Humility is to respect everything that comes our way.




Fulfilling Desires By Changing Your Belief System (Part 2)

We have been holding a lot of incorrect beliefs as to what can lead us to back to our eternal and original state (these states were discussed in yesterday’s message) and many of our actions are based on these beliefs. We have mentioned a few examples of incorrect beliefs below. There are many more, which you could reflect on.

Lust and attachment increases love in a relationship.

Anger is necessary for success in relationships and is important for getting work done and gaining respect. It provides a mental upsurge of energy.

Greed attracts physical prosperity and brings happiness.

Ego is power; a person with no ego is generally timid or submissive.

Worry prepares us for the worst, worrying for someone close is expressing our love for them.

Being emotional and crying for our loved ones in bad times, is expressing love for them. Being emotional and crying in good times is expressing and experiencing joy.

Gossiping increases social bonding and gives one an experience of joy.

Jealousy inspires us to do better and achieve more.

The Supreme Teacher changes our belief system and not only makes us aware of these incorrect beliefs but reconditions us by incorporating correct beliefs inside us so that we start performing karmas or actions based on them and start progressing towards our eternal and original state.

Message for the day 20-01-2017

Humility is to respect everything that comes our way.

Expression:To love simple things is humility. It teaches to respect all that life brings. That means there is an ability to appreciate and value everything appropriately. So one is able to use everything that comes one way to the fullest extent for the benefit of the self and that of others.

Experience: When I am humble I am able to remain focused on my inner peace and not lose my sense of personal well-being. I am able to simply learn from everything that happens to my life and add on to this sense of well-being. No situation is difficult or impossible to work on, but I am able to overcome all challenges with ease.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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