human values excel like nowhere like in India.




Satsang with #Gurudev at #BangaloreAshram this evening
I have travelled across the world and human values excel like nowhere like in India.
When you are centered then you are able to act dynamically.
The intention to harm someone are the act that you do with rage and anger is Himsa (Violence). An act you do to save someone is Ahimsa (Non-violence).
This country (India) excels in human values like no where else in the world.
You go to a village. If all of the village have just one glass of milk, they will share half of the glass with a guest who comes to the village. #SriSri
An old lady who lost everything in 2001 Gujarat earthquake donated 100/- to our volunteers for earthquake relief stating that she did not lose her Dharma in the quake.
There is something that is binding from Rameshwaram to Kedarnath, that is Faith. Unity in Diversity is honored in this country (India) like no where else.
Inspite of all the differences of religion, caste and language, India is united because of its spirituality.
The value of Unity in Diversity is valued in India like nowhere else .
Perhaps all the youth in India should undergo military service for a year or two. In military you are trained for values like strength and integrity.
The world takes care of you when you give yourself to the world.


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The intention or state of mind defines whether an act is Himsa (violence) or Ahimsa ( non-violence) -#Gurudev @SriSri #SatsangLive

Honored to have the opportunity to sit down with global humanitarian and spiritual leader, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. We discuss the importance of taking care of the men and women who protect our country, and how his breath-based meditation techniques can help veterans and civilians alike. These techniques are offered free of charge to #veterans and their families by Project Welcome Home Troops. To see the impact that these techniques had on my life, check out Almost Sunrise. For more information, please go to

The Art of Living ‘Mana ooru Mana Neeruu’ at #Bhimavaram, #AndhraPradesh. kicked off in Bhimavaram today.

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