In the cornea of ​​the eye is detected sixth layer




In the cornea of ​​the eye is detected sixth layer


Of textbooks in ophthalmology know that the front transparent part of the outer membrane of the eye is composed of five layers. However, the latest research on this topic suggests that it is not. Six layers. British scientists have discovered an additional layer of the cornea, says the magazine Discovery.

“Discovery of a new single layer lying deep in the tissue of the cornea, simplify operations and protects. There are many diseases associated with disturbances in the back of the cornea. Clinicians from around the world have already started to carry it to a new layer, “- says Professor Harminder Dua from the University of Nottingham.

Detailed description of the layer Dua, named in honor of Professor, appears in the journal Ophthalmology. Sixth layer located closer to the rear surface of the cornea, is difficult to discern because it is only the thickness of 15 microns (0.015 millimeter). He even smaller grains of sand. For comparison, a thickness of the cornea itself is 550 microns (0.55 millimeter). Dua unable to detect a layer using electron microscopy performed after injection of tiny air bubbles in the cornea to delamination.

The researchers say that they began to better understand some of the diseases of the cornea. For example, corneal swelling occurs due to accumulation of fluid in the form of droplets, which leads to a deformation of the cornea to form a bulge. Scientists believe that this is due to the gap in the layer of Dua.

Previously established retina of polymer . In the future, the researchers plan to apply to the microscopic eye displays .
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