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Luxgen Slider test

This week, we test drive Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺, take a look at how it behaves now!

Photographic film cameras challenging, the results can not be immediately apparent shooting, rinse consuming negatives, negatives can not be reused, etc.; Even so, the air thick grainy images, distinct picture, the depth of ideas and a sense of participation, so that the film After relegated to non-mainstream machine, still no substitute …… manual car, too, every move must be self-thinking, self-exploration, self-feeling, self-control, though, is asking for trouble, but the operation of the my driving mood, it Luxgen5 Sedan M + manual soul reawakened causes.

In the self-discharge in power today, driving a manual transmission car in the eyes of most people ask for is a kind of behavior, however, Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ still adhere to this “happy to make, have submitted to” the strength of character appeared in the domestic refined out of the car market, so that more people have the opportunity to pursue this classic OK!


Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ Specifications
Suggested Retail Price: NT $ 660 thousand yuan
Engine Type: 1.8L VVT turbo engine
Displacement: 1798c.c.
Transmission Type: Front Wheel Drive
Maximum horsepower: 154hp @ 5500rpm
Maximum torque: 23.5kgm @ 2000 ~ 4400rpm
Body size: 4650x1805x1490mm
TRANSMISSION: 5-speed manual
Wheelbase: 2,720 mm
Vehicle weight: 1,325 kg
Suspension: Front independent MacPherson / rear torsion bar trailing arm type
Tire size: 206/60 R16

Chase its own way
Science and technology to run car with wisdom based, Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ focus hydrodynamics design, as well as Think ⁺ Touch systems technologies of the future interior pattern tide in the car completely favorably. But you care about are hardly alone in this superficial only, has almost “plateau-type” output characteristics turbocharged 1.8-liter VVT engine, the maximum horsepower out 154hp/5500rpm, and in the 2000 ~ 4400rpm speed offer 23.5kgm torque, so you can enjoy the most practical speed range of the turbine engine explosive. Wait a minute! Do not rush to clap, in fact, is that it truly delicious mix of intelligent five-speed manual transmission, the gear shifting operation in himself, with the clutch and throttle stampede, completely loose your thinking, feeling, and limb capacity; like tasting a high purity raw chocolate, hands and feet did not stop to driving full bitterness, but dense smooth power output interface let you put it down.


In order for consumers to enjoy the most pure, original driving pleasure, Luxgen specially developed and made in China this year launched a unique turbo manual cars Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺.


Luxgen5 Sedan M + IDF fighter fit again and ran off the stage, showing its distinctive positioning pursuit of speed control.


God’s sharp headlights and side-specific M ⁺ aero echo each other, showing the power of passionate beauty.


1.8 l VVT turbo engine has 154hp/5500rpm maximum horsepower, with intelligent five-speed manual transmission, the road is the road between the explosive bully.

The manual gearboxes with the world premiere, in order to allow fans can experience the manual car’s extraordinary charm, Luxgen also listed after the end of the event, at Longtan Broadwood Speedway careful planning “Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ driving Training Camp “activities, together with our tasting authentic wanton pleasure!


“Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ Driving Training Camp” invited the leader in professional driver Liu Jikai co-ordination, which is still based on a common depot teaching driving skills and experience for the spindle, including high-speed around the cone, the rapid change lanes, rapid brake control, etc., in addition to enhancing learners itself properly driving concepts, familiar with and master the dynamic response of the body, the further it is to be through different levels, from personal experience Luxgen5 Sedan test and control on the brake and demonstrated his true self.


Driving training through professional planning activities, Luxgen imperative so that students from the actual personal control, the experience of mastery skills manual car and fun.


In addition to the protagonist Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ manual car, on-site are also available Luxgen5 Sedan car from the row, so that students can interact and feel from the row with hand row of different dynamics.

Next to Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ Speedway Driving School
Track Driving School
“Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ driving training camp,” the first hurdle to experience high speed around the cone is designed to allow the driver to feel the body rotates around the center of gravity in the pendulum shift, learn about the tracking of the vehicle, the coach also mentioned about the Cone process, turning the steering wheel to keep supple, as close as possible cones, and maintain a consistent moderate speed, can reduce Tuitou phenomenon arising drag. As for the rapid braking of the project, from acceleration to about 80km / h or so to fully adopt in the end brake to stop the process, not only to experience the Luxgen5 Sedan neat braking performance, but also allow the driver to learn the proper emergency braking action. The final hurdle on rapidly changing, the same test driver for the shift timing, vehicle steering change lanes, and the braking control and moderation, of course, this is also for Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ in flexibility on a great trial!


“High-speed around the cone” so that students driving Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ manual car to experience, learn coordination between throttle and clutch match, and steering wheel of moderation, tracking of vehicles in order to understand.


In addition to the beginning of the explanation, the professional coach will be based on each student’s control performance to give insightful guidance and advice to enable trainees to correctly modify their driving control skills.

High speed around the cone of the process, the need to maintain supple steering wheel, and maintain as close cone consistent moderate speed can be reduced to produce a drag phenomenon pusher.

“Rapid brake” from the row level to Luxgen5 Sedan car for practice.

“Rapid braking” project requires students to accelerate to 80km / h or so, to see the target point and then full brake mining in the end, so that students learn the correct emergency braking action.

ABS brake actuator to adopt in the end, showing Luxgen5 Sedan neat braking performance.

“Fast lane change” in student test points for the shift timing, vehicle steering change lanes, and the braking control and moderation, both of which feel Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ flexibility performance!

Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ dense smooth power output convergence immersive, addictive.

In the above three points, in addition to rapid braking is Luxgen5 Sedan car to practice from the row, the other level has invited the best protagonist – Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ manual transmission models for experience. In personally know the correct driving control techniques, and become familiar with the manual car clutch, throttle, and coordinated response between the stalls, the original special arrangements for the track retrograde time trial, so eager media were able to show their talents, This after nearly rode in a long time, stir the domestic market Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ conquer the track. In the face of the consolidated level interspersed change lanes, elliptical rotation, S-type and other obstacles around the cone is indeed a bit frustrating people, but excitement is born along; Mercedes-Benz at the track in the process, in addition to the elliptical rotation need to carry out a file, but its abundant torque to allow motorists simply wandering in second gear and third gear, the challenge will be able to complete a single lap, but also lead us to relive the manual first impression with OK!

Professional rider and coach Mr. Liu Jikai explain retrograde time trial race track patterns and rules, and grouped by ballot, live events atmosphere is warm.

Track retrograde lap time trial so that students will experience the morning of the driving skills to apply their knowledge, students can choose Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ manual car or Luxgen5 Sedan car from the row to show their talents, conquer obstacles track.

Activities on the mysterious appearance of Luxgen5 Sedan car factory edition amazing crowd, the maximum horsepower output point 250hp.

Perhaps the wisdom of the advances in technology make driving more effortless, but the use of their ability to control the vehicle’s response to retreat, and in five bodies have access to multi-level experience, but it is nowadays since the row of cars can not provide, Luxgen5 Sedan M ⁺ appearance, it is for the fans who want to offer this most pure manipulation of fun, no matter how tough will find fame or fortune!

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