IDC: Samsung and Apple are losing ground in smartphone market




Samsung and Apple are losing ground in the smartphone market. That beweegrt IDC based on their own estimates. The companies sold together last year, 49 percent of smartphones, now has fallen to 45.7 percent.

It is the first time that this leading smartphone makers are losing ground in the smartphone market. The combined sales of the manufacturers did grow sharply, IDC calculated . Because the market as a whole is even more increased, the market share of both manufacturers declined. Something similar happened to Nokia after the release of the first generation iPhone and Androids; sales continued to rise, but the overall market.

What Apple and Samsung market share losses, comes largely in the category Other, which all manufacturers outside the top five fall; IDC does not specify what it manufactures a growth and which do decline. Sales Chinese manufacturers Huawei and Lenovo fall for a while now in the top 5 and do relatively well. Huawei is reaping the benefits of global marketing and distribution, Lenovo is still mainly engaged in the domestic market. IDC tips Lenovo or as future global player because the Chinese company’s U.S. Motorola takes over from Google and therefore suddenly present in the U.S. and European markets.

In total, there were, according to IDC compared to the same month last year, 28 percent more smartphones over the counter. IDC other measuring devices supplied by manufacturers to retailers and not actually selling phones. Include Apple’s iPad sales last year seemed higher by stockpiling, something that Samsung already did before, so the figures reported here saf may deviate from actual sales. In addition, some manufacturers report or how many aircraft they dropped, but others, including market leader Samsung, do not do that. These figures are therefore estimates.

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April 30, 2014 18:59
Logical sequence. The smartphone market matures, so ‘creep’ manufacturers to each other when it comes to market share. However, it is still Samsung and Apple, then anything for a while, then Huawei, LG and Lenovo, and then anything for a while and then the rest. It was and remains difficult to near the “big two” to come.

[Comment edited by reeboot on April 30, 2014 18:59]
Hans Mean
@ Reeboot • April 30, 2014 19:17
I did not expect that the market share of Samsung would be greater than that of apple. Much greater As I see it, it is a long time nothing more Samsung than Apple for a long time and nothing the rest.

Once again it amazes me because I think that Samsung now makes phones dragons. The great diversity of models explain it again ..
Cheap Apps
@ Hans Mean • April 30, 2014 19:34
It is especially diverse. From cheap to high-end Samsung has everything, even a few “workers’ phones, something Apple does not, for example, total. With a wide range you just have a wider audience 😉
mono jack
@ Cheap Apps • April 30, 2014 19:56
I think that Apple can not peel. Much They make two times the profits with their iPhone.
@ Hans Mean • April 30, 2014 20:03
Samsung also serves the entire market while Apple is limited to the high end market.
April 30, 2014 18:59
Funny how times change, 10 years ago, Nokia was still just ruler, and now they are not even found in the top5 : +
@ IGC058 • April 30, 2014 19:07
Pride comes before the fall.
You see that leaders continue to do what they are good at. Especially Or are more focused on their leadership in maximizing profits than on innovation for the customer.
Innovation is primarily in additional futures, but the onion completely change few do.

You saw the arrest on Windows Mobile, Symbian which came, you saw it on symbian, allowing iPhone and Android emerged, you saw small extent on the ios, android which was even bigger and you’ll see it on Android.

Innovation is often the smaller platforms (sailfish), by independent developers (cm, apps, mods), or by small manufacturers who dare to deviate from the norm.

[Comment edited by cabinets on April 30, 2014 19:39]
@ IGC058 • April 30, 2014 19:24
Soon they are there under the name Microsoft Lumia again because they produce both affordable handsets as an attractive, high as the Lumia 930.
: 9 ~
@ Sjun • April 30, 2014 19:32
They do that since the launch of WP8, but does it really catch on until now not. Perhaps they are not distinctive enough
@ Reeboot • April 30, 2014 20:04
Nevertheless, in some European countries they have a market share of almost 20% and there are more than Apple’s.

[Comment edited by aval0ne on April 30, 2014 20:06]
April 30, 2014 19:03
when motorola moto x + releases I’m sold, at least if these specs at least in appearance (S610 64Bits), 5inch full HD screen, and the beautiful rugged build quality.
April 30, 2014 19:04
Cool, hopefully delivers the arrival of China Phones such as the One + One of the Xiaomi phones healthy competition across the mighty monarchs!
April 30, 2014 19:05
Beautiful graphics. That we do not see so often more TNET.

Basically, it is also plenty here in Asia, where I live, for China phones. And more and more of the “High End”, ie mainly Huawei.
Many people from China here in Jakarta for Huawei work here.
Furthermore, no idea what they do, except marketing.

I even see sizes with Oppo.

And I was trying to promote Jiayu : P
April 30, 2014 19:05
Much more interesting than share in the “smartphone market” is the market share in the overall “mobile phone market”, as it is expected that all mobile phones are smartphones within a few years. You can see in the 2nd table IDC and you’ll see that Apple still grows in proportion but not Samsung. However, Huawei vast majority grows.
@ Frank L • April 30, 2014 19:51
What these two tables above show a collapse of the dumbphone market (-22%). And well, since Apple does not do with it, so they do not. Feeling that hit too Even Huawei sells less dumbphones, growth is entirely in the smartphone market.
In Q1 2013 was 49% of the phones sold a dumbphone, a year later, only 37%. No idea how that sits with previous years, but I think your statement about the extinction of the dumbphone (in store) quite right. You may be wondering what is to come before, low-end and high-end smartphones, and who is therefore the most of going to benefit. Instead

Well nice to see that Nokia is still doing very well in that (extinction) market : +
April 30, 2014 19:06
Well, that was on its way. After a while people look beyond their noses.
April 30, 2014 19:20
‘ve Now had two times a Samsung and went forth against lack of proper support, updates, etc. So then we try something else. Now have a Huawei G700-U10. In any case, a lot cheaper than my previous two smartphones. Just wait and see what Huawei is going to do in the European market.
Hans Mean
April 30, 2014 19:22
Interestingly samsung between 2011 Q1 and 2012 Q1 rose sharply. (Vd S3 coming!) After the overwhelming success of the s2 expectations were high? Then drop the rise completely fell against the s3? This is of course very short-sighted …
April 30, 2014 19:24
Sure, the market gestagneert, but this would not even have to do with the fact that both * fail to put what consumers want? top product road

Samsung: Plastic, and too big ..
Apple: too small, too expensive, no freedom?

and in fact, I mean this much heard opinions from people in my immediate vicinity *

[Comment edited by prupke15 on April 30, 2014 19:25]
@ Prupke15 • April 30, 2014 19:33
Market stagnated?
The article you’re responding writes:
.. “The sales of the manufacturers did grow dramatically” …

In the case of Samsung yoy in Q1 from 69 million to 89 million.

If your argument is that the market, or rather the growth of the share of the two big boys stagnant due to too little innovation, then I point to the fact that the newcomers who grow technologically not do it very differently. Since it is mainly the price that makes the difference.

[Comment edited by Jortio on April 30, 2014 19:34]

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“Chromebooks in Europe is not as popular as in the U.S.”
Researchers create ‘joystick’ control for smart watches


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