InFamous: Second Son: Finally a new PS4 game




InFamous: Second Son: Finally a new PS4 game

Playing with special gifts is part of many game and is almost never boring. Appeared a few years ago, within a short time of each Prototype and InFamous. In both games, the player got a main character in his charge that had special powers and thus, said flat world to smithereens could help. That you finally forces mainly used to save the world is also true, but the feeling of power is the key to success, not the fact that you saved in a game world for the thousandth time. Prototype which now seems to have died a quiet death, or else still damn deep in the refrigerator or skin, is InFamous with Infamous: Second Son again to the fore. Since the introduction period of the console is the first game that appears as exclusive for PlayStation 4, which makes the project beforehand interesting. Sony wants the game only too happy to see it as a showcase for what the PS4 can. Whether that’s a smart move, obviously depends on the game myself. In late March everyone will be able to answer that question yourself, but Tweakers could already test run for an hour to visit Sony.

InFamous: Second Son is first and foremost a new main character, namely Delsin Rowe. Delsin comes by chance into contact with special powers, and soon becomes a part of the story behind the game clearly. Delsin is actually the youngest of two brothers, as well as a typical ‘little brother’. Older brother Reggie is actually the responsibility themselves, witness his job as a policeman, but Delsin is more a jump-in-the-field, someone who sees the fun in life and want to enjoy it from.

InFamous: Second Son

Not that Delsin really waiting for the powers he possesses when he suddenly came to Abigail ‘Fetch’ Walker, a Conduit in touch. Conduits possess special powers that you may already saw action in the first InFamous games, and after his meeting with Fetch Delsin also appears to have to use such forces. Instance In our brief play session, we were there to see two examples, but ultimately it is much more. Nevertheless made ‘Smoke’ and ‘Neon’ already enough fun.

Played by our mission began with a choice around Fetch. Namely Reggie tries to arrest her, but Delsin trying to make them provide only has the killers, and so does good work. Clear to him Delsin must make a choice in what context he wants to liberate. Fetch Convince her of her “work” and allows you she is more loose, or you try to learn that there is a more honorable way is to use the Conduit forces her to Such choices always come back and the player is free to define a path. Itself

InFamous: Second Son InFamous: Second Son InFamous: Second Son

The nice thing is that the game changes based on those choices. So we could play in this session really only one mission play within the story, but depending on the selection that took in two different ways, with two different missions as a result. In one mission, you have to look for while in the other a couple of boats used to smuggle drugs are targeted. The leader of a group of Protestants However, in both cases you get a good number of soldiers against you to live out.

Delsin can absorb smoke or neon in the area, and then use that power. Choose your smoke, you can perform special attacks and smoke yourself by moving grates, so you can quickly example from the street to the roof. With neon, you can not, but then you have a super speed you running into walls and allows you quickly upstairs. In addition, with neon make giant leaps, which suddenly makes the game a lot more dynamic and faster. As for us was to be preferred in direct confrontations with soldiers, but neon smoke makes the game in general, just more fun.

Of course there is much more to tell about InFamous: Second Son, but based on approximately three quarters of playing time are of course still not draw too many conclusions. However, the action game is about a month in the stores, and then we will of course more extensive look.
Title InFamous: Second Son InFamous: Second Son

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