In deep sleep nothing happens that is why it is called sleep




Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Satsang Yesterday (7th Dec 2017) at the Art of Living International Center, Bangalore Ashram


🚩Q. Gurudev, Vedanta is often taken to mean only Advaita Vedanta, could you please speak about Madhavcharya & devotion, how does Dvaita see Vedanta?

👑Sri Sri: There are many forms of Vedanta; Dvaita, Advaita, Vishishta Advaita, Shakti Vishishta Advaita, all these. If you are interested in it, you go deep and study. The essence is this: there are different levels of reality and they all coexist and they are all correct. On the level of Advaita, everything is gold, whether it is a bracelet, a chain or a ring. On the level of Dvaita, they are not the same. You can’t put a bracelet into your ears or ring into your neck, right. So, on the utility, it is Dvaita, practicality: Dvaita; and on the value it is Advaita.


🚩Q. Gurudev, I am a student and often I am confronted with the problem of too many choices, how do I decide when all options look good to me?

👑Sri Sri: Just relax. Drop the greed, maybe when greed is there, you feel this is better than that, then you get caught, you get more confused. Look into your abilities and listen to your own passion, yes, what is that you want to do and then go for it.
See in life ups & downs come, some things happen, some things don’t happen, but at the end, only the truth will win, only the light will win. But in between stages you will see that which is not right, which also win, and we should not lose our heart to that. Hold on to that central point of your life, that is ‘Satchidananda’, that is beauty, truth, and bliss.


🚩Q. Gurudev, sleep is often associated with inertia, however, studies have shown that a lot happens over sleep. Could you please speak about what really happens during sleep?

👑Sri Sri: In deep sleep nothing happens that is why it is called sleep. (Laughs). And it is the most needed state for you. If you ask me physiologically, yes, your metabolism goes high, lot of activities happen in the body, you grow only in the sleep. If you don’t sleep, you won’t grow. In sleep you heal, healing happens in sleep. In sleep, you get rejuvenated. All these happen on one hand. On the other hand, nothing happens.


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