.
4. Persons with disabilities and cripples who demonstrate their “defects”
Adam Howarth /

Adam Howarth /

This money can not be given at all. Believe me, there are some professionals. How I dealt with them either, could not find one who would be standing somewhere in a public place and was not a beggar system.

Besides the demonstration of its damage in the clear itself requires some psychological changes … It is very unpleasant to look at it, but not on this news.
5. Mother beggars with young children
Eric Wienke /

Eric Wienke /

Have you ever noticed that the children in the hands of mothers begging never cry? I am a father myself, and remember well the first two years of their child and the rare moments when he was calm during the day and gave the rest to his parents.

And here, as neither will pass in the same place sits a woman with a child 1-3 years old, and he is asleep or in some strange state of trance-like.

You can search for more information on this subject. I was interested in, and it turned out that most of the child is under the influence of drugs.

If all stop giving money in this matter, it is hoped that children will no longer be pumped. If you see a mother, that you really want to help, you can always talk to her, find out more …

Conclusions on everything that did not work:

If people are unfamiliar, do not be lazy to check the information, ask additional questions, call.
If a person asks the street, especially in a crowded place, then beware: most are professional beggars.
Do not support people who commit unethical acts, as in the example of mother with a small child, drugged.

I am sure that you will be able to supplement my comments word for its negative charity case. But do not forget that I brought them only in order to help you recognize a scam and not to prove that all asylum – crooks.

Very often among those who need a really honest people who need help, just identify them is difficult, but possible. Now I will share those cases that have worked for me.
People who need help
1. Retirees

I have some kind of fad regarding pensioners, as I often help to them. Perhaps it happened because most of their holidays I spent in the village from their grandparents. I will never forget their kindness, caring and wonderful cakes.

I think it should not even say that pensioners are living extremely difficult. If you try to live on those pensions that have retired from Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries, you will realize how hard it is. A rare exception, perhaps, citizens of Belarus, as everyone I meet there, telling me stories about the incredible high pensions. But I’m in Belarus has not been there, so I can not confirm on their own experience. Maybe someone can tell from Belarus in the comments.

Two special groups of retirees who need help:

lonely, especially if the pensioner lives alone;
Pensioners with problem children: alcoholics, drug addicts, and so on.

Pensioners with troubled children often do not need financial assistance, and psychological, as well as help in resolving problems.

But I have no personal positive experience, as the man in the street is difficult to influence the relationships that were formed long period of time.

I have seen several cases where pensioners even beat their children and took all the pension . Stories about the seizure of apartments, I’m sure, for you are not news.

By the way, I’m sure it’s a great area for Lawyers – free legal assistance to pensioners in real estate matters. Because most of these questions there is no one to protect them. Yes, I know that is a function of the state, but you know …

But to help a lonely retired couple or a single pensioner, you can very simply. You can even make it your good habit.

Define these grandparents are very simple. Most often they are very old clothes, but try to follow her: a lot of time for hemming, make patches and the like. These people are very difficult to ask, and often they do not. They just survive as can and save on everything. And we can help them.

Simple examples from my experience:

1. Once the pharmacy I met my grandmother, who simply did not have enough money for medicine. I stood behind her in line. She did not ask, do not beg. She just dropped her head and hands and all drooping toward the exit. I have paid all of her medications and gave money. I understand that it is a bit, but it’s something simple that I could do then. And I’m sure that if so will still at least a couple of people, the life of the grandmother will be a little easier.

2. Once on the market, I bought tomatoes, lots of tomatoes. A grandmother and stood next to a box of crushed tomatoes (the ones that are cheaper) selects one (!!!). She took one tomato!

I asked why she took only one. She answered me honestly that she had no more money. She had not lied and did not ask, she did not play. She was honest with me, and somehow I felt it.

I said to myself, it gained as much food as it sees fit and that I’ll pay them. And the first time I saw genuine fear. She was afraid of me, afraid that I did cheat or osmeyu.

She was so scared that took another tomato (!!!). I can not tell you what happened inside me. It was something like a bomb that blew my whole value system.

I am a young, engaged in all sorts of technical pieces, starts the project, and then next is also a man, and she’s just afraid that I can not refuse her into buying more than one tomato.

I go to restaurants, and a woman who worked all his life (and pensioners are always clearly visible on the palms and posture), can not afford to buy food.

