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Among the iPhone owners are a lot of motorists – it’s not for nothing that Apple developed CarPlay and implements new functions in iOS such as “Do not bother the driver” and “Search for a car”. However, in the process of driving, it is almost inevitable to receive fines, and even tidy and experienced motorists suffer from this. The reason is often simple – in the SDA every year there are innovations, and it is very difficult to follow all.

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A lot of changes in traffic rules appeared in 2018, many of them concern all drivers. So, for example, if before on separate roundabouts the cars before the trip to the circle had an advantage, now the advantage is always the car moving in a circle. If the traffic police officers notice a violation on the part of the driver, it can be fined.

Failure to comply with the requirements of the Road Traffic Regulations to give way to a vehicle that enjoys the priority right of the intersection entails the imposition of an administrative fine of one thousand rubles.

Changes have affected and warning signs on the car. Now all the relevant machines should be marked with the necessary designations: “Beginner driver” (for those who recently received the rights), “Training car”, “Thorns” and so on. If a violation can be issued a fine of 500 rubles, and in some cases – the ban on the operation of the car.

Also this year, they began to fine at a crossroads with special markings (the so-called “waffle iron”). Drivers are prohibited from traveling to a section of the road with such a marking if there is no way to drive it without stopping. At the intersection with the marking of the “waffle” type it is now forbidden to leave even with a green traffic light signal, if this entails a stop. It’s only sometimes in the “traffic jam” it’s difficult to assess whether you will have time to pass this markup before the red light comes on. A penalty of a fine of 1,000 rubles will come quickly – at such intersections, the camera fixes a violation.

Therefore, to get a fine (especially in a metropolis) is very easy even for those who have good driving skills and respect for traffic rules. And unpaid fines are a nuisance thing in all respects. Firstly, the state assigns considerable penalties for delinquencies, and secondly, forgetting to pay a fine in time, you risk refusal to fly abroad. The most common reason for untimely payment of fines is not civil incompetence, but a banal lack of time.

application RosShtrafy will allow you to deal with the debts before the state, only picking up the iPhone or iPad. The application works very simply: first you need to enter either your driver’s license number, or car number and certificate of vehicle registration. After a while, a list of fines will appear right in the application, which at the moment you are unpaid.

The notification of the penalty comes with the help of push notification very quickly, because the application receives timely and reliable data from several sources – the traffic police, the Moscow Information Technology Department, the Treasury of the Russian Federation and not only. If you have a code for UIN, you can find the fine by hand. Each violation is accompanied by a photograph so that you can either challenge the fine or make sure that you did not really comply with the traffic rules.

By tying your bank card to the Rosstraf application, you can pay a penalty directly from the program, and then monitor its repayment. Also, the service allows you to conveniently pay a fine with Apple Pay . Timely payment from recent times is very important, since it helps to get a discount of 50%. If the fine was issued for 3,000 rubles, this is an impressive amount.

It is worth noting that this functionality is not limited to RostShtrafy. So, for example, here you can calculate and pay the transport tax, as well as perform the search for arrears for other taxes (property, profit, etc.) by TIN. It is also convenient that you can track fines for an unlimited number of cars. If you have several cars in the family, information about each penalty will come with a push notification.

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RosShtrafy constantly gets new features – even now the service allows you to evaluate your car online, and soon the developers will add the opportunity to issue a CASCO and OSAGO policy. Not for nothing is now the most popular application for paying fines, besides it’s completely free. Of course, it’s better not to get into such situations, but no one is immune to mistakes, and often blame for the unfortunate accident. Good luck on the roads!

Title: RosShtrafy
Published / Developed by: Viamobi OOO
Price: Free
Built-in purchases: No
Compatibility: For iPhone
Link: Install


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