How to set up your Google account and maintain its safety




How to set up your Google account and maintain its safety

You can definitely say that you have an account with Google. With absolute probability we can say that you are using one or several services of Google. So this article is written for you. In it you will find out what the settings in your profile, you need to pay special attention to increase the security and privacy of your account.

Step verification

This option adds a second layer of protection for your account Google. Even knowing your username and password, the attacker can not use them, because you need more confirmation SMS. Although input will now take slightly longer, so this measure improves the security of your account that it can close your eyes.

Google account

Recommendation: include .
Recommendation of friends

This feature involves the use of your data for advertising at Google. For example, if you liked the coffee shop and you put a corresponding mark in Google+, then your friends can see your photos in the search with a mark next to the name of the corresponding institutions. The same applies to other products: books, music, gadgets and so on.

Google account

Recommendation: turn off.
Mail from Gmail +

Last updated in Gmail added feature whereby any person who knows your name in Google+, if you want to be able to send you a letter to the mailbox. If you do not like the idea that anyone can bother you, even if you did not give your email address, then disable it in Gmail.

Google account

Recommendation: turn off.
Search History

Web History Google records all your queries. Although it may sometimes be useful, as this information is used in other products of the company, such as Google Now, would still be reasonable to disable this feature if you are worried about the safety of their private lives.

Recommendation: turn off
Account Access

This page lists all the devices, applications, services and products that you are allowed to access the data in your account Google. This authorization may be using uchetki Google, trusted Web application, your Android device, and so on. Very often congregate here writing about services and programs that you no longer need, so it makes sense to periodically go and see on this page and to sweep.

Google account

Recommendation: regular inspection
Recent Activity

Here is the information about all the important activities in your account. Including data input, used programs, creating or changing passwords and so on. For each activity, displays the date and the place which may be useful in determining whether these actions did you or anyone else.

Google account

Recommendation: periodic inspection

Google services at our disposal a large number of opportunities have hundreds of settings and dozens of sub pages, which knows not every user. Nevertheless, there may be lurking quite important settings to remember and apply them very desirable.

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