If a spouse is much younger than you




what If a spouse is much younger than you

I remember the day when my husband was born. In general moiré notebook, my first diary, this number has the following entry: “Tertullian said,” I believe because it is absurd. ” In my opinion, nothing can be based on the absurd. ” I guess at this point is absurd slyly smiled, and at the same moment my future husband opened his eyes, made the first breath and screamed.

Yes, we have a big age difference. In kindergarten, we did institute in the same year, and equally successful. And then it was still a certain number of days, weeks and years, we met, he was eighteen, and I – not eighteen, and for a while I felt stupid. Then he used to. Still, the tenth year together. Even familiar ceased to tease me, “pedophile”. A family for five years as it is called by the name Alesha – before they just eloquently raised his eyes to heaven. “Now comes Tata and …” – and look at the sky and even a wave of his hand to do – such as “wonderful are your works, O Lord.”

I can recommend the ladies who choose to have a relationship with a very young man? I will recommend them to the decision not to accept. Such things must happen spontaneously, on their own – at least then you can always tell a lie to yourself that you have nothing to do with it. This is all by itself. Another vile trick of the universe.

Okay, well, you’re not the first, I’m not the last. Young husbands and boyfriends have occurred in all ages, even the most decent people. Diane de Poitiers, for example, at the age of 25 years fall in love with six years of Henry, the future king of France, for thirty-five years was the same lady of his heart and it even had time to grieve with dignity. Khadija was older than her husband, the Prophet Muhammad, for 16 years. He never tired of thanking God for the good fortune to be next to her, and has never in her life she has not changed.

Interestingly, and Diane de Poitiers about Henry said: “What you have is a big boy,”? I’ve been told. I remember Alyosha came to take me to meet classmates, and tipsy Gena Alexandrov, seeing him, waved his hands and said, “take a walk yet, do not bother my mom to relax and have fun.” To those of my classmates who were aware of challenging twists and turns of my destiny, felt uncomfortable, they quickly whispered something in his ear Genk, Genk and laughing and saying: “Oleynik, you as always – the worst of behavior in the classroom!”

Although my behavior was quite exemplary. I did not seduce, not seduced, not naprygivala to young creation of the bushes. Young thing to do what people his age do when they fall into the adult woman: silence, but inevitably there were a tail on me. That is, you get out of the house, he was sitting on the bench and waiting for you. From evening. Because of time to spare, and why not spend a wonderful night under my windows. During the day you can call me razochka forty or fifty and ask how am I doing.

I tried to be reasonable and prudent. I knew the price of the plans and desires of very young people. I reminded myself that she was four years old once left home to velosipedike to build a cabin in the woods and live there. And what actions Alesha meaning not much more, and perhaps that foresight and less (I somehow still figured to bring a bag of candy and panamku). I tried to appeal to his common sense.

“Very soon I will be very old and ugly.” – “Do not become.” – “Just as I will” – “I do not care.” – “Trust me, you will not care!”

Practice has shown that Alyosha was right, and I – no. He really did not care. Because Alesha monogamous. Yes, yes, this is the most common surprises that are not expected to mature ladies boys pale, and for nothing, which is not expected. The fact remains – 25% of men in the world are focused on a strictly monogamous relationship with a partner, and the sooner they will develop the relationship, the better. And twenty years they are usually so deeply married, that in the older age groups, and that their honor is not at all – at least, in the list of free singles they just do not appear, so that we forget about their existence.

So young lovers often and want to be very persistent young husbands. And the most interesting – is that they really are much easier to live. Oh no, not in terms of what they can take care of you. There is just dull. That is, they will delight you save from the fire and from glade, fearlessly rush to fight for you against bandits and all that, but that’s very meet, say, a plumber and sanity to tell him what to fix in the bathroom … It is easy to live with them because they are free and open to anything new. They have so little life principles, that they are willing to borrow yours. Very quickly, they will look at any of the things in the same way as you: hate spinach, St George’s love songs, crazy about the series “Big Bang Theory” and read at leisure to your favorite book. Conversation with them to a pleasant form of schizophrenia, because you will always be on hand source entirely share your point of view on everything.

This is a terrible vice, I can tell you. After such a pleasure you will be unspeakably difficult to deal with older uncle, who dragged himself to the mountains of the intellectual and cultural baggage, occasionally dropping it on your head.

And how fast young husbands forget insults! How easy for them to calm, entertain and inspire! And lose their background mature men who, though you can buy anything from Cartier, instead gnaw a hole in your mind, is many times larger and patterned purchased.

And in the last few years, I see that I have become more and more like-minded. It turned out that I was in the circle – the very first signs, which dragged the baby in its beak, but a bad example was contagious. Three out of four of my closest friends are living with very young men. Not that they have consciously wanted – just happened by itself. As long as our peers mayutsya of existential crisis or hunt eighteen models in clubs, we got those peers of these models, which statistics were doomed to loneliness.

Do I like this state of affairs? I do not know. I’m happy with Alex, but happiness is inevitably bears the stamp of sadness. I’m sorry that we were not born in the same year, did not meet at the beginning of his youth, were not small victories along the way, and large errors, which passes any normal young family. Most likely, we would not have coped with the problem, but now it turns out a little too easily, and that’s not fair. I have given their experience, knowledge and social status can easily cope with any challenge, which puts him in a deadlock. I did not scare any military office, neither bad cops. And I do not care what people think about me. For example, I lost the other day on the street pants. Usual story – effective diet, forgotten belt and – op-la! – I find myself in Pyatnitskaya in a short jacket, and around the ankles are my favorite “fat jeans.” Passers-by were in ecstasy. Alyosha in this situation would go drown the Crimean bridge, and I giggled and pulled on jeans, holding their hands, went home, wondering how nice to be skinny.

On the other hand, he is not afraid of what scares me because I do not understand what I’m saying. Lack of money, for example, he feels easily as finch. Deep down, he still has not shrugged off the possibility to build a house in the woods and eat it and so prefer chips. A lack of health Alyosha to even imagine until you are able. That’s the horror on “the whole world will die if I stop,” he does not so much that he and I infect my wanton optimism.

On the other hand, flirting with such an age difference turns into something very strange. One of those “and you will drive me to katalochke when I’m really old?” Told myself a hundred times not to do, but hold no power. “Promise me, when I begin Alzheimer’s, you’ll see every day with me,” Futurama “and” South Park “!”

No, you do not feel younger with a young husband. On the contrary, occasionally you feel old as mammoth as the Egyptian mummy, as a settlement in Catal Guyuk. When half of your stories you start with “you did not yet born”, it’s hard to forget how much you actually years. But Alyosha had taught me how to play computer games and running around in sneakers on the couch.

So, after weighing all the “pros” and “cons”, we come to the conclusion that you’re there for themselves or decide, and if fate conceived order you an idiot, then you just have to put up and have fun. And then we’ll see.


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