Internet celebrities gathered in a “real Gu Heroes Online” 5 月 1 open beta




Internet celebrities gathered in a “real Gu Heroes Online” 5 月 1 open beta 2014/05/01 in: news , online games , game world , computer games You’re not wrong, “True Gu Heroes Online” which is really Lee, head! Taiwan Playwright Church after nearly two years of the latest martial arts online game “really Gu Heroes Online” coming on May 1 beta. 30, held the first listed will be published, the son of Gu Zheng Xiaolong scene invited to attend. The site is more oriented for vocals Sheng Chu, Marcy screen, “Lee Leader” Bong new gathered together to celebrate the launch of the new work. Playwright Wang Junbo, chairman of the Church in his speech that “true Gu Heroes Online” is the Taiwan market for a long time not seen the classic martial arts masterpiece, this time once again to pay tribute to the Masters has cologne works, hoping to regain the year allows players to play martial arts touched the game. Meanwhile, Wang Junbo stressed that, even if most of the current game industry has shifted to the main mobile gaming market, but Soft-World Group will not give up the traditional online game operators, the future will continue to introduce more refined picture, action real smooth, high-quality products. The day was invited to come to Cologne’s son Zheng Xiaolong martial arts literature emphasizes the strong character of Chinese culture, but also occupies a father dressed as cologne, simultaneously affirmed the interpretation of the martial arts as a special effort to simulate the action brought in martial arts teacher, hoping in this With the new generation of online games allow players to learn martial arts literary mysteries. 智樂堂王俊博董事長 665×419 網路名人齊聚一堂,《真古龍群俠傳 Online》5 月 1日公測 ▲ Chi Wang Junbo, chairman of music hall 古龍之子鄭小龍現身站台 665×457 網路名人齊聚一堂,《真古龍群俠傳 Online》5 月 1日公測 ▲ son of Gu Zheng Xiaolong. Although the Cologne book, “The Sentimental Swordsman” basis, but “really Gu Heroes Online” has a lot KUSO plot, Maca Velvet, bananas, Lu snake with no shortage of elements related to current events in the game are the incarnation of the game props or monsters join the festivities. As for small fish, Siblings, pity star, on the invitation, Yannan Tian, ​​to “Lu Xiaofeng legend” in Lu Xiaofeng, Ximen, described by Gu Ye Gucheng and other classic characters, not immune to this gigs. This made the other contains the mythical hero, historical heroes, heroes and other cross-border chaos into the role, works to increase richness. The rare voice down in a considerable effort, dubbed Taiwan invited many community heroes cologne teacher gives a distinctive personality characteristics, such as “SpongeBob SquarePants” crab boss Li Xiangsheng, Dicky Queen Mandarin dubbing in Dunwell, and “Crayon” Nohara Shinnosuke Jiang Hui et Benedict. The presentation, also announced three new entrants voice cast, are: senior anchor Sheng Chu – Man Chun flow / Rustic, media critic Marcy screen – Ding Peng, and in particular the development team to create a “team leader Lee” Bong new; three Today, people gathered in a mood to share voice and game, “True Gu Heroes Online” to interpret the role of martial arts action, action figures and strive to smooth, true and accurate, especially invited Hung’s home team, led by Jimmy Hung Sammo Hung’s son team as a martial arts game. In addition, in order to allow players to be able to work faster and be familiar with, the official special arrangements for three beautiful main fact to help the players hand, a “courtesy novice”, “push the king to play treasure” and different types of “militant strong ‘Association and other features, recruit The partners share the same philosophy double game fun, hoping to attract more players to join the ranks of play. 「推王打寶型」美女幫主維亞 665×443 網路名人齊聚一堂,《真古龍群俠傳 Online》5 月 1日公測 左起馬西屏老師、遊戲新幹線總經理 林榮一、古龍之子鄭小龍、智樂堂董事長 王俊博、台鹽董事長 洪璽曜、遊戲製作人王嘉農、李鳳新組長 665×389 網路名人齊聚一堂,《真古龍群俠傳 Online》5 月 1日公測 ▲ From left Marcy screen, the game Hayashi, general manager of a new route, the son of Gu Zheng Xiaolong, Wang Junbo, chairman of Chi Lok Tong, Hong Xi Yao, chairman of Taiwan Salt, game producer Wang Jianong, “Lee Leader” Bong new.

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