How to speak in public without cards and slides




How to speak in public without cards and slides
You can learn to speak only words. Skilef

Public performance … Hearing these “scary” words, many fall into a stupor and then covered with sticky. Stand up and tell people something? Just do it!

But Bonaparte was right – who can not speak, he does not make a career. Have to learn oratory. How fortunate that there PowerPoint – slides donesut thought, even if the language will no longer obey.

If you think so, then you will never become a good speaker.

According to Nick Morgan (Nick Morgan), the famous American coach, teaching rhetoric, the author of the book “Oratory” , speech – an ineffective way to spread information. For the argument, he cites studies showing that people remember from 10% to 30% of verbal data. Everything else – the non-verbal communication.

At the same time, multi-tasking ‘kills’ attention. This, accompanied by slides, makes the audience to do two things at once: listening and reading. According to Morgan, this prevents perceive and remember the idea that the speaker wants to convey.

Another great speaker – Scott Berkun (Scott Berkun), Master of Project Management, who worked at Microsoft, author of such bestsellers as “Where are the brilliant ideas? 10 myths about innovation ” , “The art of managing IT projects,” and “Confessions of a speaker” , says:

Look at any list of the best performances in the history, and you will not find any where it would have used slides or other details. Of course, did not exist before programs for the visual accompaniment of speech, so you can not draw direct parallels. However, it begs the question: would the ancient speech of speakers better if they used the slides? Probably not.

Nowadays, the use of slides – the norm. Speech without them as a trick tightrope walker – one wrong step and fall.

Many use slides for secure. If only not to forget anything! According to Berkun, if you are a professional, well-know your stuff, you will not forget anything important. And if they forget something, no one will ever know, because only the speaker knows the plan of his speech.
5 steps to successful performance without slides

Poets are born, speakers become. Cicero

Ability to speak in public is not dependent on talent. This skill can develop a each. The main thing – time and perseverance.

Step 1: solve the problem of listeners.

Think about what the problem is the audience in that area, which is dedicated to your performance. Start a conversation with the notation of the problem, thus, you demonstrate that you know the needs of the audience and attract their attention. After that, go to the problem.

Step 2: cut theses.

The mistake many speakers – an attempt to grasp the immensity, trying to give the audience a comprehensive information. Cut his speech to a minimum, leaving only the essence. Repeat the main idea several times during the performance. If your message of love to the public, people will find additional information on the topic.

Step 3: tell a story.

People love stories. So it was, when they sat in the cave by the fire and listened as one daredevil scored mammoth alone. So is there now, as we sit in front of computer screens and read at “life stories.” It’s human nature – to perceive and remember information easier if you have a story, exposition, climax and denouement.

Build your presentation as a story. Tell the story to the public. Awaken the listeners’ imagination. Your speech should be a fascinating journey, which will give people new knowledge and emotions.

Step 4: Do not cram.

Do not write text on paper, then to memorize it like a prayer. Interesting question – almost always impromptu. Well-prepared impromptu. Specify the main points of his speech. Remember them. If you understand the topic, you do not need to memorize it. A professional will always know what to say. If you learn the text as poem, 99.9% – go astray and forget the words.

Step 5: Practice, practice and more practice!

Rehearse your speech in front of a mirror. Then, speaking in front of friends. Watch their reaction: what they are laughing, at what moments they are bored? Remove video to analyze their behavior and listeners. Draw conclusions.

Rehearse again. Gradually, you will know so well his speech that you can arrange the necessary semantic accents and intonation without slides and cards.

Also, do not miss a single chance to speak in public – held a meeting at work, say a toast at a feast. This will help to overcome fear and become a great speaker, does not need the “crutches” in the form of written clues.

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