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Chair Entertainment has made with Epic’s Unreal Engine directly to the first part of Infinity Blade bull’s-eye. A graphic and playful spectacle that simply has to be seen. Infinity Blade II surpassed the first part again at length, not only the graphics were further drilled out, and the game world became larger. With Infinity Blade III, the game goes to the next round, but it will not slow boring?


No. Even though I’m a big fan of Infinity Blade series and may be a bit biased my opinion on it maybe, Infinity Blade III is undoubtedly the most impressive game that is currently available for iOS devices. Yes, the game still offers the same control (never change a running system), you can still get around using point and click on predetermined paths, it is still struggling with wiping gestures.


The story has always been a strong point of Infinity Blade, so also in this part. Only the intro has blockbuster level, even beginners will find access to the story. Graphically was also once again upped the ante a shovel, but come to enjoy the full graphic splendor only owners of an iPhone 5S. The biggest change is the gameplay, it is no longer namely traveling alone.


Siris and Isa out there, to finally defeat the God King. Instead of playing as the first two parts of the same scenes again and again, you get presents now different acts that must be played by two characters. In the same area, you can go different ways, depending on what type of character you are traveling. In order to advance the story, but you have to use both characters, so you do not always have the choice whether to play with Siri, and Isa.


Also new is the base. From there you send your characters in the various areas that are much larger than in the previous parts. From there you can reach a merchant ship (weapons and potions ingredients at bargain prices), the cauldron and the armourer. Alone these three innovations bring much more flexibility in the game.

To make potions you need ingredients that can be found on the road. Combining these sent, can arise, which can be used in combat very potent potions. The Gunsmith provides, however, that already mastered weapons can be used again, of course, stronger than before. The blacksmith is not free to resurrect a weapon, you have to properly invest gold. In the already expensive weapons in the higher levels, but this may well make sense, it creates again this way space for experience points, which can only be obtained when used ungemeisterte equipment.


The two characters can be set up independently. Skill points to increase not only the values ​​of the characters but also additional skills turn freely, for example to open boxes that normally require a key.

The difficulty is increased in the third part in my opinion. At the same time was added a cool feature which allows you to determine the level of difficulty. You do not succeed, to defeat an opponent (except boss fights), you can either repeat this, or the awakening you simply reboots with lighter opponents. Experience points, gold and items are retained. A “high levels” of the character is so much easier possible.


As with all modern games, not be missing here the in-app purchases. You can buy both gold and chips. Gold can also be obtained by fighting, chips can be won by entering destinations. If you can play through the game without in-app purchases, I can not say, but it looks very much after that. At a retail price of 5.99 euro, this would also be appropriate.


There is also a multiplayer mode again, but I have this lack of interest does not even try. Maybe when I have completed the extensive story mode once to beat, is not anyway.

III of me there is a very strong buy recommendation for Infinity Blade. There is no comparable good game on the iOS platform. The third part, with its enormous playful increases and the much larger scope will certainly ensure that Infinity Blade III can reap one or the other “Game of the Year” title.


I’m probably still far from having played through Infinity Blade III (both chars only at level 13), but has been clearly shown that this for a mobile game (again) sets standards. Recommended for this game is actually a charger or an extra battery, but this is very overused. The screenshots are from a iPhone 5 , the graphics on the iPhone 5S should be once again provided more detail and with more effects. Also have to say that the screenshots do not come close to the perceived picture while of gaming. In this moving picture leaves again a very different impression.

Have you ever gambled a part of the Infinity Blade series? What about you out with the linear gameplay? Boring or the rest of fits so well that it does not matter to you?
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Infinity Blade III
Developer: Chair Entertainment Group, LLC
Price: 5,99 €

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