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The life of a smartphone manufacturer is not always a bed of roses. HTC knows all too well, because the manufacturer hit go wrong with its attractive, high 2015: the M9. The phone has been plagued by various surfaces by mediocrity in relation to the high retail price. The reviews, including our were not exactly positive, and sales compared to the M8 plummeted to unprecedented depths. Smartphone manufacturers often bring one attractive, high every year and if it is a miss, the company is suffering severely. It is not an industry you can rest a year on your laurels, so to speak.

Hopefully HTC has learned. The Taiwanese manufacturer can not afford another blunder. We were at the headquarters of HTC Netherlands in Utrecht to take a first look at the new flagship, which simply “10” hot. To give some to give away: HTC seems to be playing it safe this year. Little silliness, focus on more or less the same areas as in previous years, and do at least good.

Design and housing

The first pillar of the 10’s design. 10 has, as befits a HTC attractive, high, aluminum enclosure that is in one piece and varies more than the M9 device differed turn of the M8. The back is still around, but the design is tighter by the edges at the rear inclined to flatten. These edges are smooth, where the back of the phone is matte. This gives a nice effect and you see not as fast finger smudges on the back.

Also on the front side has the inclined edges 10 is slightly smaller, which connect to the screen. All that comes the design for good, and is friendly to the hands and fingers, despite the clean lines. The phone is a clear sphere on the rear, making it good in the hand, and flattened where he would otherwise sharp feel to the hand and fingers. However, the 10 to the first impression a bit heavy in proportion to the screen size. He is slightly heavier than the M9. Itself we find that not so disturbing and he therefore feels solid, but if you appreciates a light unit, the 10th is not ideal.

At the front is seen a remarkable change with respect to the M9. namely, the 10 has hardware buttons. The left is the back button to the right of the multitask button and the Home button in the middle. Of the latter, you might expect that you can press it, but it is not. For us it would have been nicer if it were. The button is the fingerprint scanner integrated and the first impression of it is fine, but the setting takes longer than for example in the latest Nexus devices and Huawei P9. About buttons speaking, all the rest is on the right side of the unit and feels very solid. You will not get the power button accidentally pressed and that’s fine.

Product photos preview HTC 10Product photos preview HTC 10Product photos preview HTC 10Product photos preview HTC 10
The arrival of the hardware buttons has 10 no speaker below the screen. That second speaker now sits at the bottom of the unit. That means no double, forward-facing speaker more and no stereo sound. However, HTC still has two loudspeakers, in order to produce a better sound than with the average high-end smart phone. The top speaker has a tweeter, so the treble and bass coming out of the loudspeaker underneath.

Audio is also the second point focuses HTC with 10. For that reason, there are also a 24bit- dac and dsp in the unit for better sound, and you get a set of earplugs at above average, which did not sound bad in our very short listening session. You can, if you use the earplugs, immediately set up a private listening section, wherein the volume of each frequency will be adjusted to your hearing. An equalizer so, which is set based on how well certain tones your ears hear.

The sound makes an excellent first impression, but what about the screen? The LCD of the M9 suggested that disappoint and was plagued by a mediocre contrast and moderate viewing angles. At first glance, HTC has made improvements in that area, but that conclusion we can really draw when we have our review copy and to test the display. The 5.2 “screen is in any case a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels and is extremely sharp, with 564 pixels per inch.

HTC 10 table tennis


10 6 runs Android with Sense version 8. HTC has focused in his own words on clarity and above all speed of the software. There would have been many optimizations to allow as quickly and smoothly as possible Android experience. The touchscreen was responsive and apps must run faster. That nothing seems too much to say, because during our first bepotelingen responded device indeed very fast.

Software htc 10 Another aspect that HTC wanted to tackle is double apps for the same purpose. So there are on Android smartphones usually a lot of Google apps, but also apps from the manufacturer where you can bring about the same. At the 10 HTC has chosen a functionality for native apps either Google. Thus, the gallery HTC gone and used Google Photos, because HTC thinks the app includes great features. However, HTC uses for granted its own camera app, which it can optimize for this particular camera. All in all, this principle leads to a limited number of apps, but if you want, you can still download the apps from HTC. They are just still supported and developed, according to the company.

A new feature in the software is Freestyle Layout. The most obvious benefit is that you are freed from the grid which apps get into position. You can replace the standard app icons by icons from themes that go up as it were in the background. If you would not know that there are links to apps hiding behind the icons, you would think it’s just one picture, so that you can create yourself by dragging the icons to the desired layout. Normally we find themes not so interesting, but it’s nice that you can personalize your phone with this extensively. You can also add pictures and stickers.


