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I live and work in the net – try of course accordingly much from. But not always open up services to me. I have made it my habit of not wanting to ride along on every hype wave. Daily I see on Facebook, Twitter and other networks, the kind of person who I like to call talkers. The one recognizes usually because they do for a living something with media (or they say simply, they are Entrepreneur), in addition itself Influencer or Digital Native call – and like to use “the Internet since 1991” at Linkedin or Xing. You look out of an ivory tower without value to the down, not using the drölfzigsten photo service on which they share their sushi plate.

instagram stories

Take user service XY not, so they are held up by just described people as if they were too stupid to understand the service. Or too old. “YOU HAVE THE BENEFITS! IT IS HOT SHIT “. I do not know what the gossips make. Really use every fucking service, in the hope that this is what – and you can put on an unimportant Stage, with the mate in hand to speaken as self-appointed expert and deliver seminars? This I could particularly note Snapchat.

(I rather write in a blog Ha Selffail And do not misunderstand:! I like people who live a service because they like it.)

The user numbers are high, very busy the service. Here in Germany Snapchat is but only arrived late for many. I peeked early pure, but tried later again my luck when Mitblogger Sascha Ostermaier forced me his great pictures to look at. I was not an active user. I personally do not like the GUI. Operation. The filters are consistent and fun. Nevertheless, for me too little.

I found some nice people, but at some point you certainly lose interest, to really look at each shit and all facets. And yes, this proverbial shit share a lot of people. I make no exception. As mentioned, my mind, my opinion. In the end it was also true that it is like messengers. There are 100,000 felt, but it still uses, on which you can reach a lot of contacts. Snapchat never offered me as the real added value. I am not too stupid to use, nor too old. I think.

It’s simple: you are interested in a service – or not. Since you do not need to do be surprised if one is not flat at Twitter. Or Instagram. Or Snapchat. Or Facebook. Not surprisingly, I find, however, if someone does not use Google+ (just kidding!).

To work Instagram Stories

New are Instagram Stories . I applaud, others curse. So far, Instagram was a pure network for pictures, and later included videos. Image or video making, filter over it, purely description – from it. Simple and ingenious. Liken and comment. Simple, but adequate for a large mass of users. I move several times a day in Instagram – here I look out of interest like what people do. Most any shit is because just not posted since the content, unless deleted, are available on the user’s profile. Yes, I missed the opportunity because occasionally set times temporary Done.

Of course I could take pictures, post – and delete it later. “As that is not allowed? One must Instagram otherwise use? “. I ring the bell by the words of Internet commentators and -Aufpasser in the ear, the attempt to explain how to use a network. Or must use. Forget it. If a network, as you want it – not like others say. Logo, some things you should perhaps consider better, but there is no need.

Instagram Stories extends the independent Social Network to the function that I always wanted. Yes, I simply want a snapshot of my life since post (call it Bierlaune) to show my followers anything – but I want to just not think any shit can be seen in my profile. On the other hand I will not have any shit from others in my stream.

The permit Instagram Stories. After an update of the app, which is now to have for Android and iOS, the new function takes catchment. Instagram is now virtually a shared network, which is on one side of your conventional and known stream with the individual profiles while play Instagram Stories at the top of the app.


If one wants to look at the stories of other users, so you see them visualized in the top bar. If new photos added, as the avatar of the user is provided with a ring in Instagram colors. By clicking on the avatar you come into the story. Each image displays for a short time, a tap you quickly move to the next. Like or comment? Nope, only direct messages.

Can you naturally find bad, but it takes the pressure off some users and Attention Whores. In Neuland Podcast # 74 I spoke with Sascha Pallenberg on this phenomenon. According to his statements, he felt the time compelled “to have to deliver.” This is of course nonsense, when things go into such a network, with the idea that who expect something of you. Surprise: they do not in most cases.

After 24 hours, the magic is gone, go for having exceeded this age the photos from the Instagram Stories to digital Nirvana. Do you have your own images not stored, so they are gone, disappear also the images of the other.

Create self a Story

It is not difficult to recognize: The point to create their own story. Top left to find the corresponding plus sign. Once draufgeklickt, you end up in the camera (or from left to right swipe on the home screen). Front or back camera selected and photographed the scene.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 at 15:12:26

Above the far right, the user finds the text point, here he can write a freely positionable text on his image via keyboard. In addition, there is the symbol of the free drawing. Different colors can be chosen here, so you can paint around freely on the screen. Dandy filters are currently lacking on Instagram Stories.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 at 15:14:46

In the lower part of the process can be canceled, the right icon provides a local store the image, the central button arrange for the publication.

In the own Instagram Story

The first image, perhaps the second is rausgesendet? Wonderful. You can now see how many people have viewed the picture, but you can after deleting it.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 at 15:18:46

Top left you see small bars, they visualize the number of available images. Hint: Per Tap you come to the next image. Tapped her your display but on the left side, so an image jumps back. If you do not reach the few seconds, let you guys watch a photo. Again and again – there is no limit, other than the aforementioned 24 hours.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 at 15:26:16

At the bottom of the number of views is displayed, click on the menu to the right, so you get offered a menu. Here you can delete the photo or save again. Even the parts is possible, here the selected image ends up in normal Instagram interface and can be divided in a known manner. The settings for Stories accommodate visibility settings. You can fool the story of certain people, you can adjust also whether you want to receive answers, here you will find “All”, “people to follow” and “off” before.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 at 15:30:38

it wipes out the view that displays the views, upward, so you get the menu again in another form shown.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 at 15:34:30

Here you can see exactly who saw the picture, based on a bar you can quickly see all the images in an overview. Again feasible: Recalling settings, saving, sharing and deleting.

In a strange Instagram Story

As already mentioned: Much interaction is not possible. One can look at an image, but also post a reply. This is not publicly available, instead they end up in the inbox of the user. The menu at the bottom right visualizes report the point – if there times someone posts an image pornography, self-mutilation and similar displays.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 at 15:38:54

And now? Honestly. I’ve had enough. I Snapchat deleted. I think before everything here what I want. I do not need another network, I’ll be right there, where the people are, which I follow and who follow me. One may be accused Instagram that they have copied a function. Is probably cheaper than a competitor to buy. But you Experienced in the Great so, so you can easily see: Copies and inspired by other so much.

Ultimately, it is the good idea obviously care who stole it. For me, the Instagram Stories have held the advantage: I can post as I am funny. None of my followers is forced to look at the clutter, everything is on a voluntary basis, I do not harass a in the stream. That’s why I’ll be there certainly post more irrelevant stuff, a snapshot of various aspects – because that the stuff is so ideal. And yes, that I will personally see that. Not only the sugarcoated moments. And in the end it is also about the fun. What do companies with this new feature, which experts climb the stage now – I do not care.

Do you find in Instagram here – if you are there reasonably active and not just posting cats, let times your profile link there for me.


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