Internet circuit combines multiple parties and the survival of the fittest struggle




Since more than 25 years, was born the idea of ​​the Internet at the hands of Tim Berners, the spiritual father of the World Wide Web giant, it managed to this idea of ​​a rapid transition to a huge project with time became a necessity and an essential means to meet the multiple needs of the individual.

The start of the Internet revolution and formed a real paradigm shift reflected on many areas, which benefited General humans both in enhancing communication among themselves or to facilitate their business, being allowed to disseminate information and share it easily, as well as the establishment of a variety of disciplines and fields sites.

In conjunction with the advent of the Internet and his arrow fly high, many industries began to reach the stage of deterioration, successfully influenced the World Wide Web to capture audiences and acquisitions them, and hence the case outweigh the digital press on paper first and was able to eliminate the latter gradually.

On the other end, the form of the Internet incubator of many creative projects an ideal environment, to start the race between them in the creation of new solutions to the multiple problems by investing online features and techniques available deliberate manner.

Digital pilot projects are considered best able to venture into cyberspace broad, he highlighted what distinguishes simulated reality and appearance of the list need not sufficiently saturation in the market.

Given the reality of scientific research via the Internet, as a model, hundreds of problems experienced by the researcher appears, both in terms of its ability to access reliable sources of knowledge, or the participation of academic research.

For example, it is the platform I want , and one of the new Arab initiative , which was launched from seeking to marginalize the problem of the emergence of the Arab academic researcher via search engines.

And it operates the podium in turn to strengthen the presence of the researcher through the identification number given its own, represents a gateway to their profile and reviewing academic and professional achievements and extremely flexible easy manner.

Given the websites globally traded, acquires social networking sites at the top of the scene, which is between the companies that supported the semi-cryptic compete for control of some of the others, in an apparent move to reduce the size of the competition.

On the other hand, I want to meet the platform need researchers to communicate with each other and recognize their achievements, and read published research, through dedicated service, known as “the research community”, that serves to enrich Arab research experience.

Like I want, there are many initiatives and platforms that have emerged this year, and in the case of countries and companies directed its consideration towards the Arab reality-mail, you’ll find hundreds of technical problems in the Arab world, we need solutions that enables Arab users to keep abreast of technological developments around the world.

It should be noted that the number of websites around the world exceeded 400 million site, the end of 2015, while experts warn that the high number would lead to the emergence of numerous technical problems experienced by users has sites in the future.

By platform of scientific research I want Arid


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