Huawei spends about $ 37 billion on R & D




Huawei will be able to gain an advanced position in the assessment of companies globally
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Huawei has been able to gain an advanced position in the global evaluation of companies, especially in the European Union and the United States of America in terms of agreement on research and development, which the company says it will produce “innovative products of high quality and unprecedented functions” in the smart phones and watches sector , With investments reaching $ 37 billion over the last 10 years (until the end of 2015).

Mr. Jin Jiao, President of the Huawei Consumer Business Group in the Middle East and Africa, points out that there are more than 79,000 employees working in R & D across 16 centers, 36 joint research centers and 45 training centers around the world.

“Huawei invests 10% of its annual revenue in R & D. In 2015, the company invested about $ 9.2 billion in research and development and entered the list of the top 50 companies in terms of the number of patents filed by the world, and is among the top 10 companies filed patents in the United States, and the eighth largest European Union In terms of R & D spending in 2016. ”

The results of the company’s R & D investment are reflected in its innovations in its newly launched phones, including the P9, P9 Plus, and the new 9 and the latest smartphone recently unveiled in Barcelona and will be launched in the Saudi market at the beginning of next April. The P10 and P10 Plus, where Huawei collaborated with German company Leica, which manufactures professional lenses.

Huawei has established a new research and development center, the Max Peric Innovation Laboratory in Ftslar, Germany, where Huawei and Leica are engaged in technological research to develop cameras and image quality. Research and development results also resulted in the high performance battery in Mate 9 and the P10, as well as battery temperature and battery control techniques during the charging process to protect the phone and deliver the supercharged charging technology that charges the entire large battery within two hours, as well as the development of the Men’s MateBook Business, which has gained popularity in dozens of countries, including the United States. The company also develops its own Kirin portable processor, which features ultra-high performance, low power consumption and less heat.

It does not stop at innovation. The company examines the battery’s long battery life by putting its batteries into special ovens that are heated to below 100 degrees Celsius and keep charging for 20 days continuously without interruption to ensure that the battery and charger are working Which is a standard followed by the company before the explosion of batteries of some phones manufactured by other companies.

The company also examines the phone’s ability to withstand when it falls from a height of half a meter and a full meter, so put the phone in a machine rising in the air, and then fall very high speed to a very close to the ground and leave the phone then continue to fall to the ground stone solid.

Experts repeat this experiment twice for each side of the phone (6 destinations), twice as well for each of the four corners of the phone from a height of half a meter, and return the ball back to all cases mentioned from the height of the entire meter. The phones manufactured by the company can withstand the scratches caused by the metal pieces and keys in the user’s pocket, and cosmetics packs and keys in the women’s bags when the phone is placed in them, so put the phone and items in a large sealed package, and make the package revolves like a wheel for long hours, Check the degree of screen resistance and the structure of the phone for scratches and breaks.

It is worth mentioning that the company’s standards exceed the mandatory quality inspection standards in Europe and the United States. The devices are subject to mechanical strength tests. Each device must carry at least 70 kg of pressure tests and environmental durability tests such as exposing the phone (Between 75 ° C and 50 ° F), 8 hours of salt spray tests, moisture and vibration tests, and validity tests, such as exposing the phone to 800 thousand touch on its screen from Free And a 200 thousand button press (operating buttons and loudspeakers), the carrying position of the charger cord in the phone and the wire moving, so that the operation is repeated more than 10 thousand times, and then check the phone port and the charger terminal To ensure their safety and ability to function properly after this process.

The company also tests the bend of the 180 ° to the right and the left to the left, with the wire connected to a weight of 200 grams, to ensure that the material that protects the junction of the inner wires in the metal outlet is not separated. The experts present the phone’s camera elements to extremely harsh temperatures (about 110 ° C) and then reduce them to 50 ° C with the introduction of water vapor in large quantities inside the furnace and repeat the process for extended periods, and then examine the vapor condensation inside the camera elements, The glue used to install the camera is carried in extreme conditions to ensure that the rapid response of the lens focus feature is not affected.

The company carries out additional tests that are not carried out by other companies, such as roaming tests abroad and are equipped with 4G networks, and various requirements for the work of telephones in the global telecommunications companies’ networks, especially those manufactured by the company on behalf of telecommunications companies (such as US telecommunications companies) Using specialized computers that conduct a series of experiments on phones in an environment isolated from the networks of the outside world and simulation of the environment of the telecommunications companies targeted by many services.


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