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As you probably know, Google has recently brought together all the quotas allocated to users to store files in their services, in the size of the disk space is 15 GB. So, if you are actively using one of the services Google to store their data, the allotted space you can very quickly end. In this article you will learn how to clean the disk Google and free up valuable space in the clouds.

To find out how much space you’ve used from the selection you in Google Drive, you can click on this link and place the cursor over a pie chart. You will see a tooltip that shows the layout for each of the services.
We clean Gmail

If you are a user of mail service with the experience, you have probably accumulated a considerable archive of letters. By itself, each letter is a paltry bytes, but if you have thousands and thousands of them, so even with large attachments, then they can take place is not enough. Soft cleaning method is to search for all messages with large attachments. It is very easy and we wrote about it here here and here .

The second method is more drastic and is refusing to use the Gmail web interface in favor of the desktop client such as Thunderbird. Configure it to receive mail from your account and turn on the option to delete messages from the server. As a result, there is an empty space in Google Drive and your zip archive to a local form, which can be very useful from the point of view of privacy.

Convert files to Google Docs

Google slightly confused us all, denoted by the same name are two different Fire Service: An online office suite, which we sometimes call the old Google Docs, and cloud storage for files like Dropbox. But here’s what you should know about Google Drive c in terms of reducing location of files stored there:

Files in Google Docs – documents, spreadsheets, presentations, presentations, forms – no space at all in the cloud. So there store as much data in naitivnyh to Google formats as you want.
All other files, such as PDF, images or documents Microsoft Word, occupy an appropriate place in Google Drive.

From this we can conclude that if you want to save disk space cloud, then when loading any files selecting the option of converting to Google Docs.

Google Drive
Removing previous versions of files

Google Drive saves previous versions of files and may consume additional space. If you have finished editing the file, you can remove the previous version to make room.

To check for previous versions, right-click the file and select Source Control. In the window that appears, you can delete all of the revisions that you no longer need them. Please note that Google Drive will automatically remove older versions of every 30 days or when their number reaches 100. So there is no reason to specifically deal with this, other than a situation where you need to free space in the cloud right now.

Google Drive
Follow sized photos

Your fotochki of Google+, too, can take the place of storage in the cloud, but here you need to know the nuances of the following:

You can upload pictures with a resolution of 2048 √ó 2048 pixels. Photos of this size or smaller are not included in the calculation of the remaining disk space at all.
Videos up to 15 minutes can also be stored in Google+ without your cloud storage quota.

This means that when you download photos to Google+ should not exceed these dimensions, of course, if you want to save space. It is very easy. Open the settings page of Google+, scroll down to the section Photos and make sure that the option Download photo in full size is not marked. In this case, all your pictures will be loaded automatically compressed and will not consume storage space. The same thing can be done in the Google+ app for Android, if you upload your photos to the cloud in this way.


You can also view already stored in Google+ photos and reduce their size to the proposed free storage. Do it now very easy with the help of a new editing tool .

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