How to Motivate Loved Ones to maintain the quality of life





There are a lot of ways to motivate your loved ones to live a quality life. Nonetheless, there are also various reasons for one not to achieve this kind of life. Stress, illnesses, various financial hardships are just some of the few roadblocks towards living a quality life. As a normal person, we might probably think of this as the worst, but if you develop mental illness, all of a sudden your world goes upside down and you begin to realize the worse is yet to come.

Stress Handling: Learning to recognize the sources of stress and meet them head-on

Stress management could be a big challenge for someone who’s been diagnosed with mental illness. However, as an individual with a family, having to feel that love and care your loved ones give you is already a powerful source of power to be able to combat and handle these unbearable stressful moments. There is but one fact that we should keep in mind when dealing with these scenarios, we can only reduce stress unless we strive hard to acknowledge what’s causing that stress. In that way, you’d be able to counter-attack and do some preventive measures to beat that stress-stimulant.

Conquer the distance: Constant communication is a big help

People with mental illnesses will seek for your attention all the more. They need to feel loved and cared about at a level you’ve never thought possible before. However, if you are the family’s bread-winner, you might find it hard to be always there and let your loved ones feel your presence. If this is your case, you may resort to Live Chat or Video Calling apps that you can use with your devices to let your presence be felt while you’re at a distance. This will give them assurance that you’ll never leave their side and will keep them on track towards that goal of beating stress.

Always eat right

You may have experienced having to do anything but still getting poor results without knowing the cause or the main source of the problem. A person who’s undergoing treatment may have issues with appetite. It is, therefore, important to pick the healthiest food possible that the person may eat. Avoid fats and caffeine as much as possible and instead go for greens, veggies and other protein-rich diets to hit that recommended dietary allowance on a daily basis.

Relaxation: It all boils down to You

The external factors of a person’s life are very important to cope up with the changes brought about by having a mental disorder. Nevertheless, you should always consider the fact that you are only responding to these stimulants, your response matters a lot on living a quality life. You are the only one who can help yourself. Hence, try as much as possible to avoid getting stressed on useless matters. Try to relax and find ways to attain inner peace.

This could be done by being able to determine and point out all of the other factors that are giving you stress If there is a way to avoid them then do so, otherwise, let your loved ones know so they can help you out. Take time to find peace and start reminiscing those moments which made you smile, gave you joy and let you feel you’re on top of the world. You can do this!



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