How to Keep your Company’s Data Secure




How to Keep your Company’s Data Secure
One of the most valuable aspects of your company is the data you store. Your data contains client and customer information, employee information, and even company procedures at your disposal. If this data were to be accessed by the wrong people, it could spell disaster for your company. However there are a few ways to make sure that your company’s data is kept safe and secure.
Your employees are accessing this data all day, everyday. It is crucial that they know how to handle it and why it is important. Emphasize the importance of privacy to your employees by making it a part of the company’s policy to keep this information hidden away from prying eyes. Employees should never share passwords, even with fellow employees, or any other private company information.
Additionally, let your employees know that there will be swift retribution for the unauthorized sharing of data. Let them know that you trust them, but if the trust is broken there will be severe consequences. Train your employees to know what to do if there is a breach insecurity, whether internally or externally. Your employees are there to help you and are on the front line of defense against cyber-attacks.
To keep your data safe, it is important to make sure that all of your software is up to the challenge. The three most important types you can have are data encryption software, firewall, and spam filters. Data encryption software ensures that your data will be under your control if you are ever hacked instead of at the control of an outside source. It takes the files you want encrypted and makes them unreadable to hackers, as only authorized sources can access and read them.
Firewalls will keep your computers safe from incoming and outgoing traffic, protecting you from untrustworthy sites which could leave you prone to virus attacks. Spam filters will act in a similar manner, filtering unauthorized emails away from the main inbox and an unsuspecting user’s access.
Don’t let your entire focus on data security be on the cyber aspect. It is important to protect the physical location of your data as well. Make sure that your company’s building is protected with adequate security. A wimpy alarm won’t work to ward off determined hackers. Make sure that it is big and strong enough to keep the most resolute hackers away.
Just because a computer is a little heavy doesn’t mean that a hacker won’t try to make off with it. Do everything you can to make theft inconvenient or impossible. Even a few seconds makes a difference to a thief in a hurry. Consider chaining computers to desks or using a heavier rackmount monitor that will act as more of a deterrent.

When it comes to your company’s security it is important to do everything you can to keep it secure. Consider the amount of backlash and protesting Target has received after the information of over 40 million customers was accessed by hackers in early December 2013. Take every precaution you can to maintain the trust of your employees and customers.

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