Interactive system Fujitsu: Digitize your reality




Interactive system Fujitsu: Digitize your reality


The company Fujitsu is not only developing GPS-canes for the elderly , but also provides some very promising technologies . In secret laboratories, Fujitsu is currently developing a new type of user interface the next generation, which can not only determine that it touches the user’s hand, but also to create an interactive system that is similar in features with a touch screen that is able to digitize real-world objects and allows the user to manage them.

The idea is not new, but its implementation specialists Fujitsu seems to be very interesting.

“We thought that with documents, photographs and other objects can interact in the real world, just as most of the controls digital content by touching the touch screen mobile device. In order to realize our idea, does not require a huge amount of computing devices and sensors. On the technical side need only a webcam and a normal digital projector. Wide functionality created an interactive system is provided by a special image processing technology “, – said the developers of the system.


This technology allows you to import a text document or something else in the online system. All that is required – it is necessary to highlight the text with your finger. The complex image processing algorithms automatically detects and measures the shape of real objects to subsequently apply the data to adjust the coordinate system used by the camera and the projector. It is because the correction constant in real time, all running synchronously. It is noteworthy that all the possible touch objects and not only to those which have a flat surface.

“Until that time, gesture control technology used to manage computers and other devices, but we have developed this technology will manage the real objects. The system will not respond to conventional movement. To activate it, you need to act with one finger as a pointer. This means that the interface combines characteristics of the analog and digital computing device. ”

In order to determine exactly the point of contact, Fujitsu established a system to calculate the height of the finger and the distance to the object. It’s unbelievable, but it uses a web camera resolution of 320 x 180 pixels, which is enough capacity to determine the necessary parameters to within 1 cm, which is completely unacceptable for any interactive system. Here is where surgical precision.

“Web-camera with low resolution makes clear image, but a special image processing technology, despite the rather mediocre image quality, allows to accurately determine the position of points in three-dimensional space.”

The interface also provides detailed configuration of colors and brightness depending on the ambient temperature and lighting.

It should be noted that this system can also be controlled with the help of some gestures without tactile interaction with objects. At the moment the project is still in the testing phase, but Fujitsu has promised that this development will be launched in 2014.

How it works, you can see from the video:

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