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Let’s talk about what bothers you every day – your reflection in the mirror. No, it is not about the face. Our body. What we want to make beautiful, but do not know how. Tell me why you, as the expert in your field, and quite advanced in related areas, still do not know anything about your body and how and what it is built? Too lazy to learn, no time? Typical excuses that actually have a place to be. These are factors that move people to create tools that simplify the control of their diet and activity. Today we talk about the correct way to put himself in order, and your iPhone will be very useful here. This method is correct because the built exclusively science work human body, and its effectiveness confirmed in practice.

We will explain the application manager-called lifestyle Infitty . One of its developers – Dmitry Dementyev was an interesting way, and the application itself – the result of several years of digging on the topic. To immediately put in place skeptics saying “another crap that does not work,” we show the metamorphosis of the Dmitry in over 5 years.

2006 – 150 kg.


2011 – 75 kg. Without starvation and without samoiznasilovany. Strictly according to the procedure laid down in that Infitty.

By the way, do you know why he did it, and you do not? You are ignorant of the topic.
Believe in shamans?

General ignorance of people on diet paves the way to the set of charlatans who believe. Perhaps you believe you are. Believe in the miracle pill “minus 50 kg for 7 days,” one exception to the supply of the product and subsequent miraculous weight loss without restriction in other foods. Invented thousands of divorces for suckers, and the more absurd way, the more readily believe in him.
– We are what we eat

Fortunately, there are more knowledgeable people, and they are becoming more. They do not believe in miracles and food are already aware that the changes are directly related to food in general. Here are all as one they become victims of a delusion: weight loss – it is something temporary. That must be endured once, and then everything will be fine. Bottom line? Short rigid hunger. The tougher, the less you need to sit on it, and it is captivating. And then what? And then come into effect the properties of the organism, which few people know. Return to the previous diet, for which returns all dropped pounds + a few more on, just in case. Suddenly this idiot again expose your body thinks of such stress?
War with nature – the key failures

So there is no point in diets? Point is, if you understand what a “diet”. In fact, the diet – a diet. Even eating dumplings with mayonnaise and drinking all this beer, you are still on a diet, diet alone you worthless. True success in changing your appearance is to maintain the achieved results. When you can tell yourself that maintain a good appearance for several years and are not suffering, then we can talk about success. Do you understand? This is not a temporary mockery. The key to success – harmoniously to rebuild your current food in proper nutrition. Make it natural to be nice to live with him, and thus any extra pounds.

If you reach this awareness, then your chances of success are increased a thousand times. It remains to consider the last point, and then success will come with a 100% chance.

Think about the reaction of our body on our business. Food can not be considered without reference to their way of life. It is understood that construction and office workers need different nutrition. Food – this is with the help of which we get energy. Activities – is what energy is expended. Success will come with the balance between these opposites.

Balance – is the natural state of the body. Balance, harmony. They will come when we will consume the right amount of food at the right time.
How it works

Infitty app does what you consumed on the basis of food and your lifestyle dictates when and how much surplus food gets into your body.

To better understand the principles and work Infitty, begin acquaintance with a clean slate.

The application is available in the App Store for free. To begin to bring yourself up you need to create an account on the service (email or social profile). At the same time, the user indicates his goal – weight loss, support your current weight or weight gain.

IMG_1037 IMG_1039

IMG_1040 IMG_1041

After entering the key source data (gender, complexion) Infitty offers a short course to pass the application.

IMG_1042 IMG_1043

IMG_1044 IMG_1045

Essence boils down to two simple actions: we introduce our application activity and the food eaten. Entering information is made on the time interval divided by the half-hour intervals.

IMG_1046 IMG_1052

Base products Infitty preinstalled, and it has all of the latest products.

IMG_1055 IMG_1056

Infitty fundamental difference from the typical calorie calculators is that this application is not engaged in a blunt counting calorie diet. There can be more, or less – it all depends on the combination of food and our actions before and after this meal. Here, for each dish is given as the reception of this particular food affects the processes in the body. You understand that eat sweet bun 2 hours before jogging or right before bedtime – it is a very big difference. Chip Infitty lies precisely in the fact that it takes into account the effect of food in conjunction with our activity.

Scale «Fitty» responsible for the proper recovery of the body and will be red if the index is less than 100%. Energy indicator shows how much more you can eat today, based on data about food and activity for the day. When the bar is red and there is a warning of excess energy, so you spend less energy than obtained with the food.

IMG_1051 IMG_1049

Mainly salvation little understanding in dietetics and human physiology becomes undemanding Infitty to knowledge. The application asks you how many calories in your scrambled. It is not asking to clarify how many calories you burn in 5 hours of office work. You just have to enter your like schedule for the day and fix food that goes into your stomach. Everything else – care applications. In Infitty laid optimal intervals for human stress and recovery. Depending on the original input data and it will remind: it is time to eat, time to rest and so on.

Despite the wealth of experience dating and working in similar applications, we can not think of a more natural, and non-control method for the organism. Someone does not like hands need to enter every meal and activity, but still – and you want your application to this guessing or has recognized some scientists have not yet invented a way? If you want to reduce the time spent on data entry – develop a plan, eat on the regime. This will score in the application data for the near future, well, then – just follow the regime.

Infitty is not a panacea, but at an appropriate level of cooperation from the person giving the most effective ratio cost / benefit result.

Even if you believe in miracle diets fast, you still can not deny the facts. And the facts say one thing: a reliable long-term results are achieved only systematic work. As in any business, you have to follow the most important rule – do no harm. Infitty will not let you hurt yourself.

You do not have to suffer after the end of the diet, since you will not actually abandon the usual food, but only a limited and optimize it.

As a result, when the results will be more noticeable, you suddenly realize – there was no diet, there was no famine, there was no suffering. Now, when you are already moving toward a goal, you actually never left the state of balance, since the whole process was originally built in accordance with the natural balance of the human body. All ingenious – is simple, and we refuse to see this simplicity.

By the end can only say great thanks to the team for their efforts Infitty.
Download @
App Store
Developer: Farminers Limited
Price: Free


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