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How to Stay Safe and Save Your Privacy on the Internet” is a series of tips where we can take a set of security guidelines that help users stay safe while using the Web and keep away from potentially harmful security risks such as phishing, fraud, viruses, and malware. Other related to privacy and maintaining the security of accounts.
We start with the first part of this series by talking about the most important tips for creating and protecting passwords for your accounts on social networks and sites.

Use a strong password
Using a strong password ensures that Hackers can not access your account by guessing common passwords.

Although the importance of this advice, many users around the world still rely on an easy-guessing password. For example, 123456 was the most commonly used password in 2016 among all hacked passwords.

When creating a password, it is also recommended that you avoid using any personal information such as your birthdate, telephone number, name, or other information that others can guess.

Do not rely on one password for all of your accounts
Relying on one password for your different accounts is a very common mistake for passwords.

This method of dealing with passwords makes it easier for hackers to get the password for your important accounts once you know the password on any other site, and the possibility of exposure to any site or service to the leaking of user data will allow the hackers to access your other accounts using the same information.

It relies on a reliable application to manage passwords
Relying on a strong password along with a unique password for each account will make the user somewhat overwhelmed when he needs to remember these words.

So the best way to overcome this problem is to rely on a trusted password management application such as LastPass or 1Password, which you will not need to remember these words at a time.

Do not trust one
Never think of sending information about one of your accounts to anyone on the Internet, even if you’re someone you trust.

When you send important information to someone’s email or social networks such as a password for one of your accounts, that person may be compromised and access your account.

So, if you need to send such sensitive information, you can send it using self-destructing messages on an instant messaging application. For example, Messenger supports this feature along with Telegram, Fiber and other applications.

Change your password from time to time
It’s also a good idea to change the password for your important accounts from time to time, although this advice is less important than the previous tips, but it helps keep your account in a stable security state.


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