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During the announcement in 2012 of the smartphone iPhone 5 , senior vice president of marketing for Apple’s Phil Schiller said that it is very easy to create a product, the larger the size, and this is just doing a lot of companies. Difficult to create a product that includes the best and thus becomes smaller. And now, two years after these words Apple is an increase of $ 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6.

At first glance, there is nothing extraordinary. Already on an annual tradition Apple allows its fans to replace their “five” on the brand new iPhone 6, one of the models which offers a “similar” in the 4-inch screen.

There are many people who believe that the size of the display is a very important factor when choosing a new gadget for everyday use. Previously, it seemed (and whether or not it seemed, or that opinion was imposed) that 4 inches – this is the size that is ideal for use with one hand. But after yesterday’s presentation, it became clear that this view of Apple fans will have to reconsider, because for most of it was not a priority. Even despite the fact that Apple two years ago, praised the 4-inch screen before the iPhone 5 that you can see by looking at the video clip below.

iPhone 5 was not the thinnest smartphone in 2012


The presentation of 2012 related another interesting detail that somehow inexplicably remained little noticed. Apple then stated that the thickness of the iPhone 5 is only 7.6 mm, which makes it the thinnest smartphone on the market. The fact is that if this was a blatant lie. In the market at that moment already existed device whose thickness is even smaller than 7 millimeters. Get at least the same Ascend P1 S from Huawei (thickness 6.68 mm) or OPPO Finder (6,65 mm).

The thinnest smartphones in 2012 Ascend P1 S and OPPO Finder:


4 inches – good, but 4.7 and 5.5 – the best?

If you believe Apple (and I personally believe it will not want to), iPhone 5 has been developed taking into account in order to perfectly fit in your hand. With a 4-inch screen is a lot easier and more convenient to print text messages, surf the Internet and other “amazing” things that are supposedly impossible to do with only one hand, if you are using a device with a larger screen size.

Perhaps I watched yesterday’s presentation is not very closely, but I have not heard a logical argument (and to be honest, the argument was not at all) in favor of why the company decided this time to launch a device with a larger screen and completely abandon the version with the “ideal 4-inch” display. Perhaps because the only possible argument the company simply too shy to voice. You’re sure you will agree that it is difficult to admit that you are no longer the market leader and diktuesh new fashion for new features and dimensions. The current fashion trend and today sets the market itself. I do not want to mention in the text of the Cupertino company’s competitors, but they seem to have realized this much earlier, “apple” of the company.


Nevertheless, Apple has found a solution for those people who will try (not used to) enjoy their new iPhone 6 with larger displays with one hand. The company added a feature in which the double-press the Home (Touch ID) makes everything on the device’s screen to slide down. Thus to application shortcuts at the top of the screen, will be able to get one hand, even people with short fingers.

All this, of course, it’s great, but then why say that a 4-inch screen is ideal for all, and then to release two new products that are much larger in size displays? The answer is obvious – Apple no longer dictates the rules of the market. Regulations dictate the market itself and vigorous competition. Yet the inability of the buyer’s choice of a more compact version of the iPhone 6 after several years of assurances that 4 inches is ideal for me personally, it seems a lot of hypocrisy on the part of Apple.

The truth is, two years in the electronics industry – this is a very long time. Now almost every month there are new technologies that result in lieu of the old ones. And from this point of view, it is fair to note that the choice of Apple in favor of larger screens in their new iPhone 6 still seems logical, although frankly overdue.
New / old features of iPhone 6, not invented by Apple

I’d love to believe that one day Apple fans or just people who choose the products of this company, be able to understand that the majority of the share of popularity Apple is not the merit of its products, and the work of its PR-department. Of course, such a “peccadillo” is also for other companies, and not just for the guys from Cupertino, but it is Apple is doing its best to force people to the belief that she has all the right answers and only it offers the right products.

It should be noted that some of the features that yesterday’s presentation as part of Apple spoke like a breakthrough (swipe control, management functions in one hand and a Wi-Fi-calls), in fact, already available in other smartphones, which are quite a long time on the market . Most likely, Apple had in mind that these functions will be new to the owners of the iPhone, but to speak in the traditional manner for Apple that “this you anywhere else, except we do not meet” – another hypocrisy from the “apple” of the company .

Apple in a deadlock and tries to deceive buyers. Who, exactly? Yes, all the same, that two years ago, after Apple screaming about “ideal four inches” and beat his chest, saying that disappointed in the company and stop buying its smartphones, if that increase their size. I think all these people will run in line for the new iPhone 6 one of the first, and then on the forums will once again come up with a justification of its past and present actions.


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