Software alone of course does not mean that a smartphone is fast; for this he needs a good soc. The 10 runs on a Snapdragon 820, which is a chipset that we find in more high-end smartphones this year, as in the LG G5. In the 10 he is just slightly higher clocked at a maximum clock speed of 2.2GHz. It is a quad-core CPU, with four by Qualcomm designed Kryo cores with 2.2GHz and maximum speed. Compared to its predecessor, the Snapdragon 820 twice as fast and thirty percent more fuel efficient. The GPU is an Adreno 530 and except faster the 4G speeds of 450Mbit / s according to Qualcomm forty percent more efficient than the Adreno 430. The modem in the Snapdragon 820.

Snapdragon 820 By default there is 32GB of memory in 10. You can expand it with up to 2TB by throwing in a micro sd card. HTC supports in contrast to Samsung ‘Adaptable Storage’, so the extra memory is really used as internal memory. Furthermore, the chipset is supported by 4GB of ram.

The battery in the HTC 10 has a capacity of 3.000mAh. It says of itself is not much; we saw , for example, at the M8 an endurance much longer than the M9, while the latter has 10 percent more battery capacity. That was because of the not so efficient Snapdragon 810 chipset and hopefully the 820-soc in that area performs better. The battery capacity is at least six percent higher than that of the M9. Further supports 10 Quick Charge 3.0, which the smartphone through the USB port c if the property is charged half full in half an hour.

An interesting feature of the HTC 10 is further support for Apple AirPlay. Through HTC Connect lets you swipe up with three fingers across the screen to streaming audio and video content to your screen via AirPlay. The 10 is the first Android smartphone that supports here and it is somewhat remarkable, since Apple must have explicit permission given to HTC.


The 10 has a twelve megapixel camera with laser autofocus and optical image stabilization, which 1,55μm pixels in size. which uses sensor HTC, we could not check yet and HTC did as expected not say. Probably the Sony IMX377, which we found in the Nexus 6P and 5X. Combined with an aperture of f / 1.8 camera certainly has potential. He has to be strong light in each case. The postprocessing is of course also important, so we’re curious to see how HTC has done that.

Software htc 10 It remains difficult to put on an event to get a good impression of a camera, but we were not in any case strange things against the photo results. The camera starts up quickly and printing is also smooth. The burst mode seemed slower than Huawei P9, we recently had fixed. The camera interface is fine. Thus, the Pro mode tasty organized and easily adjustable, with five tabs that you can move up and down and disappear as soon as you set them. 10 further twaalfbit-raw mode.

The front camera is a five megapixel sensor with large pixels 1,34μm. The aperture is f / 1.8, which is quite a lot of light to be absorbed. If all is well the selfies is that you take with the camera are generally sharper than its predecessors because it is the first front camera has optical image stabilization. If you frequently use a front camera, this may well be an advantage, because when making selfies is the subject quite close and have your smartphone often less stable than solid when you take with the camera behind a picture. In the review we will obviously test it in practice yields better results.

Regarding video can shoot 10 4K video and he would especially have to record the sound properly using the three microphones that the device here and did. However, we noticed that 10 no slow motion video with 720p resolution at 240 frames per second can shoot, for example it can Nexus 6P. The maximum number is 120 fps, which we believe gives just a satisfactory slow-motion results.

The Zoë Mode is fortunately still, so you can record movies of three seconds, for example, can choose the best frame. The function to create a selection of photos videos a day or for example a vacation is still in the form of Zoe editor, but that is something tucked away and you can find for example Google Photos, a small menu with the select “edit with.

Camera htc 10Camera htc 10

The body of the HTC 10 no polonaise. No dual camera, extra screen or uitschuifaccu’s: focus on the important points that considers the company. These are design, high quality audio reproduction, strong light cameras with optical image stabilization and a smooth Android experience. Whether all this is successful, we will look extensively in the review. The first impression is in any case wrong. Or HTC themselves with the 10 weather may nest in the top of smartphone land is another story. With a suggested retail price of 749 euros will be difficult to regain much ground from a manufacturer like Samsung. Ie you pay 50 euro more than the S7 with the same amount of memory. Yet, the sober strategy of focusing on core values ​​can be a good first step, if this proves to be well executed.


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