How video games can actually make you a better human being?




We’ve heard it all – video games are violent, they support bad behavior, they’re addictive, anti-social and so on. But did it ever occur to you that video games can also help us from numerous points of view? Believe it or not, some of them are meant to put our cognitive functions to the ultimate test, while others can stimulate our brains, make it more intelligent and livelier. Some studies have proven that video games can relieve pain, slow down the aging process, and even help stroke patients get back on their feet. But can they make us better human beings?

Video games make us smarter

If you happen to lack a standard intelligence level that makes daily existence overwhelming and confusing, fear not as playing video games can help boost brain power. Some of them are particularly made to provide your brain with a solid workout. They teach the great importance of prioritizing, tactics, economics, social bonding, and more. Spending hundreds of hours in front of a computer makes sure the brain stays worked up, so when you’re not physically gaming, guess what…your brain is. How many times you dreamed of being an actual mercenary? The human brain is similar to a muscle – the more you work it, the higher chances you have to strengthen it, and thus the most intelligent it becomes.

Video games boost determination

For a lot of gamers that determination started back in the late 2000s with video games such Counterstrike, Starcraft, Half-Life and others. Nowadays, it’s all about scoring millions in Temple Run 2 and surpassing as many levels as possible in Candy Crush Saga. Is that enough to keep us determined? Playing games have the ability to train our brains and boost our level of determination. Some are used to playing for fun, out of boredom, or just for relaxation purposes. Others on the other hand, are all about the latest games such as Call of Duty, The Walking Dead, Watch Dogs, and others. There’s no doubt that video games increase determination; they make us want to achieve more, aspire for greater things, and attain our ultimate goals.

Video games boost stamina

Watching a movie usually takes about 2 hours and we usually spend 1-2 hours a day reading a good book before falling asleep. Can we say the same thing about video games? Absolutely not, especially if we’re talking about games like the World of Warcraft; believe it or not, video games boost stamina beyond the capacities of non-gaming individuals. Games have the incredible ability to push put your limits to the ultimate test. They can help overcome tiredness, they keep you focused, and they have this amazing power of pulling you into their universe. Is that such a bad thing? To some extent, yes is it; however, we have to admit that we can easily stay focused and devote 10 hours a day playing World of Warcraft. Can you read for 10 hours without getting tired?

Video games are ground-breaking from numerous points of view. While some of them are meant to completely separate players from reality, others can actually make you a better human being. The industry has started to make video games a lot more social and personal. Live-streaming and social media integrations are features meant to connect people on a human level.

Gaming is no longer limited to first-person shooters, racers, and multi-players; they’re also about interesting puzzlers, network games, open worlds and numerous other types meant to help us connect with others. There’s no denying that video games can make us better human beings, but can they help us be more humane with the people around us?

Author Bio: Christopher Austin is an avid gamer with a great interest in writing about technology. He also writes for some online gaming site like Car Games 365 where you will find a pool of online car games.










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