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If everything is bad, and your company is “written off” as an outsider, behave impudently and unpredictably. For example, turn your home computer into a home movie studio.

Actually, it was an ordinary update of the successful model line. iMac, as he predicted, suffered a colossal defeat. He was amazing. Something about him was oddly attractive. A little more than a year, they were sold two million. I can not imagine how, but Steve’s assistants found out that one-third of the two million iMacs were the first computer.

Around the same time, Steve was concerned about creating a crazy, delightful security service. According to eyewitnesses, in terms of effectiveness, it was not inferior to the special services of developed countries. Is not it her job?

Hardly had he just invented this. In addition, many of my American and European buddies in 1998 and 1999 really bought this thing for their elderly relatives, so they too were online. Because 9 out of 10 iMacs were used to access the Internet.

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New iMac
For some reason unknown to me, the type of optical disc drive was considered by somebody to be the most important feature of the new model, worthy to become the designation of the whole model range. Yes, the “face” of iMac has become nicer and friendlier. Phil Schiller noted that now the pieces of pizza will not stick to the drive tray. Because the tray is no more. As it seems to me, to achieve the same result, it’s enough just not to wave a pizza over an open tray.

At first I did not like this drive. It was necessary to push the disc with effort, and after all it was so fragile and glassy – this every time felt a bit uncomfortable.

In addition, in my humble opinion, the new iMac had much more significant innovations. For example, it was almost noiseless, it had no fans. Steve had such a fad – the computer must comply with silence. In Apple III, his love of silence turned out to be fatal. In NeXT computers, a long cable made it possible to place a noise source a few meters from the user. But in the iMac SL (slot loading – with slot loading) everything was honest: it was cooled by natural air currents. Great work! If you do not glue the holes on the case of the iMac, it does not overheat, in any case, from me, and it worked 12 hours a day, if not more, for two years.

Tactico-technical data for those times were impressive: G3 with a clock speed of 350 MHz, the clock speed of the bus increased from 66 MHz to 100, pre-installed 64 MB of RAM could be (blessed with Apple memory chips) to increase to 512 megabytes. The process of memory upgrade was worked out by engineers with the same thoroughness as thermodynamics inside the case.

The disk capacity of 6 Gigabytes, and instead of a single USB-tree with two connectors on the body, there were now two of them. With communication equipment, everything remained the same as the very first iMac, that is, excellent.

Graphical 2D / 3D-card ATI Rage 128 with 8 megabytes of video memory, finally, and in fact turned the iMac SL into a decent gaming computer. I do not understand this, I’m not an amateur myself – but those who had enough free time for games scolded him not so much as the first iMac. The sound was answered by very high-quality speakers from harman / kardon.

For the iMac (and only for the iMac), the same company also developed a glass USB subwoofer, similar to the output power cascade of a powerful transmitter, only very elegant – the subwoofer was purchased separately for $ 99. My computer was paid by the employer, so no subwoofers … AirPort, also was for a fee.

The colors of the translucent bodies became darker and seemed to be more transparent. In depth, the body size decreased by an inch (2.5 cm). Despite improvements, iMac has become even more attractive – a great rarity in our world.

But the most important is the price, only 999 dollars. That is, it is also cheaper. And if you buy with it a subscription to CompuServe, the buyer received a discount of $ 400, that is, the iMac cost only $ 599, which was “cool” even for the PC-shnogo market, proud of low prices.

The iMac SL was released exclusively in the blueberry case, speaking in Russian, Blueberry.

One more thing
In 1999, “One more thing”, Steve Jobs’s favorite trick (translated as “something else”) has not yet entered the textbooks of business schools and has not become a classic. Perhaps, on October 5, 1999, he was generally executed for the very first time and even … Stop, I’ll try to keep the intrigue.

Having told about the iMac SL, Steve thanked the audience, almost asked them to forgive them for having to sit for an hour, and went out, and the people also started to move – and Steve suddenly came back and said, “I almost forgot, there is something else!”

He introduced the iMac DV, a domesticated workstation for the home movie studio, and simply “the more advanced iMac SL”. My iMac color “lime” was exactly this. Starting the iMac loop, I was sure that I had an iMac Rev. C or D.

DV was overclocked to 400 MHz, it had a 10 Gigabyte capacity disk, and in addition, a RGB video output and two FireWire connectors appeared in the connector compartment. But the most important thing: instead of a CD-drive in each DV there was a DVD-drive, except for its basic “computer” work, he knew how to do something else-he recognized the video DVD and knew how to play them, as if he were an ordinary DVD player.

And, naturally, it was an almost perfect computer for iMovie. The optical disk with iMovie was delivered complete with two models of computers in the world – for several months free of charge. As I mentioned in the article about iMovie, some of those who were not going to make home movies laid these CDs on eBay, where they were easily and almost instantly bought for $ 100.

iMac DV cost 1299 dollars, as the original (in the sense of “original”) iMac.

One more thing, again
In my opinion, Steve repeated his trick twice in one performance at the first, and last time.

Knowing that specialists in non-linear editing of any computer power and any set of resources are always few, he took care of those who, having mastered iMovie, can not resist the typical illness of a creative person, and try, in spite of everything, to create a masterpiece.

For such people (the most creative and demanding – which advertising expensive equipment!) Was created another model iMac, iMac DVD Special Edition or iMac DV SE. In which there was everything, as in usual iMac DV plus something else.

128 megabytes of RAM, a 13 Gigabyte disk, a translucent black case. Very impressive and expensive appearance,


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