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I went in, tvitnul – in prison March 1, 2013

Fun fact: in 2012, 653 people are faced with various court charges in connection with the information that they publish in their Twitter and Facebook. There are a set of laws that you can break, having fun in social networks, and some of your tricks can turn a prison sentence. We study this question in detail.


If the second half of last year, you’ve been in the shelter waiting for the Apocalypse, then surely you’ve heard about the case and Sally Lord MakElpina Berkrou. Did not you hear? Well then briefly describe. In November last year, the BBC reported it was “guess” that a senior member of the Conservative Party of sexually molested children. The name of the member of parliament in the report was not reported, however, in the bustling hive of Twitter, it still did not sound again.

Lord MakElpin called it a “court Twitter” and instructed his lawyers to look into the question. Public accusations of child molestation, of course, be considered a violation of the law of libel. According to the BBC, tweet could qualify as defamatory if:

“It is detrimental to one’s reputation in the eyes of well-thinking members of society. This can be done by showing “hatred, humiliation and insults” against the individual. In the UK it is an administrative offense can not be said about Russia. At the same time between slander per person on national television and on Twitter, of course, there is a difference. Therefore, most likely, in the event of a breach of the law you get off just fine. By the way, this also applies to retweets ”

In fact, if you give voice to serious and unfounded accusations against a person, whoever he was, he has every right to summon you. Of course, if you Fallaway half man, unlikely your defiant cry to be heard by someone. However, in case it was a MakElpina users with more than 500 readers.

Sally Berkrou deal ended a fine of 50 000 pounds, but there are situations and serious. For example, when the Sunday Times newspaper in 2004 wrote that the cyclist Lance Armstrong has been doped, the athlete was able to sue the publication million pounds.

“Extremely offensive” messages

Also highly undesirable to publish tweets wearing “extremely offensive” remarks obscene nature or containing threats. In fact, to send messages of a similar nature on the “telecom networks” is also illegal. So if you’re going to tweet instead straighten similar SMS, we recommend you another good think about it.

Cases with insults on Twitter, followed by punishment has already been set. For example, in July last year, 17-year-old boy landed in jail for having publicly insulted British diver Tom Daley, a man was put in solitary confinement for offensive remarks about the missing girl Madeleine McCann, and the other young man was sentenced to community service for publishing photographs in which he burns the opium poppy.

And this time, the degree of your penalty depends on the size of the audience for which you’ll have access. At the moment, the law enforcement agencies of different countries are developing legislation to regulate this issue. However, according to the internal order, first attracted the attention of users to the number of followers, than a few thousand. Nevertheless, in any rule there are exceptions, so even if you have only three accidents followers, think a hundred times before you post insults or threats. Maybe for stress better to drink green tea or chamomile to play some brutal game? And yes, as in the previous case, this rule also applies to retweets. Do not forget: the button «RT» you are not a friend!

Contempt of court

A few weeks ago, British media swamped the stories of some Twitter users to publish photos of John Venables and Robert Thompson – people who are at the end of the last century, made a daring assassination year-old boy, James Balgera.

The authors of these posts have been the subject of prosecution, as the investigation into the alleged killers are still ongoing, and the type of the pair is not yet proven. If you suddenly find that they are not guilty, you can imagine the hell has turned their lives due to the false accusations and the subsequent threats indispensable. Despite the fact that users distribute photos, not aware of the fact that the process is not yet complete, from criminal liability they would not escape. A paper on which they are called like this: Contempt of court.

Note that this is the first case of this type, so it is not known what would be the punishment. However, in other cases of this charge, people received prison sentences to be served in captivity for up to two months.

Reports of sexual offenses

Here is another case where the accounts of other users of social services can cause your appearance in a room with barred windows. In 2012, a football player was accused of raping a 19-year-old girl. According to the law, the media is officially forbidden to disclose the names of victims of sexual violence. This means that even users of Twitter are subject to this law. In this particular case, the defendants were nine people.

How to avoid trouble

While on Twitter applies a variety of laws that violate people at every step (above, we describe only the most common and dangerous), rules to follow are simple:

Do not name the names of the people involved in the trials and mentioned in public media. If any man in the newspaper called as a guest, this is probably a reason. And if you are in any way familiar with this person, do not rush to talk about it to everyone you meet, let alone reveal about him any information.

– Do not share your assumptions about possible cases of sexual crimes. Splentichayte in public places as you like, but if you get to the secret services of Twitter, start thinking about the forced immigration.
– Beware of the one whom you retweet. If your band is filled with all sorts dubious characters, once you are sure to attract unwanted attention. Think: are you interested in much a particular tweet to share it with my readers.
– Forget the buzz words such as trolling. And this applies not only to the social networks. If you are used to casually insult people, sooner or later you do backfire. Of course, to restrain themselves, given the anonymity of the online, is quite difficult. But try to try, right? And even if you landed at the network to any user, do not underestimate their ability. If you calculate it, you nesdobrovat.
– Jokes about explosions at the airport no one is ridiculous, really. We do not think it needs some further explanation.

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers, so do not take the above as an absolute truth. But in any case to act prudently in online, you will never have a situation where you may have a problem, and never virtual. Therefore, the feeling associated with the anonymity of impunity, do not forget that for every virtual character hides a very real person. But to calculate it in the modern world is not so difficult.

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