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The daily routine is so addictive us that every day we do the same, think about the same. As a result, such monotony relaxes us, lost traction to the new, we do not seek any fresh knowledge, content with small, well-known for a long time. To learn how to give himself a shake, we describe in this article.Agree that by doing the same thing all the time, already on the machine, we can “turn off” the brain. When preparing the same dishes look the same transmission and talk to the same people. Yes, and spend leisure time the same way: a glass of wine or cup of coffee.

All this leads to the fact that the head of neuronal activity-trodden path of the bunch, just go for it, do not form many new paths. Your brain feels relaxed in the comfort zone, following the old protorёnnym neural paths. That’s good, but if you periodically will make fresh “breath” in your life, it will quickly become blёkloy, monotonous, the head is less than the store and ultimately bad to think.

Therefore I propose a little cheat sheet. Everyone can get out of it what you like, and can be supplemented.

9 simple and effective ways to keep your head in good shape:

Take care of yourself. You invited to a party with strangers, and you immediately feel uncomfortable? You were offered instead of a cup of coffee to go to yoga? Again something wrong? Track and analyze this feeling, and even better to challenge him! Make spite usual routine. Why not get to know someone new, or do not try to throw a leg over her head?
Do not look and do not see the same thing. My favorite TV series , which every evening look through – it’s a pleasant experience. But if you look at a series of non-stop or one reading only of the author, thereby deprive yourself of new books and movies, new thoughts and your new neural connections that might develop and strengthen your memory.
Go to the new way. The new shop – have a look. At least to see if there is your favorite product or super special, but maybe there service is a hundred times better. Go to work one way – try a new route! To nurture the spirit of the pioneer.
Hello new friends! This does not mean that old in the trash, which means that it was realistic to expand its network of contacts. Networking now in the price. And business is useful and make life brighter, and the brain will be grateful.
Children will not be bored. Children – a source of chaos in life. Of all people, and they will make your poor head strain. But nothing useful body workout, and even the mind and even more so! Children inquisitive, curious, adventurous – with them you will be bored by the monotony. Each day will bring new.
Tell criticism “no.” “What horrible people!”, “What a disgusting article!” – Only resistance to the new, change. What if: “The new article? Excellent suddenly find something interesting! “,” New people? It’S Great! They do not like me, are original and unique, from them I can learn something new and learn something! “.
Pluck labels! Sometimes, without knowing the person we have him hang tag: narrow-minded, boring, stupid, unreliable, and so on. But this man, and his actions can affect thousands of reasons. Today he was cheerless, because he died beloved dog, or it was too late, because not sleep at night and rocked children. Try to understand, look at other people and not to stigmatize everyone.
Learn the language. Foreign words are different from your mother tongue, and their learning – is an effective tool to train your brain. When planning a trip to a new country, do not be lazy at least learn elementary vocabulary traveler.
Eat right. The brain loves nuts (just remember the advertising Nuts). But seriously, the brain and the body as a whole are important antioxidants, which can be found in fruits and vegetables. The brain loves the right fats, and that omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Vitamins B6 and B12 to cope with your nervous system.

Stay young, not only the body but also the brain!

If you have any questions or comments on any other subject, actively encourage you to share them.

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