I bought it as much food as it climbed into the truck, and even gave money. But there was in this story and another important point.

Tomatoes that day were sold in the market, only one woman, who had a very bad reputation: it is to give light weight and deceived, has always been unhappy and constantly muttered.

Well, you know how it is on markets close to home: when constantly buying, then all already know and try to have some to take nothing. So this was a saleswoman of those “some”.

But as the tomatoes in the day there were only she and my wife said that I should buy them a lot, then this whole thing happened in a shop this mountain-saleswoman.

And you would not believe. All products that I bought for my grandmother, I considered this a saleswoman at a huge discount (some up to 30-40%). Imagine the collapse of all my templates from this situation.

First grandmother with two tomatoes, then the person with a negative reputation makes an incredible act, and I have not even asked.

Many want to help, but just do not know how.

But to help pensioners can not only at a pharmacy or at the market. For example, I just walk up, ask about life and give a little bit of money.

And very often their reaction shocked me. Sometimes they start to cry. Sometimes fall on their knees and start praying to God for me … I did not ask, and always stop them.

I’m not for it to help them. I just want to make their life was a little easier, because I always imagine their place their loved grandparents. And I do not want to imagine their lives in such need.

Once again, I stress that I cite these examples are not to put themselves in a good light or gain positive comments in his address. I just want to show that to help a needy person is very simple. Especially if it is retired.

Yes, you may find it difficult to give money to those who have not asked about it. At least to me it was very difficult to do this for the first time.

Also has its own characteristics in dealing with these people: they do not expect anything from you, and in the young people they see more danger than possible assistance. So sometimes they can get away from the conversation with you.

But you should not worry if you do not get. There will always be a second chance, third, fourth … By the way, some may deny you and, in fact many of them have very strong moral upbringing and just can not take someone else’s.

Look, maybe you live next to single pensioners. Or you can meet them on the market, in a store or pharmacy. This is a great chance to do something very good.
2. Participation in service projects, volunteering

Charity – is not only charities, because there is a very large number of other organizations that make people’s lives better.

For example, I joined the International Rescue Service and otherwise try to help this organization, as convinced that they really work for people who are doing it of their own free will and free.

Next to you can be a lot of useful organizations that need volunteers willing to devote a couple of hours of your time good work. It is also charity.

So even if you have no spare cash, you can still do a lot of good. You only need to find the direction that you like best, and act!
3. Help to state organizations

Controversial area because nobody wants to help government agencies, because they know that work there effectively been established and a lot of steals. But our task is not to criticize the system, and help certain people.

I’ll tell you a simple example. In a hospice for cancer patients, nurses call the system broke down. Imagine a cancer patient in the final stages, which, for example, ends up being an analgesic action and which can not call a nurse …

Very many of these patients hardly move, some can not even speak. Of course, we can say that the state should take care of this problem. But the most important question in this case is whether the people who are in hospice suffer before everything will be fixed? I do not think so.

For this case, my friends and I came up with a simple solution: buy restaurant’s waiters system call. You know, these wireless buttons, which usually are on the table in the restaurant and used to call the waiters.

These buttons of the we tied the straps and distributed hospice patients. Those hung them around his neck, and when there is any problem, they could always call the nurse.

The company, which we sold this system has done an incredible discount and sell it without any extra charge. This once again confirms my thesis that people want to help others, but do not know how.

And if you can suggest a simple idea or a simple tool that many will participate. The most important thing in this example is that we have helped to individual patients who needed help and did not wait for the state will solve this problem. But it was easier to criticize officials, right?

Government agencies, which you can help a lot. I think you can see for yourself how the system works effectively. If you would help her get a little better, then many people will be a little easier.

At this my experience is exhausted. I understand that it does not cover even a hundredth part of all possible options on how we can make the world a better place. So I ask you in the comments to share your experience, how to simply and effectively do good.

Finally a few questions that can help you get started:

What if I buy iPhone 6 is not now, but in a few months, when it will cost $ 100 cheaper, and they spend $ 100 to charity?
Maybe I should once a month does not go to a restaurant and give the savings single pensioners?
Maybe I should share surplus food with the pensioner, who lives in my porch?
What good can I do tomorrow?
How can I make someone’s life better?

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