HTC (HTC International, Inc., hereinafter referred to as “HTC”), the global leader in smart mobile phone and VR design, has officially launched VIVE Pro Professional Edition, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of different types of commercial applications. VR solutions shape diverse possibilities. VIVE Pro can meet the needs of enterprise users in pursuit of the ultimate VR experience, provide higher resolution, better sound effects, more comfortable, and the latest SteamVR tracking system, easy to deploy behind the company firewall, and more extensive tracking range. VIVE Pro Professional Edition is a product for today’s most demanding and innovative VR users. It also reflects HTC’s increasing attention to developers and corporate partners. Internationally renowned companies such as Airbus, Volkswagen Group and Raymond Corporation have all used VIVE to meet their training and simulation needs.

VIVE Pro shapes the future possibilities for companies
VIVE Pro provides the most complete and complete experience for business users who adopt VR commercial applications. The high image resolution of VIVE Pro’s head-mounted display brings deeper immersion to commercial users, while also making text and images more clear. The vivid images greatly enhance the overall experience. VIVE Pro also has built-in high-end headphones and amplifiers to provide richer, more vivid and immersive audio effects. VIVE Pro’s new evolutionary ergonomic design ensures excellent comfort for professional users when they wear for a long time.

VIVE Pro Pro is priced at NT$46,000 (US$1,399) and includes a VIVE Pro head-mounted display, SteamVR tracking system 2.0, two base stations, and two controllers. It is suitable for commercial use and supports 6 x 6 meter tracking range; if combined with multiple base stations in series, it can support up to 10 x 10 meter tracking range. The new base station will be purchased separately by open users in the future.

Daniel O’Brien, general manager of HTC USA, said: “VR is gradually changing the mode of business operations, interacting with internal employees and customers. We bring the highest quality VR experience to the market, combining high-resolution visual experience and experience. Its sound effects and the best components on the market today are in VR helmets. For companies that want to use the latest technology to improve their business models or optimize their workflow, VIVE Pro can provide an immediate upgrade experience.”

Comprehensive service and integration
VIVE Pro is also the first to introduce two kinds of additional protection services: VIVE Pro Enterprise Enterprise (Enterprise Advantage) and Enterprise Service Enterprise Plus (Enterprise Advantage+). Whether it is a small or large enterprise, while using the best VR solution For additional protection. Both options include commercial licenses and commercial warranty, while allowing companies to have tailor-made hardware warranty services, reduce hardware downtime, enjoy exclusive support services, and effective management of equipment. VIVE Pro’s new enterprise management tools allow companies to easily and securely manage VIVE deployment configurations and updates in a flexible and easy-to-control manner.

Enterprise Advantage

Exclusive support customer service telephone line and customer service e-mail
Speed-handling equipment repair and replacement
2 Year Warranty Contains VIVE Pro Head Mounted Displays and Registered Certified Accessories
Enterprise Service Project Plus (Enterprise Advantage+)

Exclusive support customer service telephone line and customer service e-mail
Prioritize equipment maintenance and replacement
2 Year Warranty Contains VIVE Pro Head Mounted Displays and Registered Certified Accessories
VIVE Pro with NVIDIA Provides Enterprise VR Applications for Airbus, Volkswagen Group, and Raymond Corporation
The HTC Vive Pro with NVIDIA VR Ready Quadro series graphics processors delivers enterprise-class quality of experience in performance, stability, and reliability. The NVIDIA VR Ready Quadro graphics card provides the necessary computing power for highly realistic enterprise VR applications. The Quadro P5000 is an excellent starting point for users who are pursuing high-quality VR experiences.

Bob Pette, deputy general manager of NVIDIA Professional Visualization, said: “With advancements in audio performance, text details, and image computing technology, not only will the immersive experience of VR experience increase dramatically, but it will also accelerate the growth of VR in enterprise applications. From construction to automotive Design, HTC and NVIDIA have redefined VR’s commercial use.”

As a leader in modern aerospace industry, Airbus is using VIVE to promote cross-department communication and refinement of the production line process. In order to ensure that all teams can use VR, Airbus departments can directly apply VR-related equipment to IT departments.

Raymond Corporation, the authority of the crane industry, has extensive experience in using VIVE. It not only uses VR to provide advanced crane simulations to enhance operator proficiency and self-confidence, but also to promote employee loyalty and continuous learning habits. Raymond Corporation provides the industry’s first complete VR simulation training software, allowing operators to operate real cranes in a virtual environment, helping operators to become more familiar with their skills and be more confident in real-world operations.

Raymond Corporation Chief Executive Michael Field said: “The Raymond VR Simulator is able to respond to the needs of our customers in the supply chain and logistics industry with top-notch smart technology. Operators can become more proficient with the use of VIVE and use the equipment more comfortably. Raymond is using the power of technology to help people overcome the barriers between skills and implementation, and it also helps potential talents to consider the basis for considering joining the industry. Raymond Corporatio is pursuing extreme productivity through the use of VIVE and VR technology. In the future of efficiency, we can realize our commitment to our customers with more effective and smarter management.”

Volkswagen Group has fully integrated VR technology into the Group’s operations. With the Volkswagen Digital Reality Hub Group, employees of the Group can use VR to obtain important training related to logistics and production lines.

Dennis Abmeier, head of the IT project at Volkswagen Group and member of the Digital Realities team, said: “The Volkswagen Group has increased the efficiency of cooperation around the world through Vive and VR, and also provided employees with a highly efficient and efficient training environment. We are very pleased to start this year. Use VR to train 10,000 logistics and production line employees.”

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