Intel Haswell: key features and characteristics




Intel Haswell: key features and characteristics


The company is now Intel has officially unveiled the fourth-generation Core processors (Haswell). In the first wave debut quad-core desktop and mobile models. All of them performed at rates 22-nm process using three-dimensional transistors. Each quad-core Intel Core Haswell has 1.4 billion transistors, while the chip area is 177 square meters. mm.


As has been reported, the new chips Haswell processor giant has made ​​a bet on energy efficiency . Recall that last year the most energy-efficient Ivy Bridge processor family is only 20 percent larger than on the indicator model of the family of Sandy Bridge. According to Intel, the processors Haswell, which are different low-power (Ultra Low Voltage), standby will consume 20 times less energy than a model family of Sandy Bridge in the same price category. For example, selecting the model Core i7-4650U instead of the Core i7-3667U, users will get an extra three hours of battery life in a laptop video playback. But that’s not all, in the idle mode or sleep, according to Intel, the laptop can run for up to 10 days, provided that the capacity of the battery will be not less than 50 W * h


Most will ask themselves: how is this possible, since Intel Haswell processors are executed at rates 22-nm process technology, like their predecessors Ivy Bridge? The fact that the new generation of Intel processors use an entirely new micro-architecture in which the engineers have paid great attention to the subsystem power management and integration within the controller sets the voltage regulators. This controller to dynamically build up the strength to pull a much faster, which allows the chip depending on the tasks to run faster or slower (improvement in power management subsystem also significantly reduce the time of awakening laptops based on CPU Haswell of sleep).


In the near future, the company hopes to improve the energy efficiency of Intel Haswell chips when using a laptop with an optional display. To realize this idea processor giant succeed, provided he convinces monitor manufacturers to implement the technology in their decisions Panel Self Refresh. Its essence is as follows: instead of having to constantly use the power of the GPU to update the image on the screen, even if nothing happens, the monitor can use their own computing power, thus allowing GPU to relax and thereby save some energy.


However, it should also consider a slightly different scenario. Most manufacturers can donate a longer battery life in favor of a thin Ultrabooks and tablets.

A family of desktop chips than the standard series, consisting of two-and quad-core processors, represented rulers K (model with an unlocked multiplier), S and T (energy-efficient model.) In the first wave in the line Intel Core i7 Haswell debuted six quad models. All chips support multithreading technology Hyper-Threading and work with the base clock speed of 2.0 GHz to 3.5 GHz and higher – from 3.0 GHz to 3.9 GHz. The indicator of energy consumption at the same time is from 35 watts to 65 watts. The top model Intel Core i7-4770K different price tag of $ 339. With the cost and other characteristics of other models can be found in the table below:


Some interest also causes the model Core i7-4770R, which is performed in a BGA package and features a graphics accelerator Iris Pro Graphics 5200 with additional memory chips. This model is most likely intended for candy bars, and it can hardly be found in retail outlets.


Line of desktop chips Intel Core i5 Haswell middle segment currently consists of six quad-core processors. From their older counterparts, they differ lack of support for multi-threading technology Hyper-Threading and reduced to 6 MB of cache memory level L3.

The most high-performance model is the Intel Core i5-4670K with an unlocked multiplier and a price tag of $ 242. The base clock speed CPU Intel Core i5-4670K is 3.4 GHz, higher – 3.8 GHz. A TDP is 84 watts.

The most energy-efficient model is the Core i5-4670T with a TDP of 45 watts. It is clocked at 2.3-3.3 GHz, and its price is 213 dollars. The cost and other characteristics of processors Intel Core i5 Haswell shown in the table below:



The family of mobile processors designed for ultrabooks, tablets and various hybrids. Unfortunately, at the moment, Intel just announced a powerful model for laptops.


Mobile Haswell CPU family is divided into a series of M (two-and quad-core models) and H (c powerful quad-core chips GPU Intel Iris Pro). In the first wave debuted five mobile processors Core i7-MQ, and five Core i7-HQ.


They are all quad and supports multi-threading Hyper-Threading. With the cost and performance of mobile processors Intel Core i7 Haswell can be found in the table below:



Comparative test results for top processors Intel Haswell and Ivy Bridge can be found here .

Announcement of a variety of products based on the Intel Core fourth generation (Haswell) expected during Computex 2013, which will open its doors on June 4.






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